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Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Stolen Straight From the Show Room

A Lamborghini Gallardo has been stolen straight off the showroom floor; the yellow Lamborghini was owned by celebrity chef Guy Fieri and was stolen from a luxury dealership. However Police reports are showing that this burglar was no smash and go criminal as the police believe he actually climbed on to the roof of the dealership and abseiled into the garage using top mountaineering gear.

The Lamborghini thought to be worth in the region of £130,000 will be very hard to offload as the vehicle is very recognisable due to the colour of the car and Police believe that they will find the suspect.  A similar occurrence happened in San Francisco earlier in the week as well where a 2008 Lamborghini was also stolen, the TV chef Guy Fieri had kept his Lambo in the dealership as he believed it would be in safer keeping there.

Police have been checking the CCTV footage and have seen the yellow supercar leaving San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the Police are now taking their investigation out of the area to try and track down the suspect.