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Introducing the Black Panther Limo

The Black Panther limo has arrived at midlands limos, the 8 seater monster is our latest addition to the fleet and it brings some of that American style SUV. With bubbly and soft drinks included with every booking you make with us. The Black Panther really does demand the road; it has a full leather interior with one of the best sound systems among the fleet it really does blow you away. It has flat screen TV’s and full champagne bar for our customers. The Black Panther truly is a limousine ready to challenge any occasion it is perfect for your stag nights, hen nights but it can also be perfect for celebrations and staff parties at the end of the year. The Black Panther also has a custom built interior which is spacious and is fantastic for socialising and really letting your hair down inside the VIP limousine.

The Black Panther is now available to hire and we doing special discounted prices for the next month so if you are interested book now and you will receive our special discounted rate. Give us a call today to find out if the Black Panther is available in your area today.



Midlands Limos Winter Extravaganza

with so many events happening down the towns and a party going off everywhere it really is the season to celebrate. Baby Bentley’s, Hummers, Range Rover Sport limos we have it all and we cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

We have special winter promotions going off and we are committed to providing a service similar to first class. If you follow us on Facebook you will receive our latest news and will receive exclusive offers from us which people will not receive who do not follow us so be sure to follow our social networking sites.

We already have a lot of bookings scheduled for the winter time so if you are interested hiring a limousine from ourselves please contact us as soon as possible so we can get your exclusive limousine booked today.



Joanna Fridinger uses Pink Limo to make people aware of Cancer

The pink stretch limousine which has the long black eye lashes as headlights is used to raise awareness of cancer and she said the pink limo is the perfect thing to express the feelings. It stands for fun and everybody loves the pink limo however it does have a meaning behind it and people who have lost friends or family to cancer shed a tear who two but was really supportive of the whole day. She does hire the pink limo out for weddings, parties and other events and a lot of the money goes straight to the cancer research fund.

The cancer institute is the Joseph Medical Centre and they receive 10% of the rental proceeds. The pink limo has become an iconic symbol in the limousine world from baby Bentley’s, hummers, Range Rover’s. The limousine world really has taken to the pink limo and Joanna Fridinger is a perfect example of a fantastic cause helping people with cancer. She suffered and lost somebody to the disease five years ago and has since been helping the cause to try and fight the disease which kills many people each year in the UK and worldwide.



Paul Merson Accused of Drink Driving in Mercedes after Crash

Sky sports pundit and former England footballer Paul Merson has sustained serious injuries and wrote off his Mercedes which cost him £40,000, he fell asleep at the wheel in the early hours of Wednesday morning which led him to lose control of the Mercedes and crash. The former Arsenal player was said to be lucky to still be alive after his luxury Mercedes pummelled into a central reservation and ploughed into a lorry at 3am. Merson fell asleep behind the wheel and ploughed into the lorry, after the crash he failed the breath test on the side of the motorway and the 43 year old was taken straight to a medical treatment centre where blood samples were taken away for police evidence.

It is now reported that the former star was driving back to his home after attending a children in need event in south London when the accident occurred. The Police later confirmed that the driver was in fact arrested while on suspicion of driving while over the legal drink drive limit. Although Paul has wrote his Mercedes off nobody was seriously injured in the crash and the lorry driver has suffered whiplash injuries. The sports star didn’t have his seat belt at the time of the crash and spun out of control. A lot of people know Paul has done wrong but the general person thinks Paul is a fantastic guy showing his care for the children in need and simply has done wrong and he must now pay the consequences.



Rapper Wiz Khalfia and Model Amber Rose Step Out Of Rolls Royce Phantom

Wiz Khalfia known for his rapping skills is no stranger to a nice car as seen in a lot of his music videos and this time was no different the rapper jumped out of his Rolls Royce Phantom with his girlfriend Amber Rose, Amber who used to date Kanye West before seeing Wiz is a model who has featured in music videos for a long period of time in the hip hop scene. Her latest big video was Fabolous “You be killing em “which has over 5 million views on sharing website YouTube. With all this surrounding Wiz even matched his snapback hat with Amber’s lipstick and more rumours are circulating that the pair are about to tie the knot.

The pair shut down rumours earlier this year that there were no plans for marriage yet however in a recent interview Wiz said he would certainly marry the stunning model, Amber has shyed away from the talk but also has not denied anything. Many people believe the pair is in fact already engaged after there was talk about a ring being spotted on Amber’s finger. One thing is for sure that something will get out in future if the pair is set to marry.



Paul McCartney Gives Big Thank you For Wedding Support

Sir Paul McCartney who has remarried not long ago has taken his time to leave a statement to his fans for their wonderful greetings following his new wedding to Nancy Shevell. The couple have shared some of their photos for the big day and the Beatles legend is happier than ever as he stood there watching fans throw confetti over the couple.

He exchanged his vows in a London registry office last weekend and onlookers cheered as the happy couple walked off saying hello to fans and really getting involved. Fans are very happy about his special gratitude which he has shown to fans. The blog was titled our wedding day and it spoke of how thankful they were to fans and the pleasure it felt fantastic they said. McCartney who is normally very private put a picture of the newlyweds together.

Mark Ronson took the DJ decks and kept the Beatles star up all night where they partied until the early hours of the morning. This marriage is McCartney’s third, his first wife died of cancer in 1998 and the star divorced Heather Mills in 2008. Shevell has been married once before and is Paul McCartney’s second husband.



Vanessa Hudgens Takes a Ride in Luxury Limo

The 22 year old actress who has said to be a big fan of her limos and has been pictured a number of times driving around in the fancy mobiles has been spotted again however this time she has bought her mum along who also jumped into the vehicle. Vanessa Hudgens had just arrived from the airport to start the filming of her new film Frozen Ground which is due for a release sometime in 2012 or 2013. The day before she was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with friend Kim Hidalgo and just casually enjoying their selves.

Vanessa who is spoken of to be the next big thing in Hollywood has recently unveiled a new pumpkin carving contest for her readers to join on her official site ready in time for the Halloween season, fans are already taking pictures of their new pumpkins trying to win the prize Vanessa has on offer. Her new film is based on a real life story of Robert Hansen and after the course of twelve years is abducted tortured and raped over twenty four women, he heads them into the Alaskan wilderness before hunting down and killing them, it is set to be a very powerful movie.



The H2 Hummer Double Decker to Arrive in NYC

With the H2 hummer being very popular in both England and America some company in the New York area is set to astound the world by creating not only a super stretch hummer but a double Decker version of the limousine. If you want to party wild and enjoy the night out then the H2 hummer double Decker is going to be the daddy of limousines. Only 2 models will be built in the USA and with both models due to be coming in the NYC it will be seen how well the new hummers get off in their new environment.

Time Square limousines are set to become the first company in the world to have these hummers but no doubt the whole world will soon be having these H2 hummer super beasts, the hummer is set to launch in the fall later this year so if you are travelling to New York be sure to check out the new hummer h2 double Decker limo.

If you are looking for hummer hire in the UK then please feel free to contact us as we have the largest limousine fleet in the UK.



First Wheelchair Specific Chauffeured Vehicle Produced

VPG have unveiled plans to build the first commercially produced car designed and built for wheel chair users. The chauffeur driven car is going to be called the MV-1 and will be rolled off into production as of the 21st September, the company have stated that they are super excited about their product and that it will be a joy to help people in provide them with this service.

It shall be built in the same factory where AM general motors’ are produced and the H2 Hummers are actually built for General Motors, so quite a comparison in vehicles from a monster SUV to a classy car. The chassis is set to be engineered by specialist’s Roush and 4.6L 2V V8 Ford Engine will be put in with a four speed automatic transmission. The access into the vehicle will be special and will have a 56inch by 36 inch wide side door with a deployable ramp which can hold up to 1200 pounds of weight, pretty cool we must admit.

The MV-1 can also carry up to five additional occupants when fitted with the optional rear facing seat including a lot of accessories such as TV’s which can be added and electric reclining seats so that people can really fit in with the comfort.

Mclaren MP412C supercar crashed before leaving factory

The new McLaren sports car was crashed even before it had left the garage for its first test earlier this week, mechanics are now working there very hardest to get the car back in shape however it has sustained bad damage to the bonnet and the wheels on the car. It was in fact reported that the £170,000 supercar was being driven by the McLaren technician to approve it for a test drive however it seemed the McLaren received its test drive even earlier.

The luxury sports car went straight into an oncoming car after the driver lost control at the roundabout, the other vehicle which was involved in the accident was VW Passat which is now a write off however this car isn’t worth a fifth of the McLaren sports car.

The McLaren did have a top speed of 205mph however it now seems it will struggle to hit the 1mph speed due to the bad crash, the car is now being examined and it will then be seen if the car is fit for re production or if it can be fixed.