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Balotelli’s Outrageous comment about Ferrari

Mario Balotelli who is known for his wacky antics since he arrived in England has become a real crowd pleaser, he has become a real fan favourite in England and it seems even top football pundits see the funny side to Mario’s antics. Balotelli’s who undoubtley has enough potential to become one of the greatest football starts in the Premier League, seems to sometimes lose his mind from his bib incident to letting 400k worth of fireworks out of his multimillion pound mansion.

Mario last week came out with some outrageous comment saying if he bought a Ferrari they would want him to buy a Uno, if he buys a Uno then they would say he is more a Ferrari guy he described his relationship with the press as nonexistent and said he has no real friends in the UK as they are all in Italy. 

Balotelli is set to play against Liverpool tonight in the Carling Cup Semi Final and with his wacky occasions Balotelli has been a key figure for Man City this season providing moments of genius and moments of madness.



Coleen Rooney Range Rover Mishap

She might be driving an expensive car, but it seems Coleen Rooney doesn't know how to park it.

The 25-year-old was spotted in a bit of a predicament as she attempted to get to her car after parking it too close to a brick wall today. The mother-of-one was leaving a beauty salon in Cheshire when she realised she'd left her Range Rover in a tricky spot. Coleen looked a little embarrassed as she squeezed past the wing mirror of her £110,000 vehicle and seemed keen to get home.

Wearing a leopard-print Winter coat that was complete with an over-sized fur collar, Coleen looked rather cosy as she left the Beauty FX salon fresh-faced. She teamed the expensive-looking garment with a pair of black skinny jeans and matching flats.

She was no doubt feeling relaxed as she left the salon after enjoying a Hydradermie facial treatment



Mercedes Challenge Rolls Royce

Mercedes are gearing up to challenge Rolls Royce, with the Maybach brand set to be an overall failure they are actually going to scrap the Maybach brand and now they are ready to build the most expensive Mercedes ever to be built. The starting price is set at around £600,000 and Mercedes claim it to be the most luxury car ever to be made. The revelation Mercedes have decided to take is to design an ultimate Mercedes as the original plan of the Maybach brand did not sell as well as expected. The luxury is now to be carried on by Mercedes and come under the Mercedes wing. Only 3000 Maybach’s sold in the whole world.

As for details on the new uber-luxury Mercedes-Benz, details are scant for now, although it will require some fancy gadgets, unique styling and a different name for any chance of success.

One option is to revive the legendary Pullman name, a Benz sub-brand for the pinnacle of luxury, but Schmidt would not be drawn on potential names.



Rooney Buys Mini Hummer

Wayne Rooney has bought his two year old possibly a late Christmas present with buying him everything a two year old could want and more. The answer to a 2 year olds dream his first ever car but not just any car a electric Hummer which costs £500 and has two seats in silver and even has rear suspension for comfy rides. Kai is captured in his Toy Story outfit on Wayne’s Twitter enjoying himself in the vehicle and is driving the new motor with Wayne adding the capture of ‘King of the Road’. Kai has Woody’s outfit who he is very fond of and it is his favourite Toy Story character along with another picture which his mother took dressed as an elf playing with a Buzz Light-year doll which he apparently  never puts down.

Wayne admitted the Christmas period is harsh on the footballers but he enjoys playing just as much as anyone else and that it is their duty around the Christmas period calling it almost religion around the festive period. Wayne would most probably be wishing he was on a beach in Barbados however he said this is the Premier League. 


Rolls Royce Hits Sales High

With the recession and most of the world still in the recession it seems one company has profited off the recession with Rolls Royce announcing their highest ever sales record. They have benefited from the emerging markets and the luxury marquees with reporting their highest sales in over 100 years. The company which is now owned by BMW and the luxury car designer which is behind the Phantom, Ghost and Corniche models sold over £3,538 cars during 2011 setting the annual record for the 107 year old company. The brand chief Torsten Muller said “This year has been an outstanding year and we should take time to reflect on the great British success”. The Chief has said it is not only a record for the company but a great record for Britain in the motor industry. 

 The market seems to be in excellent shape for Rolls Royce and with new vehicles in the pipeline 2012 could be a very profitable year for the company. BMW spotted the company and did what Volkswagen did with Bentley spotting a big increase in sales this year. The UK company have announced a massive 6% increase in total all over in the UK which could further rise in 2012, making the company a massive profit.
If you are looking for Rolls Royce Phantom hire then please feel free to contact us.



Pennant Shows Flashy Aston DB9

Stoke City footballer Jermaine Pennant who is not shy of his flashy motors has set a new trend by fully chroming his Aston Martin DB9, the footballer who has over 8 luxury vehicles decided he would go for the chrome effect on his Aston Martin when looking through a series of cars which have had the chrome effect, he also added some black alloys to the Aston to make the car stand out even more and to match his chrome Aston. It is certainly the first Aston Martin we have seen which has had the chrome effect but this is coming from a player who forgot he had a Porsche in his parking garage for 6 months.

Pennant who plays for Stoke certainly will not be missing his Aston Martin DB9; in fact we think it is impossible to miss such a supercar. We wonder if his Stoke City players will be copying his trend and maybe start the chrome war off between him and his friends.



Man Sentenced 6 year for Limousine

A Washington Park man has been sentenced on riday to more than six years in federal prison for part of an armed robbery on the federal Prison for his part in the armed robbery of a limousine bus driver at a Mobil petrol station in America. Floyd B. Gamble Jr received 77 months in prison and over three years parole in the assement which costs over £250 for pleading guilty to the charge of armed robbery on the limousine driver on the 30th September. He has legally now been charged with interference with commerce by violence and according to the U.S Attorney’s office he has now been charged with another case.

Not only was the driver robbed but he was also mugged by three men in November at the same gas station on Kings Highway in Washington Park. Two other Washington Park men Devon L. Alexander and Kenneth Little have been charged with the same sentence but have now been sentenced to 5 to 12 years in prison with the minimum serve as 3 years.  Alexander asked the driver casually if he wanted to buy some marijuana while he was refuelling the bus. The driver declined on the offer and said he was not interested in the offer which they had made him but the young man then hit the driver in the neck and they stole $1,000 which he had on him from a booking earlier on that night. The police believe that the robbery may have been planned and that they may have been following the limousine all night to know that the driver had money on him. He has now received a longer prison term and when Police looked into his background. He is now waiting to be sentenced.



Last Ever Lamborghini Diablo

The last ever built Lamborghini Diablo which was ever made will be sold at an auction on January 21st by the car auction company Barrett Jackson Scottsdale with no reserve price for the luxury sports car. Reports close to the auction company claim the Lamborghini could sell for anything depending on how bad people want the car and if prestige owners of Lamborghini vehicles will cherish the Lamborghini. The Diablo was one of the Italian’s front runner cars for over 11 years and in 2011 the Diablo came to an end. They have been individually numbered from 1-40 and with the other 39 sold an auction. The Lamborghini which boasts a v12 engine with an output of 550 horsepower and with only 12 miles showing on its clock is set to break records for a sale of Lamborghini.

The final run of the Lamborghini Diablo was made last year and the first 20 were painted in an exclusive shade so customers can see their exclusive Lamborghini shade and the sports car will set the owners aside from other owners.



Gerard Butler Shows all at Wedding

The famous Hollywood actor Gerard Butler was left blushing at his sister’s wedding after accidentally baring it all at his sister’s wedding. There were more than 300 guests present during her wedding and the 42 year old accidentally diverted the attention away from his sister who was the bride by his bare act. The kilt which he wore for his sister’s wedding in Paisley Scotland, he went up to do a reading and his mother and family were sitting on the front row when the 300 actor revealed all he told Graham Norton it was very embarrassing but it was all took with great spirit.

He said as you know in Scotland there is a certain rule to wear a kilt, Gerard said he was sitting with his legs open and his mum was telling him to close his legs by making putting her two hands together, Gerard actually thought she was telling him to pray but she was telling him to shut his legs. Gerard didn’t pick up on the warning sign which his mum was sending him and continued to sit like he was. He then realised what everybody was looking at and he added it was an absolute disaster but was a lovely day for his sister.



Midlands Limos Olympic Bookings

With the Olympics fast approaching and only 205 days to go before the big launch and the official Olympic Games begin in the UK. Midlands Limos are offering some fantastic offers for people who are travelling to watch the games in the capital or for people who are simply going down to get involved with the atmosphere. With Hummers and many prestige vehicles on offer we have already started to take bookings on the big games, the amount of interest in the games has blown us away so we decided to offer some great offers for the games.

Tickets have been announced to be sold out and it was rumoured they were only on sale for around 5 days before they announced the competition to be fully booked. A lot of Brits will be visiting London and will be getting involved in the Olympic spirit. For more information on our Olympic Bookings please call us, we even throw in some team GB flags to celebrate the occasion.