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Birdman gives Lil Wayne New Bentley

If you follow Birdman at all, you know he's all about his cars and his money. This time around Birdman's dropped some serious cash on not one, but two brand new Bentley Mulsanne. One for himself and for Lil' Wayne to go along with Wayne’s Black Veyron While he was at it, he also gifted Young Money Records' President Mack Maine a new Rolls-Royce.

It was pretty obvious Mack Maine was overcome by Birdman's generosity, "I think I deserve to be excited. I used to drive a Cavalier when I was 15. Who'd have ever imagined?" Birdman is part of the rap group YMCMB and is the co owner of the label with Lil Wayne. It is reported Birdman raked in over £100 million last year.

Is Birdman the king of bling and car stardom??



Limo Crash Causes People Injured

Two people were involved in a limousine crash and taken to the hospital on Wednesday night. The crash happened at the corner of River Road and Highway 118 near Vanceboro in Craven County.

Troopers say John Wesley Yon was driving a Volkswagen, and pulled out in front of a Cadillac imousine.The limo driver, Michael Fulton, and the passenger in the Volkswagen, Willy Woodson, had non-life threatening injuries.

The Volkswagen driver will be charged with failure to yield now and it is thought luckily nobody was injured meaning that the driver my get away with the charge. The limo driver is very upset and wants to press charges against the Volkswagen driver. The limo was nearly home when the driver in the Volkswagen crashed.



BMW to Unveil New Phantom Model

The Phantom Rayan is set to be unveiled by BMW next month, following the announcement that the current Phantom will be seeing a custom face lift. BMW are going to release photos of the Rayan following a press release however the car will be shown in a deep red colour next month for the arrival of the car.

Rumours circulating the internet are saying that the Phantom features a few upgrades inside as well as a few tweaks to the body of the car. BMW who themselves are set to launch a few new cars one coming out to challenge the Audi R8. The Rolls Royce Phantom price has not yet been released but as expected you will probably be looking in the region of around £300,000 for a brand new one.

Rumours are also circulating the Phantom upgrade will only be available in the red and there will be no other releases for the Phantom. What comes next we shall see.



Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Back On

Last night saw the return of the ever so popular programme the Gypsy wedding, the show where you see some outrageous yet amazing traditions. The show hopes to bring more excitement this year with new and more exciting trends and as the advert describes on tele its back bigger and better than ever before. It’s set to bring bigger things to the show with more colourful and outrageous weddings.

The show has proven to one of Channel 4’s biggest show beating other popular series which are hosted upon the channel. A lot of people believe that Paddy Docherty has a lot to do with the success of the program when he won Celebrity Big Brother, he showed what travellers are like and really bought a sense of the warmth and family believes the gypsies have.

The wedding show has proven very popular but people were asking why? To simply put it people are fascinated in other lifestyles and how people live. That is simply one reason another reason will be people are getting married all the time and are thinking about marriage or have married something they can really relate to.
Big Fat Gypsy Wedding airs every Tuesday night on Channel 4.



New Titanic Venue for Weddings

The first couple to marry at the world's largest Titanic attraction struck a famous pose as they checked out the venue ahead of Valentine's Day. It might not have been the bow of the doomed liner, but for Lynsey Smith and Brian Evans it was close enough as they came over all Kate Wins let and Leonardo DiCaprio when touring the soon-to-open £90m visitor centre in Belfast.

The operators of the complex, which is built in the derelict shipyard where the ship was constructed more than a century ago, hope the couple are the first of many who choose to celebrate their marriage in the Titanic-themed banqueting suite on its top two floors. The ballroom, which can seat 1,000 people, is based on the first-class environs of the White Star vessel, right down to the sweeping staircase.

Ms Smith, a 23-year-old administrator from Lilburn, Co Antrim, and Mr Evans, a 26-year-old from Newtownards, Co Down, who runs his own plumbing business, booked the venue last year, long before construction was finished. 


Guy writes off Lamborghini on way to wedding

An unlucky guy had to press on to his wedding just on his feet after paying thousands of pounds to hire a Lamborghini out for the weekend for his wedding. The Lamborghini was hired out and cost the guy thousands of pounds to hire the car. The unlucky groom was left red faced when he turned up to his wedding in a taxi and the Lamborghini was off the road he described it as an absolute disaster for him.

He hit a wet patch and lost complete control of the Lamborghini, little is known about the identity of the groom. He has now lost his £15,000 and the wedding car which is believed to be worth in the region of £100,000 will now have to be prepared.

The groom and his best man were reportedly travelling in the sports car when he crashed the car the wedding party were understood to be running late for the wedding which may explain how the wedding car ended up in a fence.



Wedding Party Gunman sent down for 6 years

A CONVICTED drug dealer nicknamed ‘Mugabe’ who fired a gun into a room full of terrified wedding guests at a Sheffield hotel has been jailed for six years. Shocked guests cowered beneath tables as Mazhar Hussain Anwar fired the pistol three times at the Sheffield Park Hotel, Meadowhead, in March last year. One bullet hit the ceiling, while two shot across the room, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Nawab, aged 40, who admitted possessing a prohibited firearm, pleaded guilty on the basis he had not intended to fire the pistol, but did so accidentally after discovering a plot to attack him. Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, said the wedding of Zabor Hussain and Alisha Zaffar was on Saturday and Sunday, March 12 and 13, in the Hadfield Suite and 450 guests were invited.He said there had been ill- feeling and the groom’s uncle, Shuquit Din and his relatives were ostracised from the rest of the family, but were invited on the agreement they would behave.

Mr Goldsack said that shortly after 8pm on the Sunday, Mr Din’s teenage son Saif noticed Nawab had a gun in his inside pocket and told his cousin, Shamwaz Nazir.Mr Goldsack said: “Mr Nazir went to speak to Nawab and thought he was going to get the gun out of his pocket. It was in that context he struck out with a fist towards Nawab.” 


Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For £3 million

A Ferrari bought new by Roger Vadim, the movie director and actor who discovered and married Brigitte Bardot, sold last night for about £3million with fees  as choosy investors bought rare classic cars.

The silver 250 California GT LWB, dating from 1959, was among 80 cars offered by the Paris auction house Art curial. The event was timed to coincide with Retro mobile, France's biggest commercial show devoted to classic vehicles, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in southwest Paris.

Investors are looking to rare autos as an alternative to volatile financial markets. Still, the Paris auctions saw few lots sell above valuations, suggesting that the market for more routine classics remains highly selective. Collectible cars often fetch higher prices through discreet transactions than at public auctions, dealers said.



Cristiano Ronaldo New Lamborghini Aventador

Is Cristiano Ronaldo trying to show David Beckham who the new playboy of football is, Ronaldo has bought the new Lamborghini LP700-4 in matte black and the star said he loves his new Lamborghini. The Real Madrid star is currently leading the way for his team seeing Real Madrid placed top in the La Liga. Real Madrid who are now 7 points ahead of Barcelona are favourites to win the title.

Ronaldo maybe took a quick treat for the season and decided he’d splash out on the Lamborghini. Beckham who is now selling his Rolls Royce Ghost may not now see something like this Lamborghini appealing with 3 kids the star of the world probably sees the world a little bit different now.

Cristiano was voted the 2nd most prestige footballer in the world behind Lionel Messi but something says Ronaldo isn’t happy with this and wants to be number one. 



Prom Dress Trends for 2012

Prom season is just around a corner and it's never too early to snag the perfect dress. The trends this year are popping with style.

What are prom shoppers zipping into for 2012 prom season?

The style experts at Harvey's Fashions and Bridals in Beckley to seek the latest trends."The high low dresses are very popular this year," Assistant Store Manager of Harvey’s Bridal and Fashion Debbie Ballard said.  "Everyone just has their own style. The bold colours some of the girl’s just look better in the pastel colours."Putting their style tips to the test, we asked Debbie to find the perfect dress for this vertically challenged reporter."So Debbie with my body type what is one dress you would recommend.

Well you are short so I think if you wanted a high low dress or a short dress with some serious high heels," Ballard continued. Trying the 'over the top' prom trend of bold and animal prints was first on the list. Feeling sassy in the short number my next look was a little more red carpet. Debbie chooses this high-low ruby red dress for me next. She said the trend wouldn't be complete without trying out a pair of ruby red boots.

"When picking your dress look at your personality, just let you personality show through, Debbie said. With a wide variety of dresses to choose from finding one to suit your persona should be no problem. But Debbie warned February is crunch time to find that perfect dress.