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Simon Cowell Steps into Rolls Royce Phantom

With the X-Factor in the UK well underway and Simons show getting more than 7million viewers last Saturday it seems like employing a whole new line of judges has paid off for Cowell. He has always known what is best and he’s got it right again. Simon recently slashed Cheryl from the US X-Factor show and has admitted he was in the wrong; however Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls has filled Cheryl’s boots tremendously well. Cheryl is now reportedly going to be joining back with the UK version later on this year however these may just be rumours.

Simon, who is a big fan of his sports cars and prestige vehicles, does not hide that he has a massive love for this Rolls Royce Phantom, it is Simon’s favourite car along with a lot of celebrities. He was spotted leaving the set of the X-Factor US and jumping straight into his Rolls Royce with a bottle of bubbly, not a bad end to the day by any means.



Prince Williams Wedding Car Disaster

The photographs from the Royal Wedding have been put into the history books no doubt about it. However there was one problem what happened which nobody noticed until now, as Prince William tried to speed off with his new wife the Duchess of Cambridge the Prince forgot to take the handbrake off the vintage car and it got off to a juddering start. Prince William thought nobody had noticed his mishap however he was wrong as The Sun’s royal photographer Arthur has made the story public after his recent appearance on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs.

The Aston Martin which 41 years old had been decked out in Royal fashion with balloons and ribbons all over the car and with all the commotion and excitement surrounding the wedding, Prince William in fact totally forgot to take the handbrake off.

The Aston Martin DB6 Volante is one of only 38 and was a gift from the Queen herself to Prince Charles for his 21st birthday, not a bad present. Prince Charles allowed William to borrow the Aston and it may be his last time when Charles hears about the recent handbrake mishap.



US Rapper Gucci Mane jailed For Throwing Woman Out of moving Hummer

US rapper Gucci Mane has been handed a 6 month jail sentence after he admitted to throwing out a female passengers out of his white hummer earlier in January this year, the multi millionaire has just released his latest mix tape with fellow artist Waka Flocka and has received positive reviews over the cd. The rapper has only recently been released from prison after serving time for drug related crimes and only 3 month after being released it seems Gucci is on his way back into bars.

According to the reports the 36 year old female was approached outside of a mall in Atlanta by a male who was revealed as the Atlanta born rapper Gucci Mane, then while driving his hummer vehicle she agreed to have breakfast with the star and carried on proceeding to drive.

Once she was fully on board the hummer Gucci mane offered the female passenger some money to visit a hotel with him, she then refused and he leant across and opened the passenger side door launching the harmless female out of the car whilst the H2 Hummer was still moving. The female who fell from the hummer has serve bruising to the side of her body and received redness to the skin and her back.

Gucci mane has now pleaded guilty to two counts of battery and is set to spend 6 months behind bar.



Limo Driver Caught after 102Mph Drag Race

A limousine driver and another lucky motorist are now free on bond, they allegedly participated in a 102 mph race on a busy road, Mohammed S. Saad 30, of Woodridge and Tylor J Martinez 19, have now arrangement dates in the county court and both will face trail of charges for speeding over the limit and also face the street racing allegations.

The pair were arrested by a police patrol office at 10:59pm on Tuesday near 75th street, which is near a Lincoln Junior High School, Police saw the driving not only dangerous but around this area it was increasingly dangerous due to school children coming in and out of the school. Police Sgt Greg Bell watched the 2009 Lincoln Town car limousine in full force of the 102mph he said it didn’t look right, he used to seeing professional chauffeurs driving the expensive vehicles and to see somebody doing over 60mph the speed limit was unreal.

Courts have revealed that Saad has received tickets in the past for speeding 15 to 20mph over the limit in 2002, and he had paid his fines to settle both his matters. He will be trailed very shortly and it is unsure what will happen to Saad, one thing is for sure if he is found guilty he will not be driving for a while.



A Closer look into Petra Eccelstone’s wedding

One of the arguably most anticipated celebrity weddings took place around 2 weeks ago now and Petra certainly had her dream wedding, with guests from the Royal Family attending she managed to keep her cool throughout the whole thing. Petra who married James Stunt is the 22 year old who is the daughter to F1 owner. She decided to be driven in a white Rolls Royce with her father sitting next o her in the back of the Phantom.

When the wedding ended she had a lavish firework display and crowds gathered to watch the display, as well as the fireworks she also hired acrobats to perform in the air, they were hoisted by hot air balloons and set up in the air.

The wedding ceremony was a night to remember and some of the family who tweeted said she looked amazing and the wedding was one of the best weddings she has ever been too.

The castle which she hired out for the night cost £310,000 for the night and she wasn’t happy with just one wedding car Petra had two, the Rolls Royce which travelled her from the hotel to the venue and then she swapped vehicles to make her grand entrance into the castle.

All in all the wedding was one of the most memorable celebrity weddings and cost in the region of £5million pounds.



Robert Pattinson Spotted in Limousine

Super Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has been spotted in a riding in a chauffeured limousine, near the set of his new movie Cosmopolis with Rob always playing the nice guy in his film Twilight he is to take a different approach in his next film. The film is based on a Don DeLilo novel and takes place over 24 hours in the film.

Funnily enough it is filmed mostly from the backseat of a limo with him rarely getting out of the vehicle.

Rob has been praised with his new role in the film with critics saying how well he has adapted to the new role and dealing with the comparison from one film to another. MTV news said they were really impressed with his role and is set to be released in the near future. Rob Pattinson takes a big role in this film and is basically involved throughout the whole film. 

He’s the main role and were excited to see which limousine shall be one of the main features within the film.


Robert-Pattinson-Spotted-in-Limousine -701.png

70 Year Old Groom and 70 Year Old Bride Tie Knot

Bachelor Michael Winner has performed a massive U-turn by deciding he was to marry long term partner Geraldine Lynton- Edwards after a couple of years back he denied he would ever tie the knot in his lifetime. The 75 year old groom and the 70 year old bride exchanged their vows in a somewhat low key ceremony at a Chelsea Register Office.

Michael Caine and his young wife Shakira were present at the wedding and were there to witness the marriage. The now film director first met his wife when he was young and she was a 16 year old actress coming up in the film industry. The pair then dated for several months however they eventually both went their separate ways. The couple then relighted their relationship sometime in 2005 after they both had seemingly moved on with their life having children and leaving it for so many years. 

Michael Winner couldn’t praise his new wife enough after the star eat a Oyster and was given a life threatening disease, and despite his rep with the ladies Michael got married and put all the rumours behind in his life and they are set to honeymoon in Portofino Italy.



Star of gypsy wedding Paddy Doherty to beat Christmas number one

With Christmas slowly creeping up and the charts about to go crazy, it’s time for the crazy acts rather than the normal artists to start preparing for the biggest part of the music year, the Christmas number one. This year doesn’t seem like it’s going to be any different with Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty going to make his famous bid for the number one spot, fresh from his Big Brother win he has became a public favourite and has proved a lot of people wrong in the industry.

It’s hard with Simon Cowell’s X factor winner bound for the top spot however it has been proven it can be done when Race against the Machine kept him off the top spot and Simon just couldn’t believe his artist didn’t take the top spot.

It is also reported that famous actor Brad Pitt wants to make a movie of the Big Brother Paddy’s life if this is true then it is certainly something we have never heard before.



Ferrari Enzo Lost in Saltwater Lake

A very rare Ferrari supercar crashed into a lake in Canada after the driver behind the wheel lost control of the £1million sports car, the Ferrari Enzo which is one of the high end Ferrari models with only so many being built in the world, was actually one of 400 of the classy supercars. The sports car hit a stone on the track as it came speeding around the bend at very high speeds. Spectators at the Targa Newfoundland Rally in Canada described the luxury sports car to spin a full 180 degrees before heading backwards into the lake. The driver who crashed the car was Zahir Rana with his friend Roland Linder co- driving and navigator, the two men managed to escape out of the Ferrari unharmed.

Despite the crash the Ferrari hasn’t sustained much damage; all what was done to the car was a smashed bumper, a wing, and a lot of cosmetic bodywork. The main issue to be resolved following is in fact the electronics in the Ferrari which had became wet and damaged after the vehicle ended up in the lake. When the Ferrari was lifted in the crane the car dealer had two very expensive mechanics work on the car for 14 hours straight and they stripped the car back to try and minimise the damaged which the water caused.

The Enzo is planning a shock return to racing next year when the car is fully repaired.



The Worlds First Super SUV

British car manufacturer Eterniti is the world’s first super SUV, it was revealed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the limo will be hand made and shall be built in London with production on the limo going to start early next year. The car maker Eterniti had only revealed a image of the supercar before the Frankfurt motor show.

The vehicle is going to be known as the Hemera and will feature a limousine style cabin with full electric reclining seats, IPad and a drinks chiller, making it an extremely comfortable chauffeur option for limousine companies in the future. The shape of the new limousine will be based on Porsche’s Cayenne although the vehicle is a 4x4 and its performance is something similar to a supercar rather than a 4x4 or a traditional limousine.

The SUV can push out almost 620bhp which can reach up to 180mph and at the same time its luxury and class is going to make into a class limousine, the new model is something to look out for and is going to hit the limo and SUV market simply making it one a kind.

The prototype is now out and since the SUV is set to be British made the Eterniti, the first SUV limos will go into production next year and we will see how well the limousine/SUV/ supercar gets on and if it will be put into mega production.