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Kim Kardashian Marriage Over within 72 days

Kim has officially announced her divorce just 72 days after her marriage to newlywed Kris Humphries has fallen through; the newly single pair has both been spotted without their wedding rings and engagement rings. The star has now confirmed her split with Kris Humphries and made an official statement yesterday. Less than 24 hours before this the 31 year old was seen arriving at Los Angeles LAX airport to jet out to Australia.

The reality TV star is now heading to Sydney with sister Khole to launch their new handbag range; she looked really glum passing through the airport with her white t-shirt and black leather jacket. Kim filed for the divorce yesterday but what people are thinking is weird is how the 26 year old has married and the feelings have changed in such a short space of time. Specialists believe Kim must have not been feeling this wedding before hand and maybe just maybe the model has gone through with the marriage for the fame. One thing is for sure this doesn’t happen very often.

Their wedding reportedly cost around £8million pounds and Kim said we will remain friends and wish each other the best in the future. Kris is set to be devasted over the break up and was spotted wearing his ring heading towards the gym yesterday.



Ferrari Now Offering Personalised Sport Cars

Ferrari are one of the leading sport cars in the world and with them bringing out some of the fastest cars and most prestige cars on the planet, Ferrari have now decided to bring out their new personalisation service which offers customers a chance to customise their own Ferrari. First unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show last month Ferrari are now tailoring the car in order to create a truly unique and completely individual car. With the unveiling of the Ferrari’s many people got excited and was looking forward to the service however the special design features do not come cheap with it adding on between 20%-60% on to the original price which can be quite staggering considering the cars are looking at about £90,000 starting prices.

Launching this new tailor made service will increase Ferrari’s profit margin and with the luxury car maker only selling a maximum of 7,000 vehicles per year to their customers it will retain its exclusivity but with the car industry it will give Ferrari a chance to capitalise from every single sale as much as possible. From gold interior to expensive wood pieces the choices are unlimited and will give the car that Wow and exclusive factor. Bentley and Porsche are famous for offering this kind of service and Ferrari are set to most probably make a fantastic profit off this service.



Elvis Cadillac Fleetwood 1955 limo set to be sold

The King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley old limousine is set to be sold at an auction later in California next month however a lot of cars have sold which were claimed to be the stars cars however the fact of the matter is this limousine was the king’s famous icon and the authenticity and the connection to Elvis is undoubted. As well as several documents which connect Elvis to the vehicle there are also pictures and the limo has spent several years on display at the official Elvis museum in Las Vegas.

The 1955 Cadillac limo was bought by Elvis in 1956 and the singer used the limo to travel around for a number of years he co-signed the documents with his dad when he purchased the limousine. Originally a light blue colour the singer had the limo painted black immediately after he took ownership of the vehicle.
Elvis and his band used the limo mainly in the South of the USA and often strapped their musical intrustments to the roof of the limousine so they could travel with their equipment on top.

The limo has been sold before at an auction in 2007 and was sold for £80,000-£200,000 and despite the large amount the last time it is only scheduled to sell for the price of around £110,000. Stay tuned for the November 12th auction.



The New Lincoln MKS Custom Limousine

The new Lincoln stretch is set to be released with the Lincoln Town Car on its way out, according to the LCT magazine the new stretch is to be released first into the streets of Bahamas and the ALS version is the specialist in building stretches such as the Hummer H3 and the Chrysler 300. The Lincoln Town car is the 2013 model; it is an all wheel drive MKS stretch and will be V-6 3.6 litre engine and seats with six passengers comfortably. The designers said they could not believe how smooth the limousine was and how good the refinement at the 2012 International LCT was at the show in February 2013.

He commented on the MKT saying it has fabulous potential in the limousine world and can be become a big iconic figure for this world in the transport industry, its older brother the town car was a big figure for the limousine world but fell out of favour when it became old.

Keep your eye out for the new MKS limousine which will be coming soon.



The Chery G6 Limousine Revealed

The Chery G6 is the latest limousine to come out in China, the Chery brand are focusing on government officials and ministers with this limousine on mind and not to release the limousine for something such as parties or to sell to limo companies across the world. The Chinese company are set to match Audi and say Audi is the company they are inspiring to be like. The Chery G6 may not have the massive wow factor like president Obama’s Cadillac but it does have some nifty features of its own.

They said this limousine is built for a true VIP experience and the Chinese press have released that the 2litre turbo engine and the 160bhp is not something that is going to pull the massive limousine along however the engine is now being tweaked to power the 7.2 meter long limo.

The question is will this limousine be able to compete with the Baby Bentley or the old Lincoln town cars.



Jenifer Lopez Buys New Bentley Arnage

Jenifer Lopez has set a new record by pulling up too Best Buy an American supermarket in her Bentley Arnage, it’s not something the Best Buy shop normally sees on its average day to day running but when you are Jenifer Lopez there is no other way to travel to simply put it. Jenifer made the stop which it looked like she was on her own however when the Latin singer stepped out of the car she had enough security President Obama would of been proud about. There were around ten body guards and a fleet of black SUV’s following her.

Jenifer who is a big lover of the Bentley range said that the Arnage was one of her favourites along with the Flying Spur; Jenifer however must be paying her security a fair deal with how many she had around her. Jenifer is set to bring a new movie out and recently made a comeback to music earlier this year where she had the number one single which featured Pitbull and also had the number one album of the year with appearances with rapper Lil Wayne.


The New Bentley-1-439.jpg

Manny Pacquiao Buys New Ferrari Italia 458

Manny Pacquiao the current best pound for pound boxer on the planet has splashed out on a brand new Ferrari Italia 458. Although the Floyd Money Mayweather may have something to say about being the best boxer on the planet it seems the pair reported are split financially, with Mayweather with hundreds of millions and Pacquiao set to be struggling due to bad investments, lawsuits, back taxes and not really hitting the same wage Mayweather has been hitting.

However the current WBO champion has splashed out on a Ferrari costing around £160,000 and according to his sources he has wanted one of these cars for a while now and decided it was the perfect time to purchase one and maybe send a message out to Floyd Mayweather who owns around 15 prestige and supercars.

Pacquiao who’s record speaks for itself with (55-3-2) is set to go battle with Juan Manuel Marquez on the November 12th however trainer Freddie Roach has insisted without the big Mayweather fight he is running out of options of who to actually fight without turning into own camp with Amir Khan. It is said that if the two collide it will be the biggest pay per view in boxing history.



BMW Supercar or limo on the Way?

It seems the great German car maker BMW have been paying attention to the competition looking at maybe what rivals Audi are doing bringing out supercars and SUV’s. The BMW division has been suffering of late not really offering nothing new other than the X6 which has been a shock surprise in terms of sales selling very well. It seems BMW have seen how well the R8 has been selling and the SLS Mercedes which is a real celebrity winner.

The Z4 is the only thing BMW have really offered of recent times in the supercar market and the M cars still remain special for their line up. The Mercedes AMG is still the win and the performance is unbeatable. The AMG makes the Mercedes line up and the BMW needs to step their game up with something new. They have announced a new limo and supercar so we shall what the future holds for the BMW line up.



Lindsay Lohan Still in hot bother over her limo bill

We reported to you last week Lindsay Lohan was in some serious debt issues with her local limousine company for unpaid bills, well the Los Angeles limo company have now officially filed their £90,000 law suit. The limousine company however are outraged at the actress as she has been posing with her brand new £80,000 Porsche the luxury car she has bought can reach 188mph and can reach 0-60mph in just 3.3 seconds. The 25 year old is also serving community service from a crime committed earlier on in the year and she turned up a hour late to the meeting which didn’t go down to well as you may know.

She is now on her final warning and if she doesn’t show up then she will be arrested once again, regarding the limousine bill which company are said to be adding interest on to this bill, she said she hasn’t received any bill against her and with her glitzy parties and premiers coming up it is thought she may even end up getting away with this fine.



Woman Steals Black Limo to Annoy Police

A 40 year old decided to rob a black limousine however not for her own benefit she in fact stole the limo just to annoy the Police she said. The 40 year old hopped inside of the limousine with the keys and started up the ignition outside of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The female who has now been named as Monica Denicali proceeded to drive off in the limo taking it for a spin around the Vegas areas.

The Police then tracked the stolen limo and chased her down with the sirens on in an attempt to pull the woman over; however instead of giving herself in during the pursuit, Ms Denicali threw herself from the moving limo and attempted to make a getaway from the police on her foot.

The woman’s attempt to flee the scene of the crime was unsuccessful and she was quickly captured by the authorities and was arrested for the crime of stealing the limousine. The owner of the limousine was presented his limousine back un damaged and no damage to anybody occurred said the police.


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