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Over 400 pupils attended school prom fair in Stafford 2011

The Prom season has always been very big in the UK, but recent reports over the years are showing that the event is becoming even more popular among young people. A local fair was held in Stafford last week and was seen to be a great success after over 400 people mainly young people turned up to the event. The event showcased some the suppliers around the area from suits to limousines.

The school prom fair was held at Wolstanton High School were 30 school prefects arranged the event with the help of a few school teachers, a catwalk show was featured within the event where new male and female prom clothes were shown.

A student at the event claimed that this had helped her to choose what she was looking for as she really didn’t have a good idea what to wear and said all schools should hold an event each year.

There was also a fleet of limousines at the event which deemed to be very popular with kids loving the glitz and glamour of the vehicles.

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