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Mercedes ‘E’ Class

Mercedes is a name in automobile industry which needs no introduction. Even a non enthusiast of cars jumps in excitement while witnessing or discussing a Mercedes. When the discussion is about luxury cars, the three pointed symbol of Mercedes is the first thing which crosses the mind. Such is the mental association of Mercedes with the luxury automobile.

There might be a sector of people who likes being ferried around in different kind of transportation on their wedding day like vintage cars or jeeps; however there still are people who would not like the idea of compromising in their sophistication and luxury no matter what. For those breed of people we have the ultra luxurious and the super stylish Mercedes E Class sedan. No matter how old, how much popular a Mercedes car is; it still manages to turn the heads when a Mercedes passes on the streets.

On every occasion we provide the car with fresh polishing both from interior and exterior; apart from this we provide fresh interiors and put fresh flowers in the car for that perfect aromatic ambience for the bride and groom. On the exterior we decorate the car beautifully with flowers and ribbons as per the taste and preference of the client. We make sure that everything about the ride is so perfect on your wedding day that you truly cherish the moment spent in the car.

The car is a 4 door luxury sedan with fully functional entertainment system, air conditioning, and a cabin big enough to accommodate 4 people with ease. There is a sunroof which is perfect for the couple to pose for the eager cameras right from inside the car. No doubt this is the most sought after wedding car among couples for their marriage functions. Our well trained chauffeurs are always on time; are polite and presentable. They always try to ensure that their clients have a happy, fulfilling and safe ride in the cars and they come to us again and again. As a policy our cars do only a single event in a day so that the clients do not feel any need to hurry and can enjoy every moment of their day.


Chrysler C300 - A perfect car for Lovely bride

This amazingly luxurious car named Chrysler C-300 is an upscale full-size car, a perfect sedan first shown in 2003 at New York Auto Show as a concept car. And it came in the market in the spring of 2004. It was designed by Ralph Gilles who designed it as a high end sedan while it’s another model SRT-8 was engineered for high performance. The Chrysler 300 is also launched in Australia as a full-size car. It was marketed in Europe as the Lancia Thema, but was branded as Chrysler 300C in UK, Australia and Ireland.

This is a large-sized elegant sedan with an amazing front grill and chrome finish makes it a black beauty. The Chrysler C-300 with Midland Limos is recently bought by us to increase one pearl in our fleet.  The interior of this amazingly grand car has been done in cream color premium leather which gives a very luxurious look. The Chrome finish on the outline glasses, mirrors, handle bars, and the elegant front grill of the car gives the car a distinct road presence surely to wow the onlookers on your wedding day.

This can be your best choice to be showcased as your wedding car. On every occasion we neatly polish and decorate our Chrysler C-300 with flowers and ribbons as per your taste. We have so many albums from where you can choose the way of styling the car. We use pleasant perfumes to create an aromatic ambience for the couple inside the car. The large cabin space of the car makes room for the bride and the bride Maid’s along with their heavy wedding dress.

So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call to have the appointment for viewing and finalizing the classic wedding car your marriage.


Statesman Limousine

Statesman Limousine is an amazing option for making your special day remembered for long among your friends and relatives. Using a classic wedding car for your wedding events is a very stylish way and this is reason why young couples are so much attracted to these classic wedding cars. This makes the photographs of the wedding events so special and classic.

Are you willing to have a luxury vintage car for your wedding day to take you to the wedding venue? If yes, then Statesman Limousine would be your best option. This car is an amazing option for that purpose and now it is being used as wedding car widely across Europe.

We, at MidLand Limos have a very pleasantly maintained and serviced Statesman Limousine which is a chauffeur driven car. This car is available for hire to people at very reasonable prices. We not only provide you this car with fresh interiors and aromatic flowers with pleasant perfumes but also provide a perfect chauffeur who is well mannered and dedicated to you for your special day. It makes you feel like prince/princess when you come out of car with your wedding dress.

So what are you waiting for my dear friend? Please call us immediately to book your appointment to view your favorite wedding car and make bookings well in advance.


New Year Limo Hire Deals

Make your New Year celebration more special with New Year Limo Hire deals. We can help you to get good deals for the night. This can help you to get limo hire service at very low price and you can easily use it make your night special. You can start looking for the deals now itself before everybody gets bookedwith us for New year Eve. 

Advance booking would help you to get the perfect limo hire deal and you have the ease to choose the limousine you prefer as well. If you wait for the last moment then you might not be able to hire your dream car and may not even be able to get a good New Year limo hire deals. 

If you are planning to book for New year Limo Hire Deals then you can learn about our deals online as well by visiting us at and can make your booking in no time. With the online availability and booking facility you don’t have to visit us personally to know about the fleet as you have the ease to do so online.

Different kinds of limos and luxury cars are available with us that deal in such cars and can provide it to you for special occasions like New Year night. For New Year night you can get a party limo that is considered to be perfect for it. These limousines are especially designed for partying and have dance floors, champagne bars and a good audio video system so that you can party on the go.

If you are traveling in a large group then you have the option to rent a stretch limousine that is also available with us. You can check with us and then book the car you desire. We provide the car on hourly rental basis and for continuous hire as well so that you can choose the option that works out for you and is within your budget.


Limo hire to sporting events like Football

If you have got passes for the upcoming football matches and are exciting about it then you can make your experience more enjoyable by opting for limo hire service. It is very easy to hire limousine car for such events and make your special sporting events more memorable. You can get the limo for a few hours only so that you can get to the stadium in style and add to the excitement. The limo ride is especially enjoyable when you travel in a group. You can all sit in the limousine comfortably as it has a good seating capacity.

Many of the people have now started opting for limo hire services when they go for sporting events as the cars are comfortable. When you book them for such events then you can sit back and look forward to the event and don’t have to drive to it or come back on your own. So you can get drunk, chitchat with your friends and relax and sip on your drink while the chauffeur takes you to the football grounds.

Apart from hiring the limo cars for sporting events like football, people hire them for racing season to the racecourse and also choose the limo hire service for opera nights or premier shows as well. They are considered to be glamorous events and you want to look and feel glamorous. This is why people choose limo hire service and use chauffeured limos to get to the event. The chauffeurs from a good limo hire company are trained well for such events and they open the door for you so that you can step and feel like a famous celebrity. 

Different kinds of limousines are available for hire which makes it easy for people to choose the car model they would prefer. If you need to get limousine services for a good event then you can contact the car rental companies in UK that maintain a good fleet. They would be able to provide you with quality services and may have an extensive fleet so that you can easily get the car you desire.

Learning about such companies that provide with limo hire services has become very convenient as many of them operate online as well. With Midlandslimos you have the ease to browse and know about the fleet we maintain. You can get stretch limos, hummer, party buses, BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini and many other cars on rent through these companies. With our online booking facility you can get the price quote and book the car you want. This helps you to get the booking confirmation instantly as well.

For any further queries or to know more what is in store for you please visit us at


Limo hire for Corporate Events

If you want to create a good reputation for your company and build a good brand image then you need to take special steps for it. In order to promote your company well it is important to impress your clients. The easiest way to impress people is by choosing limo hire service for corporate events. You can hire such luxury cars for them when you invite them to your corporate event. It would impress them and help you to create a good image easily.

The availability of limo hire services in UK has made it very easy for the corporate to earn a good name for them. Many of the companies use the limo hire service for press conference, business travel and for corporate events as well. It gives a sense of power, glamour, style and money and makes your company look professional and successful. Renting it is affordable and you can get the car for few hours or longer duration.

Apart from limousines, we have other luxury cars in offering so that you can choose one that suits your requirement and book it for the corporate event. We maintain a good fleet of luxury cars so that you can get the perfect car for your corporate event of your requirement.

Corporate events are considered to be hectic and booking a limo can help in taking off some of the burden. You can book the cars through a good company that has professional services. They can take care of your clients and pick them up on time, providing them with good services so that they can feel comfortable and relaxed. The companies that provide with such service have fast and hassle free booking facility so that you can book the car in no time and don’t have to worry about wasting your time on it.

It is important that you choose the company with care as it would help you to impress your clients better. If they are comfortable and relaxed then they might be happy and might give the business deal to you. Since the limousines are synonymous with style and luxury the people traveling in it also feel special and remember the ride forever.

Apart from booking the car for corporate events, you can also book the limo hire service for airport transfer whenever you travel to other country or city. Many of the business travelers prefer this as it helps them to save their time and get to work easily and comfortably. Booking the airport transfer limo in advance can help you to avoid the long wait for prepaid taxi at the airport. You can also get the car for self drive purpose and enjoy a comfortable ride.

If you want to quickly grab the attention of your clients and want leave a long lasting impression of your hospitality choosing us would be the perfect decision for you. To know more about us log on to


Royal Wedding Car Hire - A honeymoon to be cherished for lifetime

Wedding and honeymoon are a special time of your life that needs to be cherished forever and you can make the memories better by choosing royal wedding car hire service. Riding in a limousine on your special day or choosing luxury cars like Rolls Royce Phantom makes you feel special and pampered. It’s a memory that would stay with you forever.

The limousines are associated with luxury, style, status and are generally owned by many celebrities and rich people. It is an expensive car and everyone may not be able to buy it. However, it is possible for you to now rent the luxury car whenever you want and make your occasions more special. The rental charges for the luxury limo cars are quite affordable which makes it easy for people to get it. So if you want to add a touch of royalty to your wedding and make it feel special then you can opt for our limo hire services. You can also book the limousine or any other luxury car for your honeymoon and make your bride feel special and pampered.

 We deal in royal wedding car hire services & it is very easy to find us online. If you have wedding organizer then you can ask him to contact us directly to know more about our services.

So for your royal wedding car, you can get a limo or any other luxury car and also get some additional services. We provide cars for wedding & can get the cars decorated with flowers. We also offer free bubbly to the newlyweds so that they can feel more relaxed and can enjoy the ride better. 

Apart from booking a royal wedding car for yourself, it is also important that you book good cars for the guests so that they can get to the venue easily. We have become quite affordable which makes it easy for you to get any luxury car for the guests as well. You can book these cars for the guests and can impress them. Booking such cars can make your wedding a grand affair and you can easily have the wedding you always dreamt about.


Vintage Sports Car Hire

Riding a Vintage sports car has its own charm and gives you an amazing experience. If you want to get such a memorable experience then you don’t have to shell out your earnings and buy the car. With the introduction of luxury car rental companies in UK like us; it has become very easy for everyone to apply for vintage sports car hire service.

If you want to hire a vintage sports car for a special event then you need to first look to our company that has the car in its fleet. In the present times, searching for such companies has become very easy as the information is available online. You can check online and also contact us (Midland limos) that maintain a fleet of luxury cars as well. We may be able to help you to get a vintage sports car or the latest luxury sports car as per your requirement.

The people who wish to hire the luxury cars can check the fleet maintained by them online itself by searching through our website. It is considered to be time saving and convenient as you don’t have to call or visit us and get the required information at the click of the mouse. Checking the website only helps you to compare the rental charges and the services side by side with other companies and in this way you can easily get to know about our offers cars and services at affordable rental price beating the competitors pricing and services.

Apart from hiring vintage sports car one can also get other kinds of car for rental purpose. They can get limousines or any luxury car as per their preference and requirement. The rental charges are quite affordable which has helped in making these services very popular. You can easily get any car on rent and get to drive it and live your dream. Many people prefer to choose this service and get their dream car on special occasion.

If you want your birthday or anniversary to be different and memorable then you can hire the vintage sports car or any other luxury vehicle through us. It is easy to book them as we have online booking facility which makes it easy for you to get the price quote and know about the services we offer. You can also check the tailor made packages available with us as it would help you to add more features to the rental service.

You can also get limo hire services through us by visiting us at and get to the venue in style. It is comfortable, spacious and helps you to feel like your favorite celebrity. You have the ease to book these cars and get them on hourly rental basis or for continuous basis as per your requirement and budget.


Funeral Limousine hire

When making arrangement for funerals then it is very important to get the right car so that the people attending it can get to the cemetery and church easily. Most people prefer to get funeral limousine hire services as they are considered to be perfect for such events. Arranging for the funeral is not easy but is something that cannot be avoided. You need to manage your emotions and take decision so that everything runs smoothly.

There are many companies in UK that deal in limousine and luxury car rental and can provide you with funeral limousine hire services. These cars are generally black and are designed for such occasions. It looks after your comfort and has spacious seating so that the mourners can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Black stretch hummer limos can be considered for funeral services as the car is very spacious and can accommodate a large group of people easily. At the time of death, driving may be difficult for some people as they are emotionally drained. So hiring the limo hire service is better as you get a chauffeur who takes you to the service and you wouldn’t have to worry about driving yourself.

When you choose limo hire service then more people can get in it and travel to the service. It is cost efficient as you can hire less number of cars as per your requirement. This is why people now prefer to get the funeral limousine hire services through the car rental companies in UK.

Finding a good company that provides with such services is not difficult anymore and you can learn about them in a few minutes. The information about the companies is available on the internet and you don’t have to visit them yourself to learn about the services. At such times, you may not be able to spare time to go the company to the book the car. But thankfully you don’t have to do so anymore as many of these companies offer online booking service and take the bookings on calls as well. It helps you to save your time and you can use it to manage other things.

With the availability of online booking service, people can get to compare the services and rental charges of different companies easily and book the limo through a company that is affordable and has quality service. If you want to make sure that you get the best company then you can check the Limo forum app and other customer’s review which would help you to decide easily. Some of the company offer tailor made packages also and you can hire their services to ensure everything runs smoothly. It is best to choose a company that has well maintained fleet as riding them would be more comfortable.

With Midlands limos, it is very much easier to make sure everything manage properly, because when it comes to limo hire nobody understands your needs as we do.

To know more about us reach us at



Celebrity Limo Hire- a commendable Experience to Remember

Feel like a celebrity with limo hire services that are offered by the various luxury car rental companies. It can help you to get anywhere easily and comfortably. You may often notice celebrities riding in limousines and other luxury car. They find the car to be comfortable, spacious and stylish and this is why they prefer to buy and take it to special occasions. Owning a limousine may not be possible for everyone so many of them prefer to opt for celebrity limo hire service. If you have also envied them for riding in such luxury cars then you can get limo hire service. It helps you to enjoy better services and makes it easy for you to get anywhere you want comfortably.

People prefer to book the limo cars for special events and occasion as it makes it more memorable. The cars are comfortable, spacious and are perfect for large group of people. If you need to get cars for your guests coming to the wedding then you can consider getting the limo hire instead of normal cars. They are more spacious and can seat 8 to 16 people at a time. The guests traveling in the limo feel comfortable and relaxed and would remember your wedding forever. Since a limo can have more people, it turns out to be more cost efficient as well.

A limo hire service for the newlyweds helps them to relax and feel pampered. They get to travel in comfort and feel just like a celebrity. We at midlands limos provide limo hire services for weddings and complimentary bubbly to the guests so that they can sip that during the ride and enjoy the ride. If you need to book a celebrity limo hire service for wedding we have tailored made packages too. We offer chauffeur driven limos and you can also get the car decorated with flowers.

The limo hire service can also be booked for prom night as you can feel more special. The school leavers prefer to hire the car for the last day at school as it marks a new phase in their life. You feel like a celebrity getting off the limo car and would love the comfort and luxury it offers. With our online booking facilities you can easily get the car of your time saving your time and effort in getting what is unique and best. You can get the limo hire service on hourly rental basis or for a longer time as per your requirement. It is affordable and makes you to feel special. This is why many people prefer to choose limo hire services for special events and occasions.

In order to make that EVENT of your life everlasting in your memories contact us at