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Two High Students over the Moon with Limousine win

Two Ashley Ridge High School students won a limo party and a £250 gift card from Young & Free South Carolina, powered by South Carolina Federal Credit Union, for being the Thursday Night Lights Last Fans Standing. The winning students, Evan Huiet and Courtney Michael of Ashley Ridge High School, discovered they were winners during a surprise reveal at the school on November 22. They were led to think they were in trouble, only to walk outside to see a stretch Hummer limo and Young & Free SC representatives awaiting them. 

 “Surprising the students and having their principal in on the entire presentation was great!  The students were shocked and grateful to have won the grand prize,” said Young & Free SC Spokester Darryl LaPlante. As the Social Media Sponsor of Thursday Night Lights, Young & Free SC hosted the Last Fans Standing Contest, which encouraged students to get their photo taken at the game of the week and then tag themselves on the Young & Free SC Facebook page.  Three photos each week were selected and then a public vote determined a finalist from each week’s game. The public vote determined the grand prize winner.



Rolls Royce Giving Away one lucky winner a Ghost

The Ghost, the British carmaker whose very name is a byword for luxury, is getting closer - relatively speaking. This model - only the fourth all-new car from Rolls-Royce in 50 years - costs less than half of its best-selling Phantom, and is about half a metre shorter in length. And the price? It costs a little more than Dh1 million but, before you gasp, compare it with the Phantom's base price of Dh2.1 million or the Dh2.5 million price tag of the coupé version of the same car.

The Ghost, which went on sale in the UAE last year, was a very important vehicle for the legendary UK carmaker for it was an attempt to attract a wider customer base. That bet apparently is already paying off. Rolls-Royce Middle East announced a 310 per cent increase in sales of its cars last year after the Ghost was launched. It certainly is more approachable as I found out during the four days I had the car. Like its bigger siblings, the Ghost has an immaculate interior, but with even more technology hidden beneath its hand-crafted wood trim and exquisite leather. Soft, generous curves buffet you inside the cabin. Throne-like front seats are also the new piece in the ghost.



Paris Hilton’s New Ferrari California

The Ferrari California isn’t the newest model in Ferrari’s line-up, so there typically isn’t any reason to splatter news about it on the front page. That is, until a celebrity decides to do a little Black Friday shopping in a Ferrari dealership.

Paris Hilton has chosen a bright red Ferrari California as an early Christmas present for herself and, although we think the 460 HP California is an amazing supercar, we have to wonder why she opted for this particular model and not for Ferrari’s newest roadster model: the 570 HP 459 Italia Spyder. Maybe she’s had her fill of the super speedy since she just received a 560 HP Lexus LF-A for her 30th birthday. Or maybe she just got a really good Black Friday deal. Either way, this beautiful, red Ferrari California has just joined the elite group of amazing vehicles owned by Hilton’s princess.

Ferrari may be a new toy for Paris Hilton and her wonderful and fabulous life.



Brides Wedding Ruined Due to X-Factor Stars Showing up in Same Hotel

A bride who has paid a lot of money for her wedding day has been left gutted in a five star country estate in leafy Hertfordshire had been booked for over 18 months and then was let down by bride Kelly Flistad had spared no expense. Kelly had not planned for the presence of the X Factor stars and they was filming for the wedding when the news broke out that the X-factor stars would be arriving for their big day in August.

 Guests which were excited to see the stars and also be treated to a five star service, guests were served the wrong food and a wedding cake even went missing, the DJ was playing the wrong songs and even played the wrong song for their first dance, instead of toasting the newlyweds wandered off to find ITV show’s judges.
Kelly who is now 28 ever since she was a little girl had dreamed of a star wedding and when she booked the event she thought this was going to be her proudest and most memorable day, they have spent over £26,000 on their big wedding day and which is said to be David Beckham’s favourite hotel hired the ivory room for their 80 guests.

The Grove hotels website promises weddings will be exquisite in detail and that they will be spending the night at the number one hotel in the country.
Tulisa is pictured with the couple holding some flowers; it is thought the hotel may be giving apologies out to the pair whose wedding day was simply ruined.



Introducing the Limo Bus

Dawson has always been into his limousines and always had a love for the big machines so he decided to turn his massive motor bus into one of the most luxurious limousines in the UK, he has now started coach building and is set to sell his ex motor home vehicle in the short future. He said they are the nicest wheels in Rochester and you will not find anything what comes close to this.

Schumacher purchased Dawson Limousine in 2005 from Albert Lea band teacher Jared Dawson. The company then was one car. Now it has two vehicles. One is a stretched Lincoln Town Car that holds up to 10 people and the other is a Ford F550 converted into what Dawson Limousine dubs the “Limo Bus.” It holds about 20 people.

And the Town Car is newer than the one he bought in 2005. In fact, after doing research, Schuhmacher flew to California the land where limousines are made with a one-way ticket, then drove his new Lincoln home.



Man Hires Limousine to Propose

A man from Warwickshire hired the limousine out knowing he was about to propose to his girlfriend, he had hired all flowers and even champagne for the limousine. He then popped the question to his now fiancée and she said yes, they then travelled around in the limousine all night popping to a restaurant and even enjoyed a few drinks but then disaster struck. A thieve had robbed the limousine not even getting caught by the driver as he had fell asleep in the car park for abit and left the doors open, the thieve then stuck and robbed everything in the back of the limousine.

He took all the flowers, money and cards which were in the back of the limousine as they had not taken none of the valuables with them as the driver said they would be in safe hands in the back of the limousine. He thought wrong and now the man and woman are trying to sue the company for their goods as the thief has not yet been found.



The New Lincoln Released in US

With the new release of the brand new Lincoln town car and the limousine set to change its image and change its past into a new futuristic limousine, with over 10 years experience in the Lincoln town car industry and the name Lincoln became a household name in the business. Ford are planning to bring back the MKT as the town car and with their last car being undoubtedly one of the biggest limousines in the UK and USA their model is set to be perfect inside and out and ready for it’s big 2013 release.

Lincoln now own the car and with help from another company decided on the name MKT they are really hoping to hang in with limo business and hope limo operators will embrace the vehicle and take one of the vehicles on to their fleet.

The seats in the car will have almost double space due to the clever building of the limousine and with even more legroom the seat will be up to 10 feet and unlike the town car sedan the new Lincoln will be an all wheel drive which operators may favour to driver around the car however they may be worried it might lack in durability.



Rihanna arrives to X-Factor in Black Phantom

Rihanna who has succeeded in keeping her number one spot in the UK charts on Sunday arrived in a Black Rolls Royce Phantom similar to the owner of the Show Simon Cowell, she was then escorted into the building where she performed her brand new single “we found love” the chart topper has been number one in the UK more than 10 times so when it comes to writing number ones she certainly knows a thing or two. Rihanna performed her new single on stage and was accepted with fantastic applause however she was caught up in a bit of bother the next day when the newspapers revealed what was on her designer shoes.

Her footwear which are totally custom and can written in tippex to change the words, Rihanna had written the words F*** off on the shoe. The studio members noticed the trainers however still let the singer on stage despite being advised not to wear the shoes she went on to perform. Rihanna also wrote on her twitter about some of the complaints of viewers who complained that the singer was actually miming the words to the song rather than actually singing which some fans wasn’t really too happy about she described that as performing and a completely different performance.



X Factor Host Dermot O Leary to Pop Wedding Question

X Factor Dermot O Leary has some new exciting news with him honouring the lady of his dreams his long term girlfriend Dee Koppang after she has accepted his romantic request. The Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack made the announcement on Saturday night’s show saying we would like to congratulate Dermot O Leary. Fans soon to took to Twitter to where they flooded his Twitter with congratulation requests and saying we would like to congratulate you on your engagement.

Fans took to his Twitter and he said thank you everybody for your support I am a very lucky boy. The couple have been dating for nine years now and it seems Dermot finally decided this was the right lady to get down on one knee for. Earlier this year he splashed out on a plush £3.5million on a luxury pad which he bought for the pair.



Teen Rams His Car into Limousine

A teenager from the USA who borrowed his dad’s car which led to a few beers around his local town where him and his mates stayed out for the most of the night. They then got back into the car drunk and continued to drive. It is then thought a group of girls were inside a limousine and maybe giving the lads signs or taunting the young men. The drunken driver of the car then decided to follow the limousine and his friends were having a laugh according to sources. The driver had been drinking but according to friends he was more than capable of driving the car and didn’t seem drunk. He then said to his friends that he was going to drive his car into the limousine.

He then drove the car straight into the side of the limousine and then lost complete control and ended up hitting a tree downside of the hill.