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Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Car Hire

(Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe, Chauffeur driven or Selfdrive with Midlands Limos)

Looking for a certain class of car that will not let you down and will look great for any occasion? Do you want to experience the power of a supercar even just for one day? The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe is just that, will give you the power you want to feel, and whats more it can be yours to hire from Midlands Limos today.

Features of the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe
The Mercedes brand has been known for decades as a car that is to be trusted, loved and is awed by many. The name suggests a certain calibre of car and that calibre is definitely met by this model. The C63 AMG Sports Coupe gives all the excellence of the other c class models, with added style and sophistication.

mercedes C63 amg selfdrive car hire

The exceptional build quality of the car allows for the engineering to take over and offer power like no other. The 5.2 V8 engine is loud and proud and will get you from A to B in no time at all, especially as it reaches 60 in just over 4 seconds. This combined with the Bluetooth audio streaming and impeccable interior design will have you relaxed for your ride, especially as it rated five stars in the NCAP safety tests.

Hiring the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe through Midlands Limos means you will be able to experience all these features and more, including heated interior seats and a performance that is unlike any other.

Perfect for turning heads
As mentioned this car is not quiet when it gets going and it has been designed to look at. The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe will turn heads whatever the occasion and is perfect for that statement arrival. The opportunities for which the C63 can be hired are endless and the car provides a great self-drive option for going to a night at the theatre or taking your child to their graduation ceremony.

mercedes C63 amg selfdrive car hire derby

Alternatively if you have a loved one who would love nothing more than to drive a supercar, you could offer hire as a gift. Or if you are struggling to find a wedding car that is right for you, maybe the C63 is the perfect option. If you want to find out start by calling into Midlands Limo and seeing what you think up close, you may not be able to resist the C63 AMG Sports Coupe charms once you have seen it in the flesh though.