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Thieves Steal Rims and Tyres off Pink Hummer

Thieves in Tulsa, USA burgled a limousine hire depot with one thing in their mind, the worker and owner of the vehicle was asked if he was working on the luxury hummer limousine as the worker had arrived at the depot to find his hummer limo propped up on jacks and had all of its tyres missing.

It is thought that the pink limo which was targeted had been a target for a while and is thought to worth in the region of £1,500. The robbers also seized the opportunity to rob the credit card details which were found at the depot, the police have recently been able to trace the card which was stolen by following the actions taken from the stolen card at the various local stores around the area.

The theft of the rims and tyres has really set back the limousine company as they have to cancel some of their bookings and the limo has been off the road for a little while they found some temporary tyres and every limousine company knows these tyres and wheels are not cheap and they have had to fit temporary tyres.

CCTV footage which was taken from the limousine yard is also being analysed by police, the thieves managed to obtain entry to the yard as they knew the key code from the owner of limousine company, he doesn’t believe the robbery was an inside job and that no former employee is responsible for the limousine as he doesn’t recognise any of the two men captured on the CCTV footage.

The police are continuing their investigation and are trying to track down two men who made off with the limo tyres in a black pickup. The limo hire company owner is keeping a close eye on auction site eBay to see the stolen goods appear out of the blue.



Bride Travels To wedding in hand built Porsche

26 year old Megan Ashton has always had a pure passion for cars and limos so when it came to choosing her right car to transport to her wedding day; she decided she needed something really extra special. When her partner decided to pop the question two years ago, Megan started to roll up her sleeves and got building her own dream wedding car. Megan seems to know a thing or two about cars and with growing up around motors around her dad’s garage in Devon, so tinkering with the Porsche for her wedding day wasn’t going to be any big thing at all for her.  

The Royal Navy engineer bought Volkswagen Beetle 6 years ago with a plan to somehow create a Porsche replica but Megan left the car until the wedding was looming and then she began work on her Beetle. Megan said that it would be a challenge for anybody as she had to fit all the time around wedding planning, dress shopping and work on her new wedding car.  The 26 year old asked for parts for her car for gifts over Christmas and birthday to help with the project.

However all of the hard work paid off as the blushing bride to be transforming the wreck of a car into a gleaming Porsche replica which is now estimated to be worth £25,000, she also managed to put ribbons on the car for the special day and the car seemed to be one of the main focal points for the wedding day.



Rihanna poses for new Armani underwear advert in prestige limousine

As we all know Rihanna is the new cover girl for brand designer Armani and she doesn’t fail to impress in her new adverts and billboard advertisements, the star has just shot her first shoot for the new company in what is said to be a multi million pound deal. Other stars such as David Beckham are also part of the Armani campaign and Armani only have the biggest and hottest thing out there right at the moment. Beckham has certainly moved the Armani campaign on and now with Megan Fox being dropped by the company, it seems that they have preferred Rihanna to Megan and dropped Megan.  

The Sun newspaper made a joke by saying “If the Auto Trader ads were like this then the subscriptions for the car magazine would rocket sky high”, Rihanna is also due to make a guest appearance on the show the X-Factor in the coming weeks concluding that she may even be a mentor in this year’s show. Simon Cowell praised Rihanna and has wanted to work with her for a long time; time will tell if we see the star on a regular basis on the X-Factor show.



The Nissan Leaf the First Fully Electric Legal Limousine

Hollywood actors are starting to become very environmentally friendly either to help the community or to give out a positive image, with the news that the new Nissan Leaf is now available it has been as the first full all electric stretched limousine which can be used legally on the road. Many of the Oscars stars now choose to use a conventional stretched limo in favour of a hybrid vehicle, with only one limousine similar to the Leaf at the moment which is the stretched eight seater Toyota Prius hybrid. The same company now making the Leaf into a limousine, will double its rear seating capacity from three passengers to six passengers.

For an all electric car the LEAF can reach up too 62mph in less than 10 seconds and has a top speed of 90mph, its battery pack offers a 100 mile operating range and a full charge on the car takes less than eight hours but the batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes with a fast charger, the LEAF will arrive in Britain and European production of the car will start in the city of Sunderland in 2013.



Jeremy Clarkson Named as the UK’s Most Wanted Chauffeur

Petrol Head and Top Gear’s number one presenter Jeremy Clarkson would be the most popular celebrity for the people to have as their chauffeur a recent survey has found. The passengers have decided that they would rather listen to the sound of Jeremy Clarkson cracking the jokes out and no doubt some controversial ones. The Sun columnist who is one of the nation’s favourite presenters topped the list ahead of McLaren’s F1 driver Lewis Hamilton who also knows a thing or two about cars. The nation would probably feel in safe hands with the F1 driver and after that came Cheryl Cole who was placed third behind Hamilton. 

 Legendary actor Morgan Freeman was voted the most popular GPS sat-nav voice to listen too according to a source, it is reported that Morgan’s voice has been downloaded more times than any other celebrity and that his voice wasn’t annoying and people enjoyed to listen to the star, he beat Liz Hurley, David Beckham and Alan Carr with 44 per cent preferring to be directed to their destination by Morgan’s deep and soothing voice people decided to name it, only three per cent choose football star David Beckham which was a huge shock to many people.



Midlands Limos 2010 H2 Hummer for £120,000

Midlands Limos have bought a 2010 H2 Hummer built by award winning coach builder Pinnacle, the Hummer has the finest interior known to the limousine world and can be seen in the pictures below. Pinnacle is the known as the number one limousine builder in the world and we wanted to acquire only the best for our customers.

This super stretched Hummer is part of the new generation and with our company moving leaps and bounds year by year we feel it is only right the customers get the newest models and interiors. With a fully touch screen pad to control everything in the vehicle from lasers, music and the air con all you simply have to do is sit back and relax, it has full IPod connection so you can bring along your own music and simply play them off your IPhone or IPod.

The new Hummer is now available for hire so if you are wishing to hire it, we are giving discounts for a short period of time but have been taking a lot of bookings on the vehicle already so if you want to experience the brand new H2 Hummer then please be sure to contact us via our telephone or online quote.





Pink Panther mobile to sell for £100,000

The Pink Panther mobile was actually created back in 1969 and was part of the TV show for a number of years which ran all the way up to 1976, the one off vehicle was part of Jay Ohrberg show and a Hollywood designer was credited for making the Pink Panther look like he did he was also responsible for making the Batmobile and Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Torino and the Flintstones Prehistoric running machine. The futuristic supercar was first sold back in June 2007 for £88,000 and is now being offered again 4 years down the line at a new price of £100,000.

Mr Kay who values these cars said it is such a hard vehicle to value as it is a complete one off, the car may mean a lot more to someone such as a fan compared to other people who may not care at all about the vehicle, but he did say the sky is the limit if somebody from a shopping centre wants to have the vehicle and have it on display for people to see inside the centre.

The actual Pink Panther car is powered by a 3 litre V6 Ford engine and is actually legal to drive and has its own registration number GEN 22 however it is said it will need some service and restoration. Chitty Chitty Bang which now is owned by a Beverly Hills auction house and has been valued at over £1 million pounds.



Kanye West and Jay-Z Cut up £1million pounds worth of Maybach

The pair of rap stars who both are seemed to be on top of their game in the rap game both selling multi million records all across the world have now done an album together called Watch The Throne, the album has been well received and in their latest music video the pair have done something which has never been seen before. It’s no secret the pair love their supercars with Kanye West owning his Mercedes SLS and Jay-Z known for his Maybach and Mercedes. They have now taken their obsession to a new level, the pair has cut up a luxury Maybach limousine and cut changed the whole thing around.

The car which can be seen in the duo latest music video named ‘Otis’ has had it doors completely removed from it and the roof and the doors then later welded into the back of the rear of the car to give it a Transformers look. The bonnet and the boot have been completely flipped about and some wheel arch extensions have been added on to give the car an almost Transformer style look.

In the music video Kanye West takes charge behind the wheel while Jay sits in the front and the girls sit in the back, with no doors in the video it shows Jay-Z grabbing to the steering wheel to pretend he his actually holding on to stop himself from falling out of the car. The four females in the back are holding on to pillars of the car but they are all safely strapped in the vehicle. When the video ends a statement comes up which says the car will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will be doing to the East African famine.

The current video on YouTube is now on over 8 million views with it expected to reach a lot more.



Two Fans manage to get in Leona Lewis Limousine

The pair of fans managed to fool Leona’s chauffeur driver that were her friends and needed to be let back into the luxury car, the chauffeur actually believed them and let the pair inside the limo with the star. The fans said they are Leona’s biggest fans and would do anything to get a glimpse of the star never mind actually sit inside a limousine with her.  Leona had to admit they did good job of putting the wool over the eyes of the driver but things could have been very different if the pair were in fact not fans.
Leona in fact was still performing when the pair managed to sneak th

ir way into her limousine and the chauffeur agreed to let them wait in the back of her limousine until Leona had in fact finished her performance in a nightclub in London. The former X Factor winner had a shock surprise when she landed back into the limo to have two strangers in the back of the vehicle. Leona however didn’t throw a fit when the couple were found instead she signed the pair autographs and the pair left the limo in their own time. She didn’t even need security to remove the fans.

It has been a very busy weekend for the star as she performed on the ITV game show Red or Black with her new look which apparently cost the singer around £100,000 and was created by Kylie Minogue’s personal stylist. The Ant and Dec show pulled in over 6 million viewers Saturday night and is part of super money maker Simon Cowells idea.



Lady Gaga’s Strange Lion Limo Request

We all know that Lady Gaga is no stranger to attention from her meat dress to her everyday new hair styles; the superstar was even carried in an egg one time. She is currently back at the top of the charts with her new hits and it is now rumoured that the Just Dance superstar wanted to hire a limousine. This is a normal thing as when you think of a limo or see a limo you think a celebrity is in the car however, Lady Gaga once again may have taken it too far as she has been rumoured to be asked if a lion can be in the limousine with her, of cause the lion would be caged up however it would take some big limousine for the star to fit the African mammal in.

It is believed that her request will not go down to well with animal lovers and very unlikely it will take place, however Lady Gaga who is not short of money may have the power and money to make it happen, if the star was to do such a thing we think that she may wait until the next big event on the red carpet as it seems Gaga is the only one who gets mentioned the day after the red carpet’s entrance.

All will be seen in future whether this is rumour has any truth to it or if Lady Gaga confirms the details.