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Police Write of SuperCar

An investigation is under way after a £40,000 supercar loaned to police was written off while being taken for a test drive by an officer. The top of the range Volkswagen Golf R, which has a 155mph top speed, was wrecked when the officer lost control on a roundabout, reducing the pristine vehicle to a crumpled heap.

The officer, in his 40s, had to be cut from the wreck by fire-fighters and suffered spinal injuries but has now been discharged from hospital. He was driving on a public road, testing the handling of the car, which had been loaned to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) two days before so officers could try the model out before the force decided whether to buy or not.

Fortunately, the car, which can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 5.7 seconds, was insured. The officer involved, who works in the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) intercept unit which patrols car crime hotspots, is now temporarily suspended from driving duties while an investigation is under way.

GMP said they would also now look again at using public roads to test drive cars. No other cars were involved in the crash.



The Bugatti Bumblebee for Sale

The show car is for sale at £1.5 million (R15.5 million).The maker trumpets the Grand Sport as “the fastest, most powerful and most luxurious open top car in the world”, quoting a top speed of 350km/h with the roof off and 407km/h with it on.

The Grand Sport 16.4 convertible will be hand-built at Molsheim, each one tailored to the customer's preference from a bewildering array of colours and options. So far 45 of the 150 cars have been sold; prices for the remaining 105 start at €1.4 million each ex factory. The Bugatti is one of a kind and is designed by one of the most respected car designers in the business.

The Bugatti which is worth over 1million pound is now being built by ourselves and shall be arriving soon in the near future.

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Tycoon mogul is suing the Rolls-Royce agent

Tycoon mogul is suing the Rolls-Royce agent ,Trans Eurokars, over an alleged flaw in a Phantom limousine he bought four years ago, The Straits Times reported today. The alleged defects, however, didn't trigger the suit. According to the report, Mr Koh is seeking damages because Trans Eurokars had repeatedly failed to rectify these problems.

However, with the exception of costs and interest charges of 5.23 per cent per annum, Mr Koh did not specify the amount of damages he was seeking. In Eureka’s' defence, it said it did not detect the noise and vibrations as claimed by Mr Koh.Checks conducted between Dec 28 and Dec 29 also revealed that any noise and vibration detected fell within the normal range and thus, was not considered a defect.

It was also revealed that the issue lapsed until April 2009, when Mr Koh brought it up again. The alleged defect could not be found when Eureka’s went for a test drive with Mr Koh.



Ferrari FF in Snow

The Ferrari four-wheel-drive Flit’s been a gruelling process, with temperatures reaching as low as -30C at the Italian marque’s favoured forest test track. This 9km loop, not much more than a car’s width wide, twists, turns, jumps and bumps a path through the trees, with 3ft-tall snow banks lining it on either side. And it is these snow banks which provide the aforementioned impunity, a point I discovered when I joined Ferrari on a icey -5C January day to see how its first all-wheel-drive car performs in the snow.

The scene of the incident was a blind crest that dropped away into a steep, short downhill followed by a tightening radius left-hand bend. Naturally, the whole thing was covered in ice, and, me being me, I had approached it far too fast.

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DMX travels to hospital in limo

Rapper DMX was taken to hospital last night following his food poisoning incident. The rapper who was at an event for the brand DGK in Los Angeles was performing on stage when he said he was feeling very ill and it might of been a shrimp he eat earlier on the day. The Hip Hop star who spoke to the source TMZ confirmed that it was in fact the shrimp he eat and that he might take legal action against the restaurant that served him the shrimp.

He began vomiting during the flight and was immediately taken into the limousine to the Gaston Memorial Hospital in Charlotte upon his landing. He was well looked after on the flight and couldn’t wait to land to get off the plane.

DMX spent over four hours in the hospital in the treatment room and the emergency section before he was then discharged and sent home to recover from his food poising.



Carling Cup Wembley Bookings

With the Carling Cup final nearly set and Liverpool and Man City to finish it tonight the country will know which two teams compete in the Carling Cup final. Cardiff made it last night meaning a trip to Wembley for the championship team.

They know they will be facing Liverpool or Man City which could be a daunting task but as they say anything can happen in a game of football and more importantly a cup final. Liverpool are winning 1-0 however in City’s form they are still favourites to go through tonight and take glory in the final at Wembley. 

Why not travel to the big final on February 28th to the match in one of our big hummers and kit it out with your team’s colours to show who you are supporting and really show up in executive style.


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Kanye West Stuck In limo

Rapper Kanye West gets stuck in his limo the Stronger hit maker who has been known in the past to be rather controversial was caught inside the limousine. The driver said he didn’t know what to do but said Kanye took it very well and had to laugh to himself after he finally escaped from the limo.

Kanye West was 45 minutes late for his performance at Big Day Out was because he was stuck in a limo. The singer insisted on a limo to take him from back-of-house to the stage which is about 30 metres.

Unfortunately the trip didn't last long because it got bogged in the rain and he wouldn't walk. Typical Kanye fashion, you guessed it, a team of people then had to push the limo.

For many in the crowd, the wait wasn't worth it. Thousands were spotted leaving through the front gate headed to public transport.



Balotelli Bentley Egged

Mario Balotelli’s Bentley Continental was victim to Manchester United fans last night as the Manchester United fans smeared his £120,000 car with egg yolk just hours after Balotelli had been accused of stamping on Scott Parker. His car was parked in a side street and he drove it to a nearby multi storey car park. The street unfortunate for Balotelli was right next to a well known Manchester United pub. The united fans would have been watching the match and came out to see Mario’s car however a source said that the car was absolute disgusting.

It is reported that there is a Sainsbury’s just yards away from the pub and the fans would of bought the eggs from there. Mario moved the car into the multi storey car park and the car had been cleaned by the morning where he had a meeting with the team bosses.



Ferrari profit Raise

Both events are open to Ferrari owners and fans, and each will showcase a minimum of 150 vintage and modern Ferraris. The regional club's annual Concorso Ferrari event will be held for the fourth year in Old Pasadena on May 6. The Ferrari were out in force and it was a massive event for Ferrari.

The show area is limited to a maximum of 150 vintage and contemporary Ferrari's but last year saw more than 10,000 spectators turn up. Visitors enjoyed more than 100 different models, including numerous rare 250GT models such as the award-winning 1956 250GT Zagato Berlinetta, owned by David and Ginny Sydorick, and built by Carrozzeria Zagato - recognized as Concorso Ferrari 2011 "Best of Show", the unique 250GT earned multiple awards worldwide including those for Cortina d'Ampezzo, Campione d'Italia and Corrode Millanta. The Ferrari limo is now available for hire.



The Fiat 500 Limo

Ever thought your Fiat 500 could be bigger?  Italian coachbuilder Castagna Milano are set to build the Fiat 500 limousine.Castagna plan to build three special limousine conversions of the Fiat 500; the LimoSun, LimoCity and a LimoCity Presidential.

The 500 has been stretched in length to 5.32 meters, almost two meters longer than the standard version. The wheelbase has increased from 2.3 meters to 4.1 meters and height raised from 149cm to 158cm for the City Limo. Castagna Milano uses the historic name of Carrozzeria Castagna, founded in 1849 by Carlo Castagna. The company closed in 1954 but was famous for its Alfa-Romeo, Isotta, Lancia and Mercedes-Benz coach builds.

The LimoSun is a new take on the Landaulet. It features the familiar convertible roof layout with four seats facing each other; however, you’ll notice that it features an open side too. Apparently this can be covered by a transparent cover. However, we suspect that it wouldn’t protect the VIP guests in a side-impact accident.