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Colin Cowie New Luxury Wedding Collections

A designer and wedding specialists has decided to do something new by setting eight themed weddings starting from £1000 for weddings which will be offered only exclusive hotels and Palace resorts the properties range from Mexico to the Hard Rock Hotels in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Cancun and Vow renewals are available. There are more options including beach weddings, champagne and £250 tables which are laced in special cloth and if needed they provide their own receptionist.

Colin describes this as the ultimate wedding adds on and the perfect addition to any wedding, he said the structure, wild colour and special planning will be needed, and they provide nothing but pure class and elegance for the day. 


McLaren Sports Car Manufacturing Plant Opening

The new McLaren manufacturing plant in Surrey has now been launched this week however it was opened by the Prime Minister David Cameron, signalling good news for the manufacturing industry in the UK, it has created among 700 jobs and is set to rise to among 1,000. The £50 million pound factory has been built with a purpose and the F1 makers started to created road cars on a large scale putting them in direct competition with the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari.

McLaren have already produced 100 of their MP4-12C sports car models which have set a starting bid for £168,000 a piece, the initial run of 100 of the luxury MP4 sports cars have already been shipped to the US and across the world including Japan, America and Germany although the plant has plans to produce 4,000 of these vehicles by 2015.

As well as setting themselves a high target of 4,000 MP4-12C sports cars shall be produced the next four years and they have to create a brand new model every year from the Woking factory. F1 will continue to play an important role in McLaren although it will represent a small percent of their overall business in years to come.



Hummer Crashes into Medical Centre

A white hummer limo smashed into the wall and nearly hit patients at a medical centre in Bartlesville Oklahoma this week when the driver lost control of the hummer and crashed through the building landing the huge vehicle in the middle of the waiting room. The driver of the white hummer was reportedly turning the vehicle in the car park outside when instead of hitting the brake. She hit the accelerator too much and ended up going straight into a wall, she managed to get out without scratch and survived the crash, she was lucky that she escaped without scratch.

The patients who were waiting in the reception when the hummer came crashing through the wall and luckily no one was hurt because of the incident, the receptionist received a minor graze on her leg and didn’t require and medical attention. The driver of the white hummer has not been named yet but he can be seen on a video crashing into the wall the name will be released when or if he is found guilty of the charge.



Justin Bieber New Range Rover

Justin Bieber has purchased a new customized Range Rover that cost more than £90,000 pounds and reports say it was to impress his new girlfriend Selena Gomez, the world seems obsessed with the young stars and people believe unlike a lot of celebrities that Justin and Selena have the right heads on their shoulders to stay humble and not go off the rails unlike a lot of celebrities. The sound system in the vehicle reportedly cost £35,000 and it has a Cosworth engine with leather interior and of cause a custom paint job to top the look off.

A source close to the Sun Newspaper said Justin loves his motors and has had plenty already and he is only barely just old enough to drive. Selena seemed impressed with his latest business and his vehicle is set to be shipped from Bradford in the United Kingdom.

Wayne Rooney and TV star Katie Price both have this vehicle and Bieber has added his usual Batman theme to the Range Rover which will be with him in the next following weeks. Selena when asked what she thought about Justin’s new car said I prefer the simpler things in life.



Mercedes Benz to Launch Flagship Limo in 2012

Mercedes Benz are expected to debut a brand new model of their limousine the S-Class next year, the car is set for launch in the latter half of 2012 and will feature numerous improvements compared to the old model. The limo will be slightly sci-fi as Mercedes described the limo and there will be extreme comfort upgrades to the vehicles which will help the German limousine get around the place, the once perfect saloon has had a complete makeover and will come with the best safety features any Mercedes has ever had.

The limo is set to be around 5.5 meters long and will be same size or similar to the Maybach 57 which of course is one of the most prestige limos in the world carrying celebrities all over the world. The Maybach has certainly got the grasp over any Mercedes cars at the moment. The Germans are trying to take hold of a market which is currently led by Bentley they plan to bring out new better looking vehicles with better features and also a price dip which will help the Mercedes sell for the company and make people prefer buying a Mercedes to a Bentley.



Gypsy Wedding Shows £50,000 Wedding Dress made of human hair

The model who shot to game within the show the My Big Fat Gypsy wedding on channel 4 which was aired a few months back has taken a massive jump to another level from the show to a dress worth over £50,000 in human hair. The dress was created using over 250 meters of human hair and also 1,500 crystals were used with over 12 underskirts used, individual hair wefts were set and the dress took peoples breath away.

Eight people from the Nico, worked on the dress in Madine’s new bridal store and it weighed just under 15st making it 95kg, alongside stylists from hair salon Voodu. Madine said she was overwhelmed and with reports that Lady Gaga was considering wearing the dress she was blown away with the compliments and said it would be a great honour for somebody of that statue to wear the dress she had created.
It’s unique and its certainly the first we have ever seen. 


Michael Jackson Chauffeur Receives £4million

Michael Jackson’s former chauffeur is in line to receive an estimated £4million when the VHS video featuring the king of pop gets auctioned next month. The chauffeur who has asked to keep his secret identity, the footage has been seen and was filmed during Michael Jackson’s 1993 Dangerous. After Michael’s death he contacted a firm to sell the clip online however his family stepped in and they claimed the rights for the video. The chauffer however won the rights for the tape and received £4million as payments from the family of Michael.

He is now entitled to sell the tape as he wishes and sold the vehicle for just over £4million, although the chauffeur is unable to broadcast any of the film under the American law he is entitled to sell the material. The documentary has been given an estimated selling price of £4million and is unlikely to go for any less than that.



Gothic Style Limousine Hired for TV show

A gothic style limousine which has been used in the TV show Never Mind the Buzz cocks. The 22 foot monster which has been converted with a funeral hearse was used to a film spoof entrance as the singer made his arrival to the TV show. Tony Decula the owner of the gothic limousine accompanied the quirky ride during his trip to London for filming on the popular comedy show. According to the boss he has many people looking at the limo and the driver comes with creepy costume and with ultra violet and lighting system. The front man of the band even agreed to hearse the limo with an official seal of approval and his signature inside the stitching on the leather seats.

The weekend which saw the Birmingham NEC to host the whole of the different vehicles which were on show right from modern cars all the way to classic styles. The ITV drama also had 1911 Renault type CB12/16hp. The motor show also benefitted from a larger exhibition where there were 45,000 visitors in the building.



Bride Heidi Withers Turns to Wedding in huge white parasol

She plans to sell her wedding photos to glossy magazines that will probably all fighting for the exclusive photos as she is certainly looking to sell the photos.Bride Heidi Withers held a large white parasol with a thick veil covering her head, and was flanked by guards holding umbrellas to make doubly sure no one caught a glimpse of her. The problem is, she and the groom are hardly A-list. Miss Withers and Freddie Bourne made headlines after an email from his stepmother to his fiancée accusing her entrance bore all the hallmarks of a celebrity planning to sell her wedding pictures to a glossy magazine.

The wedding photos have leaked however the magazines are not allowed to release the photos without their stamp on it and with Heidi permission all will be seen shortly to whether the star will sell her bizarre looking idea. She could not even be seen herself at the wedding walking down.



Mark Wright from TOWIE Pulls Up in Hummer Limo

Mark Wright who is famous for his time on the reality show The only way is Essex was spotted stepping out of a H2 hummer before stepping into the jungle for the latest instalment of I’m a celebrity get me out of here. He was spotted having a good time before finally making his journey over to Australia for the new series. Mark who is famous for being a womanizer left the reality show last Wednesday describing it as needing some time alone before stepping into the jungle. Mark said he needs the break from everything and needs to get away from all of the hype and pressure which has been put on him in recent weeks due to women problems.

Sources say Mark is growing up and growing old with his old lifestyle he tried to make amends with co-star Lauren where they both expressed that they still love each other but would never get back with each other.

At the end of the reality series he also tried to make something of his new relationship but Sam simply brushed him off and said that the whole Mark Wright thing was too much for her.