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Nottinghamshire couple win £45 million before wedding

A couple from Nottinghamshire have won the Euro Millions just in time for their wedding. Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham a young couple from Nottinghamshire have won the £45 million and what better time to win it just months in advance before their wedding. They have now become the second pair from our country to win more than £40million in less than a month.

The 22 year old from Stapleford Nottingham banked a massive figure of £45,160,170.50 into his bank account. This is months just before another couple from Mansfield had won £41 million. They were interviewed at the Eastwood hall this afternoon where they told their story about how they came across the winning ticket.

The Nottingham couple now have a lot of money to enjoy their selves and Miss Carrington will probably not be working in Iceland no more and will be indulging in the riches of the lottery winnings.


Church Wedding’s Set to Go up by 40%

Recommended by the Church for a vicar is £22,180 a year. The new fee system, however, will charge couples for the services of clergy at a rate equivalent to £47,320 a year. The fee for a wedding will go up from £296 to £415, a price which includes the reading of the banns for three Sundays in advance of the ceremony and a certificate to show the banks have been read. The increase of just over 40 per cent is nearly 10 times the current rate of inflation according to the Consumer Prices Index, the measure favoured by the Treasury.

The £415 includes the time of clergy, prices at £22.75 an hour, and a further £32.75 an hour for use of church buildings. But the verger and the heating bill come extra. Many couples will also wish to have an organist, likely to charge between £100 and £150, and sometimes double that if the wedding is being filmed.


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Young Girl Receives her Dream Limo

Young Kidney transplant patient Alice Skinner is banking on leaving primary school in a limousine this summer. The youngster who has endured 27 operations in her life always wanted a limousine to take her around in style, and in ten years she has endured some heartbreaking operations. This September she has her sights firmly set on the future after undergoing her last surgical procedure. In the last decade she cheated death countless times and has under gone some operations which are really sad to see.

She is ready to ditch her medical apron and prepare for her night where she will get to drive around and experience the limo journey. She will be taking up to her high school and people at the school said it is set to be emotional. 


Parking ticket given to Funeral Limo

A parking warden has given a ticket to a funeral limousie while it waited for people to leave a church service in Edinburgh. Mourners were just about to leave St Andrew's and St George's church on George Street on Friday morning when the ticket was issued.

The warden called his supervisor after one of the funeral directors pointed out they were allowed to park there. Edinburgh City Council has now cancelled the ticket. Tim Purvis, a director at William Purvis Funeral Directors, told BBC Scotland news online the firm had never had a parking ticket on one of its vehicles since starting business 124 years ago.

He said: "All our vehicles are the same make, colour and have the sequenced number plates and were with the hearse so I would have thought a little bit of common sense would have prevailed. We have to park near the church so we can bring the coffin out but we always park in a manner that is safe and respectful. 


Staffordshire high school budget prom

Staffordshire high schools have been setting their budget up for their school prom to help them arrange their school proms and the cost it has on parents in the modern day society. Pupils at the Maryhill High School who are studying have came together to try and make their own prom dresses using recycled second hand clothes. They did a cat walk where the students showcased their prom dresses for other school members.

The cost of attending the school proms has now risen and with every to do such as the prom ticket, dress, suit, make up, hair and of cause the lavish limo hire or supercar hire. The children decided that they couldn’t quite make a H2 hummer limo but they could in fact make their own dress and save themselves a good £200. One of the students is set to wear her made up prom dress and even contacted top designer Gok Wan who is one of the top designers in the UK.

The school now want people to join in and help the students; they have also entered the Bentley Money Skills competition which they are hoping to win as the teenagers gear up for their big day in the prom season.

Limo Driver Killed in Crash

Lower Mainland and Whistler RCMP continue to investigate the fatal, head-on crash that killed 54-year-old limo driver Shafiqur Rahman of Vancouver on Saturday night, near Function Junction. The 19-year-old male driver of a pick-up truck that allegedly crossed the centre line on Highway 99 at about 11:30 p.m. and crashed into the limousine, causing it to explode, is under investigation for impairment by drugs.

The highway was closed between Alice Lake and Function Junction for eight hours in both directions because of the fiery crash. Whistler RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve Éclair said Tuesday, that investigators are still awaiting toxicology results on the truck driver, and there are still many interviews for police to conduct.

Results from the Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service’s investigation of the scene have not yet been completed, he added, so the speeds at which both vehicles were travelling are not yet known.

The pick-up truck driver, who is from Calgary, Alta., was held in custody until Monday, but was then, released pending further investigation.



Bollywood Wedding

The big fat Bollywood wedding started off with a star-studded sangeet ceremony. Mumbai Mirror gets you the special moments from the evening.

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza's wedding festivities began on January 31 with the sangeet ceremony held at a suburban Mumbai five star. While the bride-to-be Genelia glowed with happiness, Riteish played the doting groom-to-be to his lady love. And though the evening had its minor glitches, the festive spirit of Riteish and Gen made up for it all. The press will bring you the highlights of the evening.

The Bollywood wedding is set to be a star studded event with some of the biggest stars in Bollywood set to show up at the event which will be held in Mumbai.

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Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Bigger and Better

The Big Fat Gypsy Wedding which saw 7million viewers tune in is now going to start its second season and it promises to be bigger and better than the first series. The popular Channel 4 show is returning for a forth series and Channel 4 have promised it is even more lavish than before.

The typical Cinderella wedding who are wearing dresses so big and heavy they can barely walk in. The first bride is set to be a 21 year old named Dolores who is wearing an oversized tiara, bright pink lipstick and sporting an orange tan alongside a massive wedding dress which is embroidered with silver glittering diamonds.

The new series will begin with a bang showing the 21 year old not being able to fit her dress inside the carriage and having some oddly dressed bridesmaids.



Chesterfield Fans travel Wembley in Style

The Chesterfield football team have made it to Wembley after all these years and what perfect way to celebrate it by travelling down in one of our superb limousines. You will not only arrive in style but you will also arrive in your teams colours as we can provide bows or ribbons to put your famous team colours on so you can really show your team the support they need.

Chesterfield scraped through the semi final with two wins both 1-0 which put them through on a 2-0 aggregate score. Chesterfield will now face their opponents on the 25th March at Wembley and will play in front of 80,000 people.



Arsons attack limousine factory

Arsons in small town in America attacked the garage which is used for limousine storage by a company in the town and they also do smash and repair for two trucks in the area. The place went up in flames around Midnight on Roowood Road Business Park and the stretch limousine almost seemed to blow up.

The metal was destroyed and declared a right off by the insurance. The business was empty at the time with no one expected to arrive back till early in the morning. Black town Police manager said the business links are lying with an Outlaw biker gang who the business owner who may of had a problem with the owner.

The attack followed the torching of the truck when two other vehicles on the business park blew up. The case has now been solved and it turned out to be a worker on the park who worked for Strike Force Raptor service the sergeant arrested the un named guy and now he will face charges later this week.