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Ferrari Sells 100 Ferrari FF in just 10 minutes

Last year Neiman Marcus featured on the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible star and sold all 100 copies making the designer one the highest valued designers in the country. Last year, Neiman Marcus featured the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and all 100 copies of the specially designed drop top muscle car sold out quickly but with the Ferrari Four being a far more exclusive – and expensive – featured vehicle, Neiman Marcus offered up just 10 copies of the 4-door supercar. That means that in just 50 minutes, Neiman Marcus sold just shy of 4 million dollars worth of cars. The buyers will even receive a special package to go and drive in the mountains and in the ice cold weather courtesy of Ferrari.

As in past years, the Neiman Marcus fantasy supercars came at a premium price of £200,000 - £60,000 more than the stated MSRP of the Ferrari FF. For that additional cost, these lucky 10 buyers get their Ferrari FF without dealing with the lengthy waiting list along with their new Ferrari being clad in a special Grigio Caldo exterior paint. Inside, each of these Ferraris gets a special logo with the purchase number along with all of the Italian luxury that you would expect of a modern Ferrari. Finally, these ten Ferrari FF buyers will receive enrolment in the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen, Colorado which is aimed at teaching FF buyers how to drive in the very worst of conditions while also having some assisted fun in their new 4-door supercar.

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Petra Ecclestone Wedding Cost F1 owner £10 million

In a new report Petra Ecclestone wedding cost £10million pound. The bill comes after the mail looked into the wedding and him and his ex wife settled the bill the high price tag of the wedding was revealed in a German court case yesterday and Ecclestone youngest daughter Petra was believed to be around most of the money, they married in a town called Bracciano.

The wedding cost came from fireworks, the castle and actually the sleeping of over 100 guests which was all catered for from the Ecclestone family.

The other costs included that she didn’t have one wedding vehicle she actually had two and these wasn’t rented the cars was actually bought out right which means the Rolls Royce Phantom cost £300,000.



Aston Martin owner Gets Caught Speeding Thanks to YouTube

The owner of a rare Aston Martin sports car in Belgium was caught speeding by police officers after a video which was made by a passenger in his car was posted on YouTube showing the driver hitting almost 182mph in his Aston Martin sports car. The police decided they needed to investigate the incident before reacting to it and then decide what action they will finally take against the offender if found guilty. The Aston Martin driver probably thought that would be the last way he would get caught by a YouTube video but specialists who watch the video will be able to determine just how fast the Aston was travelling and drivers of the other car may be used witnesses.

The Aston was weaving in and out of busy traffic and over taken cars with ease the vehicle is the “The Carbon Black Edition” which is hand painted and there is only three of its kind in Belgium so the vehicle was hardly hard to track down.

Due to the exclusivity of the sports car and the tracking charges, the driver could be hit with a hefty fine and lose his driving licence completely also losing the vehicle licence.



Fabio Capello to miss sons Wedding Due To England Game

Fabio Capello will miss his Sons wedding on Saturday due to the England match, it is set to be his son’s biggest day of his life and it is said Fabio will be gutted to miss the ceremony but will make it up to his son. Work is work unfortunately and with such an important game and job you simply can’t miss a game. A late change of date of the match which was scheduled for Friday 11th November was changed to the 12th due to reasons in the FA. Spain is unbeaten in over a year and is thought it will be England’s toughest game for a long while and will really show the calibre of the players. His son said on Radio 5 live “We know he is with us in his heart” and these things happen sometimes.

England also face Sweden on Tuesday in their final fixture of the 2011 schedule, the father will then return and join into the celebrations. With Capello facing a lot of pressure for next year’s Euro 2012 competition it is going to be yet again another massive stage for the boss.



The World’s Longest Limousine Now Available for Hire

The limousine is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and is not only the longest limousine in the world it is now the heaviest limousine in the world, there is simply nothing bigger than the Midnight Rider it is simply a beast of a limousine and is now available to hire in the California area. The huge vehicle has three separate onboard lounge areas and each comes with its own bars and big screens. The 25 ton and 70 foot monster has more than enough room to accommodate 40 passengers. It doesn’t come with a very cheap price tag costing £850 per hour but broken down into the 40 passengers becomes quite affordable. The limo also comes with 2 drivers, a hostess and a few bartenders who will look after you during the ride round. The limo is lit with among 3.2 million candlepower lights which require two onboard generators.

The Midnight Rider was built quite a while back now between the years of 1997 and 2004, 90% of the vehicle was handmade in different parts of the country and the interior of the limo was inspired by Pullman cars who specialise in velvet curtains and wood trimmings. Due to the cars unique style and expansive onboard entertainment, the Midnight Rider is now taking bookings throughout the USA and is in fact on demand with a lot of people meaning the limousine is set to make a profit.



Guy Petrol bombs Limousine Drunken

A drunken guy in America had been on a night out with friends enjoying the activities Miami has to offer when he had too much to drink. His friends had ordered a luxury limousine to take them around the town and enjoy the beautiful night life and really get to grips with the city. They had been partying all night without any trouble when one of the lads who was with the group had disappeared. The lad had in fact disappeared out of the club and had told one friend he would be back later on.

The guy had in fact disappeared and bought his own made petrol bombs. The police have no idea who the lad was at the moment due to the group not answering all police questions however he is led to believe to be under 18 and under American law you have to be 21 to drink.

The name has been kept anonymous at the moment until found guilty or put on trial but one thing is for sure the lad must of been in quite a mess to think this idea or in fact planned it all along the limousine company are said to be in total shock and the driver escaped without any harm.

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Rebakah Brooks the Former Editor of News gets Limo for 2 Years

News of the World ex editor Rebakah Brooks has been totalling up quite a bill from her old job at the NOTW with over £1million pound owed for the use of her company limousine and chauffeur and the office in central London. She resigned in July from her post as CEO of News International following the major phone hacking scandal which carried place. For her troubles Brooks not only received a really large payment but access to the company limo for two years and the building rent where she rented an office out. She resigned due to the allegations against her for the mobile phone hacking scandal.

For her troubles Brooks only received these payments but people can’t really see why she is complaining with two years access to a limousine and over a £1million pound you can’t be really complaining with that. All the raised questions now surrounding this are do you think she will ever get another job in the media and the answer is simple she has more than enough talent it is whether a company will have the nerve to take her on.



Ludacris Hires out whole NASCAR track to race his Ferrari

Rapper Ludacris who is a multi platinum record seller with number one hits in the past, including his latest success through my chick bad featuring Nicki Minaj the rapper has been a great success not only in his rapping department but also in his movie career with movies such as The Fast and Furious. Ludacris has appeared in two of the multi million pound films including the latest The Fast Five which has been the most successful out of all of the films.

Ludacris is now looking to the future and has bought himself a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia in navy blue which we have to say is very impressive. The Rapper has plenty of cars in his mansion but what people see very impressive with Ludacris unlike a lot of rappers which come in and out of fashion Ludacris has been on top of the game for over 10 years now along with other rappers such as 50 cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg they have still maintained that high standard and still selling millions of records worldwide.



Marilyn Manson Goes Nuts in Vegas Tries to Hijack Limo

Marilyn Manson known in the rock world to be sometimes a lunatic hasn’t failed to impress once again the rock star who has been rather quiet over the past months and years in general has literally gone mad in Vegas. His booze fuelled weekend in Vegas. He attended the Halloween party and came in with a rather bizarre costume having shots of absinthe to start his night off.

Marilyn was seen partying with friends and his on and off girlfriend Lindsay Usich, there were shots and beers and then started to get upon the karaoke and he sang Justin Timberlake’s Cry me a river which he didn’t sing once but he remixed the song six times.

It then became rather wild and Manson’s voice started crackling loudly and insisting on more Justin Timberlake music, he then walked out of the bar and wanted to go further up the strip however his car wasn’t waiting for him which meant he got frustrated and attempted to hijack a limousine when police had to step in with the stars behaviour. He then whipped out what appeared to be a knife before yelling I am rock star I have gone nuts he has declined to speak on the wild night out since the night.



The new Mini Roadster Revealed

The new Mini roadster is now upon us and with the company which is owned by BMW they have released their first ever two seater convertible but just how good is this car. The new Mini is very compact and with drivers looking for something abit sportier or something fun to ride in then the Mini will certainly provide you that, there will be different versions of the Mini available including petrol and diesel versions. The Mini roadster has appeal and it will be a popular car among the UK.

The model boasts 120bhp standard with a 1.6 engine but with the turbo petrol engine and an impressive 2.0litre turbo diesel the bhp has not yet been confirmed with the company. The soft top roof and the 240litre boot are included with the price and with most modern day cars there are a handful of additional extras which can be added on. The car also has a designed spoiler which is designed to speed the car and automatically appears when the car hits over 50mph making it similar to an Audi R8.

With prices starting from £18,000 would you buy yourself a Mini Roadster ?