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Limo Driver in America Charged For Speeding 105mph

A 30 year old limousine driver from America has been fined £220 for speeding in a Chrysler limo; the driver will now be placed in 3 months of supervision for his driving on a busy road in Naperville thoroughfare. The driver has pleaded guilty for driving more than double the speed limit and will be charged of street racing in court as it has been revealed he was trying to race somebody. It happened at around 11pm back on the Olympus Drive in the central part of the city. The speed limit on the road is around the 45mph zone so he is very lucky he didn’t cause major damage to somebody or in fact himself due to the built up area.

On October the 24th he paid a £220mph fine and due to his offence being a one off he is now under 3 months probation period to monitor his services, he hasn’t lost his job and it has said to be one off from the driver and according to courts he was very apologetic towards his behaviour and they feel that they have reacted correctly towards the system.

The limousine driver is now behaving according to the courts and it is said he will be not be doing such a thing again in the future. 


Man Robs a Hummer limo and runs from Police Naked

A naked man who decided to rob an h2 hummer limousine was chased around Irvine California for hours after he stole the limo and the unidentified man was in fact dressed when he stole the limo at gunpoint but then for some reason took his clothes off in the limousine and drove around naked. In the footage where he is seen attempting to escape the smoke from the tyres. The limo was still rolling and the thief opened the door and jumped out the limo fully naked. The police helicopter was in pursuit of him and he was still running trying to escape the police.

He started waving his hands through a public area trying to maybe get attention from the public to support him running through the residential area; however his glory run came to an end when he was tackled to the ground by a police dog. The German Shepherd managed to hold the man by his legs until two officers came and collected him and took him away. The man was the lone robber in the crime. The chase ended at 9:45pm and the Police are still unsure why the robber took his clothes off half way through the journey.

It is now said that the man could end up in county jail for his offence.

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Rapper Birdman’s New Lamborghini Aventador

Rapper Birdman is not known for doing things half hearted and in the recent times this has been seen with him splashing out almost £4million on a Maybach and then another 1.5 million on another Maybach the rapper has been setting the bar in the rap game owning the franchise Young Money Cash Money. With successful rappers including Drake and Lil Wayne the pair has sold 4 million records this year between them both. Not to mention Nicki Minaj and with Tyga becoming successful they are certainly bringing the cash in. Birdman has bought a custom Lamborghini totalling almost to half a million pound with his added extras on.

The rap mogul has recently been taunting nemesis Jay-Z to put up a bank statement against each other where Jay-Z happily accepted claiming his bank balance is crazy. The pair has been going at each other in songs and Lil Wayne Birdman’s step son replied to Jay-z comments which means Jay or Kanye West may go back in at the Cash Money crew. He has also just signed rap legend Busta Rhymes to his roster with things seeming up for the crew.


Vincent Kompany Luxury Car Hire Firm in Trouble

A luxury car and limo hire rental firm owned and ran in the Manchester area have got themselves into a spot of bother with the Greater Manchester Police after they pulled the cars over only to find a number of issues wrong with the vehicles and following the Police procedure of the five spot check they found a certain number of faults. The faults were fount all the way back in May and the company have said to have changed the way they run the business now however Vincent Kompany’s company is looking like they could be getting charged.

The Man City skipper owns over 300 of the 900 shares in the company and the other 600 shares are split between colleagues who operate in the business, they have cars such as the Lamborghini Spyder and Rolls Royce Phantom and have even made connection with a number of football clubs in the past to use their vehicles. They were in fact chauffeuring some of the Manchester City football team when they were stopped and searched. They were in fact just carrying out routine checks however the limousine company was stopped there and was told of their mistakes which they must get fixed. The company is due in court sometime later this month. The vehicles which are facing the charge are the H2 hummer, Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom and the Chrysler limousine.



George Harrison’s classic Aston Martin DB5 sports Car to be sold

Georgie Harrison who is one the famous members of the Beetles will be selling his Aston Martin at auction in London this week and is expected to be fetching around the £225,000 and £260,000 when it goes under the hammer later this month. The legend is selling his car due to how many of them he has got and his will be lined up against 60 other great cars in London’s auction which is set to take place in Hamden. This special Aston Martin was custom made for him especially and can reach a top speed of 148mph which is only a speed of just 7.1 seconds, the Beetle star is also requesting a number of special features such as DB5 chrome wire wheels and 3 hub caps on the car.

The passenger seats on the DB9 are fully detachable and it has FIAM horns just to name a few of its features which the car has to offer. It also has a handful of other options on the car. As well as the car only racking 22,000 miles on the clock. The Mercedes Benz Cabriolet which is up for sale is expected to be £500,000 and £600,000 and a Cord 810 Phantom which belonged to Led Zepplin’s famous Jimmy Page.



Biggest Supercar Pile Up Worth £2.6million

There were 14 cars in total in the pile up including eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and two Mercedes Benz. They all collided in Japan’s most expensive ever car crash in history. The reports and sources claim the damage to be around £2.6 million. Some of the owners have had to part with their supercars as they can’t be fixed and some of the other vehicles have been damaged so bad they are now beyond repair. The TV footage which has hit the net has been seen with cars smashing into one another and debris flying all over the place.

The incident occurred around 10am local time and when the Ferrari spun it was simply a cash of crash and bang, the group of owners were said to be heading to Hiroshima where they were to relax and attend a local supercar show. The driver of the lead Ferrari is set to be receiving 3 months in prison and a £1000 pound fine due to the nature of speeding and wreck less driving. Nobody was seriously hurt but Police say this could have been really dangerous and not ended so lucky.

There were a couple cuts and bruises but nothing so serious that it ended up in hospital.







WIN a Limousine for a Whole Year with Midlands Limos

Midlands Limos is offering a lucky person to win free limousine hire for the whole year, every participant who books a limousine from the 2-11-2011 until the 1-3-2012 will be automatically entered into our mega competition. Its simple book a limousine with our company and you will be drawn into the prize pot which could win you up to a year’s worth of limousine rides provided by ourselves. With having 100’s of bookings and people who simply come on our site because they love limousines, Midlands Limos thought it would be a nice to give something  back to our loyal customers. If you are planning a wedding for 2012 this could be your perfect opportunity to make your wedding even more special.

All you need to do is make a booking with us from now until the 3rd March 2012 and have a chance of winning this amazing prize. This will make children’s dream come true and will be totally free. Not only are we providing the limo free of charge but you will also receive unlimited soft drinks and champagne in the limousine so you can become a true V.I.P.

If you have any queries about the free limousine competition please contact us.
Terms and Conditions apply..
• This offer can be used in conjunction with your Wedding day, School Prom, hen and stag nights, airport and transfers.
• This offer will consist of one 8 seater limousine for one whole day every month for a whole year during the days of Monday to Friday’s.



Limousine Company in America Giving Employees Discount on Their Luxury Vehicles

Sabra Limousine offers Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Boeing, Cost Co headquarters, Real Networks, Adobe Systems, Starbucks Corporation employees a 15% discount on all full-service transportation options: Sea-Tac airport Town Car, SUV's, Seattle town cars, luxury sedans, Seattle limos, buses, and tours.

For Reservations booked online and by phone, employees can receive the discount by showing their I.D. badge to their driver at the time of travel. Sabra also offers 4-6 passenger mini-vans and 10-14 passenger vans to shuttle your group to and from the Sea-Tac airport.

Sabra serves their clients with affordable Limousine service in Seattle, whether it’s a ride in a limo to Seattle airport or ferry terminal, night on the town, wedding or anniversary. Sabra serves businesses, corporate and private accounts as well as special event clients.

Georgio Kateno established the first Seattle town car service in 1978, and that company was purchased by Sabra Limousine in 1995. Sabra Limousine carries a 33 year legacy as leader in the corporate and personal Seattle limo service, offering luxury sedans, stretch limousines, SUV's, passenger vans and corporate buses.



Andy Johnson Apology for Limo Row

Premiership footballer and England capped Andy Johnson has made an official public apology after being caught parking his £150,000 Bentley Continental limo in a person’s disabled spot. The authority are said to be appalled by the England strikers behaviour, however the England star has said the incident has been taken out of proportion and it was a genuine mistake made by himself and he didn’t mean to offend anybody by the situation.

Outraged locals complained after the £40,000 a week star left his Bentley Continental limo in the space where it shouldn’t have been but locals are saying the footballer did it on perhaps as he could clearly see the disabled sign while he popped into the newsagents in Surrey. Anita Whiting whose brother is Steven is now disabled and Johnson’s action had been utterly disgraceful. 

The footballer is now to hear from the F.A and the local council on what happened and if further action shall be taken such as a fine or if the local people will accept an apology.



The New Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley is the jewel in the Volkswagen Group’s crown, British-based but German-owned. The cars are made in Crewe, in the factory that was once home to Rolls-Royce before it was taken over by BMW and moved to Hampshire. Since the two split Bentley has thrived, producing models that are a blend of modern technology and precision manufacturing infused with a strong garnish of traditional bespoke craftsmanship. The Continental GT coupé has been a big success for Bentley, and this latest GTC convertible is at the pinnacle of the range.

This car is the second-generation GTC, and has morphed slightly in looks compared with its predecessor. It now has more tautly drawn body lines that freshen the styling within the same dignified silhouette. The grille is less raked and more vertical then before, and LED headlamps have been added to the car’s night-time repertoire. Here is a convertible that demands no compromise, a big sporty drop-top designed to cosset you, whether you drive it with the top up or down. Compared with the previous GTC, it is 70 kg lighter and has been given a wider track.