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Triple Axle Hummer limousine

MIDLANDS LIMOS are introducing the world`s first triple axle hummer limousine in the midlands. This is a club on wheels, with 2 Vip lounges, disco floors, disco ceilings, gullwing doors, 8 22" Chrome alloy wheels, Level 5 sound system and much more.

The Triple Axle Hummer is one of a kind with only a few around in the UK; we are the lucky owners of one of them. The Triple Axle Hummer which is pretty much the super stretched Hummer comes with a added twist, it has gull wing doors which open up and it almost looks like it is about to take off. It also has added 22” chrome alloys, in fact it has 8 more wheels on which really does give it the meaning of bling king.

The Triple is simply the KING of hummers and with space to hold up to 16 passengers you can really appreciate the size and luxury of this limousine. If you are looking at hiring the Triple Axle please do book at least 3 months advance due to the popularity of the vehicle.


8 wheeler hummer limo

The Triple Axle Hummer is without doubt the flashiest limousine there is, you simply can’t be missed in this limo. It’s the celebrities first choice party limousine with many pop stars being captured riding in the Triple Axle hummers. All of our hummers come with state of the art surround systems which are perfect for the music to blast out whether it’s your own music you choose to have blasting out or our music we provide for you. One thing is for sure you will be rocking away in the Hummer.

H2 Hummer limousine hire

triple axle hummer

This is probably the worlds biggest and best hummer. This makes all other hummer limos look like dwarfs. We have the largest fleet of Hummers in the UK owning around 8 of the American SUV’s and we guarantee nobody can beat the standard of our vehicles. We are not a broker and own all of our limousines which means you deal directly with ourselves and are not let out to dry by a third party. The super stretched hummer is perfect for all occasions including birthdays, nights out and weddings. If you want to book the Triple Axle Hummer then please book early as they are very popular and tend to book up very quickly.

VIP Area to the Rear of the Cabin Area!

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