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Oprah Chauffeured By Bollywood Star

The Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan was more than happy to chauffer Oprah Winfrey around the streets of India. Upon her arrival in the country's entertainment capital, Winfrey went to visit the Bachchan residence Jalsa to meet Abhishek and Aishwarya's two month-old daughter, nicknamed Beti B.After spending over an hour at the house, the 57-year-old was seen in the car with Abhishek in the passenger seat, and Aishwarya and Winfrey in the rear seat.

Winfrey wore an orange sari for the occasion. Big B, who is often spotted behind the wheels, was overwhelmed to meet her, and more than happy to drive her around to socialite Parmeshwar Godrej's residence, where the star-studded bash was organised." Winfrey is on her maiden visit to India. She is scheduled to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival, and is primarily here to shoot for her new show "Next Chapter"


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Floyd Mayweather Tweets Photo

The multi millionaire boxer tweeted a photo on social networking site Twitter showing his range of luxury mobiles. In the picture you can see a Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur, Mercedes SLS and Rolls Royce Ghost. The cocky rapper simply named the photo babysitting as in the photo he is sat down on the stairs looking after the vehicles. He also uploaded another photo in which he is seen pretending to be a traffic warden letting his cars in and out of his mansion.

The boxer who has called Manny Pacquiao once again this week says he wants to make the fight happen and give the world what they have wanted to see for a long time now. Manny has not yet responded to Floyd but even his close friend 50 cent also tweeted towards the boxer saying Manny should fight him and stop wimping out of the competition. The fight is set to be the biggest fight in history with both of the boxers making up too £75million each.



The New Look Porsche Boxster

The new look Porsche Boxster has been given sneak preview this week ahead of the sports car official unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in Germany. The car is set to give the Boxster a brand new look and Porsche say their new addition will go on sale in the UK on the April 28th. It has a base model Boxster possessing a starting price of around £37,589 and the Boxster S offered for sale with a base price of £45,384.

Porsche believe their latest model is the best model of the current version they have to date saying their design team have headed up Micheal Mauer to lead the charge in the styling department and say they will not fail on this project saying it will be the pinnacle point in the Porsche life cycle. It will have a longer wheel base and wider tracks with a more spacious interior; it can reach 0-60 in 5.7seconds and is much lighter than its predecessor which is much heavier. The Boxster shall be hitting UK show rooms later on this month.



Prom Season Well Underway

Midlands’s limos would like to say a massive thank you to everybody who has made a booking with us so far for the prom season in 2012 it is set to be the biggest prom yet and with many prom dates filling up we are advising all of our customers to book as soon as possible. Our busy days are filling up very quickly and we don’t want to leave people disappointed, our advice to you is please do not leave it till the last minute as you will not get a limousine. Over 100 bookings have been made this week for prom spaces and with schools giving their prom dates out. Please call us as soon as you receive your date as we can then get your booking sorted as quickly as possible.

We have over 30 limousines on our fleet from the H2 hummer, C300 Chrysler limousines, Phantom limos, Range Rover sport if you want to come view our vehicles this is not a problem and can be arranged so please do ask us if you want to view.

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Jay-Z to Sponsor Bentley?

With Maybach out the window, Bentley are now offering multimillionaire Jay-Z an endorsement deal. Daimler said in November it planned to end production of Maybach’s, which start at £380,000, despite an unusual kind of endorsement from Jay-Z, who owns one of the cars and destroyed another with a blowtorch and saw in a music video released four months earlier. One of the world's most potent wealth symbols, the condemned brand also counts Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich and the Sultan of Brunei among its following.

The Bentley boss has already heard from some Maybach clients and is "in the process" of writing to others, he said. The comments I'm receiving aren't very positive - they feel left alone." Under Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche, Daimler is focusing on the core Mercedes brand's top-flight S-Class, adding pricier variants designed to inherit and enlarge Maybach's super-rich client base, starting next year.

But Bentley and BMW AG's Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are hoping owners of the prestige badge will instead defect to their plushest models, the Mulsanne and Phantom. Analysts like their chances with Maybach clients. The Maybach brand has came to an end will Jay-Z take this opportunity to sponsor the Bentley?


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Gypsy Wedding Most Watched in 2011

Channel 4's top three most watched programmes of last year were all part of the My Fat Gypsy Wedding brand, the network has announced. According to consolidated audience figures the, most watched episode, which was broadcast in February, attracted 9.71m people. The Christmas special was seen by 7.24m viewers, while 5.32m people tuned in for a Royal wedding episode in April. Embarrassing Bodies was the fourth most watched show, followed by Shameless.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which follows young Irish travellers as they prepare for their traditionally extravagant weddings, has been a big hit for Channel 4.First broadcast in 2010 as a one-off documentary, the show attracted a lot of attention mainly because viewers were amazed by the outrageous wedding plans set out by the gypsy brides.

The documentary also gave viewers an insight into the travelling community and how different their courting system was to the more typical way people date today.



Bentley GT involved in London robbery

A massive diamond robbed from a Hong Kong shop in New York which was worth £26million in total with over 5 of the rings being stolen during a holdup at Graff diamond branch in London. The Bentley which was involved with the robbery was fount the other week and Police began their case on the robbed jewellery, they have now released there was more than they expected to be in fact £26million worth. The £250,000 pound Bentley which has been modified was the getaway car and according to sources one of the rings has shown up at a pawn shop in London. The pawn owner did not know the price of the ring and just said it was a really nice ring he bought the ring for pennies but can’t understand why the ring was sold to him.

The police are now in hot pursuit to try and get £26 million worth of the jewels back; one man was caught and was given 15 years in prison for the crime however he didn’t give other names so the rest of the group have not been caught hence why the man was given 15 years for the crime.



Pauley Perrette Naked Limo Drive

The CBS news anchor was on duty for ET at the 2012 people choice awards on Wednesday night and things got a little risky when Pauley decided that she would have a ride in her limousine naked. She changed clothes in the limousine on the way to the awards several times as she couldn’t decide which outfit to put on to make matters worse she couldn’t even use a mirror.

She then lent over and said to the driver no offense but I am about to get naked in the limo. She finally got to the awards and really enjoyed her night despite the mishap in the night. No doubt the limousine driver didn’t know where to put himself but everything sorted itself out and she finally arrived in style to the awards.

She is now up for a bunch of awards herself for other projects she has played in and she will find the results of the events later on this month.



Nissan GTR Nearly Beats Bugatti Veyron

The Nissan nearly beat the Bugatti Veyron in a drag race but when we say nearly we literally mean nearly the Nissan was only able to nearly compete with the Bugatti due to the Bugatti having a bad start and not being able to kick-start the management control on the vehicle once he worked out how to do this the Bugatti steamed ahead and reached 139mph in the 10.1 seconds and simply hammered the Nissan. The Nissan driver said he couldn’t believe what was happening when he looked in his mirror to see the Bugatti behind however it didn’t take long for the most expensive car in the world which is road legal to kick start and really push the throttle.

The Bugatti Veyron is one the fastest road legal cars on the planet and the race was set up as nobody had actually officially raced the two supercars the Nissan GTR which retails for around £85,000.The Bugatti is worth over £1million but car fanatics thought the Nissan might give the Bugatti a run for its money however they were wrong.



Last Maybach Ever To Be Built

The unsuccessful launch of the Maybach brand will finally end in 2013 and the last limousine and luxury car will be built this year in a farewell to the brand which tried to challenge the Rolls Royce era. The Maybach brand has not took off how Mercedes wanted it to pan out and now Mercedes are simply going to replace the Maybach with a Mercedes S Class just slightly larger.

The Maybach has sold over 300 units in its years which is nothing compared to Rolls Royce or higher designer cars such as Bentley or even Ferrari. Many people believe the Maybach looked to simple and never had an iconic car which stood out on the vehicle and believe this why it didn’t succeed. Many rappers bought the cars but apart from that the Maybach never really stood out.

It is believed the Maybach replacement car will be a 'Pullman' version of the Mercedes S-Class with a long wheelbase. There is also rumour that plan for an S-Class Cabriolet has been given the green light for a 2014 debut.