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Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon

(Mercedes E63 AMG Sports Saloon, Chauffeur driven or Selfdrive with Midlands Limos)

Midlands Limos car hire range is much more extensive and has vehicles other than limousines for your special events. Handpicked from the Mercedes E-Class series is the E63 AMG saloon. Chosen for its style and market leading position in the saloon class, Midlands Limos is proud to offer this vehicle as part of their range for all occasions.

Key Features of the Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon Car
Choosing the Mercedes E63 AMG saloon is an obvious choice when you check out its statistics. It offers a range of fascinating features but more than anything else it offers classic style with a modern twist. Aerodynamic design techniques have been utilised to give the car additional speed and make it stand out from the crowd.

Mercedes E63 Amg Car Hire

In addition to design elements the E63 AMG features all the patented Mercedes security features which guarantee a safe drive. Utilise Collision Prevention Assist and Attention Assist to guarantee extra safety and the cars bright, LED headlights including Intelligent Light System for more control.

Speed down those twisting country roads, motorways and more with the growl of the 5.5l twin-turbo V8 engine keeping you going throughout. You can speed your way from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds and you can glide through gears without any disruption to your seamless, smooth drive.

Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon for your Big Day
Why not do things differently? Maybe you’re a Mercedes lover or you simply want seamless class and style for your wedding rather than tradition. Opt for the power and class of the Mercedes E63 AMG and your special day will feel even more special. Dress it up with a fancy bow or keep it simple and your bride will be blooming and will be desperate to get to the venue. You’ll definitely be onto a winner.

Mercedes E63 Amd Self Drive Car Hire

The Mercedes E63 AMG saloon can be a fantastic surprise present for a big birthday. Maybe your partner has always loved the brand but never had a chance to test drive one – give them the chance. Hire your Merc from Midlands Limos and we will ensure discrete delivery so you can surprise your special someone and let them get to grips with the power of the car. Maybe they’ll want to whizz you off into the countryside for to really give the car a test drive.

Midlands Limos offer the Mercedes E63 AMG saloon for any event or occasion you need it.