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Hugh Jackman’s Big Lover of Audi Cars

The new Real Steel actor who is due to hit the big screen this week has recently declared his love for Audi cars, with Jackman having a bob or two to throw around on some toys he said that his Audi cars are his favourite’s and that he wouldn’t look anywhere else on the market. Jackman was also spotted rolling up in a Audi R8 at the film premier not a bad choice for a car.

Jackman has now even been made an ambassador of Audi, Audi have clearly seen the potential the somewhat new movie star could have on the company’s image and will be using it to full positive effect. With Audi now in the full swing of things owning supercars, SUV’s they really are now at the top of their peak. Jackman’s new film Real Steel has received good reviews and is about a boxer who then controls metal robots who fight in the ring which becomes a national obsession.

Jack man’s latest toy his is Audi Q-7 and said it is his favourite as it has room for the kids and is also a great looking SUV.



Choosing the perfect Limo

When people want to hire a limousine they are normally blown away by the style and elegance of the vehicle, here at Midlands Limos we are here to provide you a quick guide to helping you choose your perfect limousine. Whether you’re looking for something blinged up, big, small, executive we have it all at Midlands Limos and this is just a quick guide to help all of our customers choose the right vehicle for themselves for their special day. The perfect limo changes depending on what people want and we understand that, if you’re looking for something to carry a lot of passengers then there is no competition the H2 hummer limousine is the one for you, with a variety of colours from black, pink and white you will be spoilt for choice.

The C300 Baby Bentley is another option which is perfect for people with smaller parties or people with 8 passengers, this limo comes in a variety of colours from white, two tone black and silver or the silver model all of them look magnificent and with great prices are the number one limo to really get a night started in style. If you are looking for something abit more footballer style then the Range Rover Sport limo is the one for you with a BOSE sound system, disco lit floor and full leather interior it just describes the word class.

Among all these is the Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur, if you’re looking for a romantic dinner date, a wedding or even just a special occasion these two cars fit the picture perfect and they are two of the most well known cars in the world among celebrities.


Midlandslimos white phantom-374.jpg

The First Bijan Rolls Royce Phantom Revealed

The houses of Bijan have revealed the first Rolls Royce Phantom limited edition the first of thirty one which are designed by themselves for the Rolls Royce’s. They are designed at an exclusive Beverley Hills designer pad on Rodeo Drive. The company are dubbed as “Driveable Art” and the two brands combine a world of high fashion and with luxury automobiles. The house of Bijan has a reputation of being one of the most expensive Fashion houses in the whole world. The new Phantom’s are described as being the best luxurious creation he has made up to date and like all of the vehicles he has customised in the past they will all reflect his style and elegance in each client which chooses to pick a design with himself.

While all the vehicles will be customized with over thirty one specs added on, the Bijan Phantom has been given 28 special designs and even has a hand painted paisley design on the bonnet and wing mirrors. Bijan is surrounded by 611 pave white diamonds which are set in wood and the limited edition embroidered silks throughout the interior including a latinum key ring.

In the next 12 months, 12 more Bijan Rolls Royce Phantom’s will be released in a variety of colours and combinations, it is rumoured that it will be one a month but that has yet to be confirmed.



Forza Motorsport 4 set to be best selling supercar game

Forza 4 which is set for release next week October the 14th is set to break records in the gaming industry for a car game, its greatest competitor which is Gran Turismo 5 which came out earlier this year also sold very well. Both of the teams have been gaining the licences to put in supercars, limousines, luxury saloon cars into the game to make people buy it. Forza this year have even added a full military car as well as working with Top Gear members Jeremy Clarkson and the team. They are set to have more tracks then ever and will have exclusive licences for Ferrari supercars.

It has been giving great reviews over in the gaming industry and is a game that we all will be playing with our supercars on our fleet, as Forza are claiming that the cars drive just like their normal selves and will react just like normal supercars.

All will be seen on the 14th October whether Forza will live up to expectations.



Kim Kardashian Swaps Her Range Rover for Ferrari

Kim Kardashian who recently has just tied the knot with her hubby Kris Humphries has just swapped her Range Rover SUV for a sporty customised Ferrari which is believed to be worth more than £150,000. The star stepped out of her brand new vehicle without her new husband. Kim has bought the Ferrari from well known luxury car dealer Platinum Motorsport and the dealer ship has a big list of celebrity clients including David Beckham and Nick Cannon amongst other celebrity’s.

The models choose the white Ferrari 458 Italia and it has been customised to her standards and is now reported to be worth in the region of £198,000. The Ferrari is now one of the most popular sports car due to its visual looks and the fact it’s a Ferrari.

The newlywed traded in her state of the art Land Rover before purchasing the beautiful Ferrari which can pick up from 0-60mph in just 3 seconds flat. Kim Kardashian in true fashion hopped out the Ferrari wearing black stilettos which isn’t probably the best choice of footwear for driving a super fast Ferrari 458 Italia.



Bentley are planning to Release a office Chauffeur Car

Supercar and luxury car maker Bentley have unveiled their plans to create a state of the art chauffeured car which will have a little twist, this chauffeured car is going to operate like a moving a office. The new car will be equipped with some of the latest gadgets on the market including IPad’s and Apple Max systems as well as video plasma screens to bring everything up bigger.

The new Bentley limo will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show where Bentley show a lot of their new vehicles. Bentley chief executive Wolfgang Durheimer came up with the idea and as a lot of business men spend a lot of time being chauffeured around and being in the back of the car. It will enable busy people to keep updated with their work on the go and executives have a little office space in the back of their car. 

 The new Bentley will include a host of new features including a 16 inch LED screen which can show video and can be connected to the Apple IPad, along with that it will have two electric fold out tables which will include Bluetooth and connected keyboards. Each component is connected to the new Apple Mini Mac hub which is installed in the vehicle boot and can also be controlled by the ever so popular IPhone.

Beyond this is an additional extra which Bentley will make available to customers which will add two more DVD screens in the car and two in the rear seats. The Bentley will have a Wi-Fi hotspot onboard to allow fast internet access on the go and will also have a fridge to store chilled drinks and refreshments.

Bentley are claiming this is the first mobile office chauffeur car will go into production as soon as the planning and tests have been completed on the concept cars.



Mr Bean not to be put off driving sports car

Rowan Atkinson the famous man behind the Mr Bean actor has revealed to the public that he will not be put off after his recent supercar crash where he received a broken shoulder; however it hasn’t managed to dampen his love of fast cars. The now 56 year old lost control of the super McLaren F1 supercar, while driving in Cambridgeshire causing the car to spin out of control and hit into a tree, he was then taken to hospital and later was told he had broke his shoulder.

The newspapers were too quick to get on to the story and it seemed Rowan had in fact been put off driving sports cars anymore; however it has been revealed that all of that was simply nonsense. He has spoken out in a recent interview with the BBC’s Newsbeat programme; Atkinson has described the car accident as simply a misjudgement and that it has taught him a lesson about understanding the limitations of his car. The comedian and funny guy is well on road to recovery with his fractured shoulder almost completely healed. 

 The McLaren F1 sports car is now being repaired for the star and once the vehicle is back to normal Atkinson will not hesitate to jump back into the vehicle as normal, he said he can’t wait to get behind the wheel again and hit the open road. The sports car is one of Atkinson’s pride and joys and is a rare model; in fact only 65 of the cars of its kind have been built between 1993-1998 it boasts a top speed of 240mph and has a price tag of £200,000.

McLaren F1 $970,000.-166.jpg

£20 Million Car Auction

Over £20 million in classic and custom vehicles were sold at the Barrett Jackson auto auction held in Las Vegas last week, the company had reported on Wednesday. Topping the sales was a 1964 Ford Fairline and sold for over £500,000 also with that was a bunch of sports car which were also selling in the £100,000 mark. The final tally did beat last year with that almost selling £16 million but did fall short of the massive 2008, £23 million and that was spent. Attendance was nearly 60,000 the highest number in the auctions year runs in Las Vegas. A record 580 vehicles were sold at the three day event and the owner described it as being a success.

The facts were stated that only 3 percent of the winning bids that met the reserve did not go through, it had a 97% winning rate. Last year a £500,000 bid on an owner Bugatti Veyron and he turned the offer down deciding he would not sell the vehicle.

They raised almost 1.3 million pound in charity funds, with the NASCAR owner splashing out £200,000 on Camaro. All in all, the entire event went fantastic and if it continues to make this kind of money for charity each year it is a great achievement.



World’s oldest working Car to sell at auction

The world’s oldest working car is due to be sold at a auction next month and is expected to bring back £1.6 million with many more people believing it could fetch up too £2million. It is due to go under the hammer very shortly and the owner is expected to make at least £1.5 million. The 127 year old vehicle runs on steam, using paper coal and wood as fuel to produce the steam which can power the engine. You have too plan at least 45 minutes before to build enough steam for the vehicle to actually run.

The formal name of the car was De Dion Buton Et Trepradoux and was later shortly named La Marquise which is named after the builder who built it. The car was specially built for the Count De Dion in 1884 and remained in the family until 1906 then it was sold to a French army officer Henri Doriol.

After 81 years with the Doriol household the car was then sold to motor enthusiast, Tim Moore in 1987 then succeeded in getting the car to work again after it lost copper and brass components during the World War. 
The car weighs 150 stone and is approximately the same weight as a small Renault Clio and the old car boasts a top speed of 38mph and is officially the oldest working car. Expectations are high and it is one a kind car. It will be seen how much the car will rake home when it comes to the auction. 



Deal or no Deal Presenter Noel Edmunds travels with Midlands Limos

We have chauffeured many stars about in the past however this one of our proudest moments in our time in the limousine industry. Deal or no Deal star Noel Edmunds was travelling in a Midlands Limousine H2 Hummer, the hummer was for a Christmas program on Sky 1. It is a program where Noel gives something back to the community for people who have worked hard for other people’s sacrifices or for children who are less fortunate than others. The program is a real tear breaker so be prepared with your tissues at the ready.

Our H2 hummer was used by Noel for some young children and family who have always wanted to go the theme park Alton Towers, however their day was about to change dramatically as they didn’t know they would be travelling in a massive H2 hummer courtesy of ourselves. We took this as a great honour and a privilege to help people enjoy their selves who maybe don’t get to as much as we do. The kids loved every single moment of it and couldn’t believe how cool the actual limousine was, we was very happy that the kids enjoyed it and it was fantastic to be part of such an amazing movement.

The pictures below are shown of Noel and the kids who travelled in our H2 to Alton Towers.


neol edmonds-3-13.jpg