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Petra Ecclestone Receives Rolls Royce Ghost as Present

Some newlyweds do like to maybe splash above the limit and buy each other present here and there to show each other their love for one another however we don’t all get the luxury of receiving a £170,000 car. Petra Ecclestone new husband James Stunt bought her the new white Rolls and parked outside their hotel in Beverly Hills topped with a silver bow.

The 22 year old was over the moon with the present, which was parked right in front of her. The Rolls Royce was designed to be a smaller and more day to day car to the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Petra who undoubtedly has a lot of love for motor vehicles due to her father being the Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and he recently treated his daughter to a superb lavish wedding at a 15th century Odescalchi Castle in Italy which cost him almost £4million. She has settled into married life and received the Ghost as a gift.

She was also spotted around the area test driving a jet black Lamborghini however the couple couldn’t get above the 10mph mark due to the amount of traffic in the area.


Petra Ecclestone Receives Rolls Royce Ghost as Present-673.jpg

Katie Price Travels in Pink Hummer Limo

Katie Price the glamour model and reality TV star celebrated boyfriends Leandro Penna’s birthday, she travelled home in a pink hummer limousine after the night out in London and the star made the papers for a change and was said to be very drunk. You can guarantee wherever she goes the paparazzi will not be too far behind her, however this time the mother of three ended up showing a little bit too much underwear and the paparazzi was left laughing.

Katie was pictured wearing a baby doll dress accompanying her new boyfriend and birthday boy Leandro who was looking smart in a black suit, the couple travelled in the back of a pink stretch hummer limo with matching pink seats which Katie picked to celebrate the occasion. They then attended the London night club Nylon where they partied the night away to celebrate his 26th birthday.

Katie updated her social feed Twitter in the morning after and said “Omg I have the biggest hangover in the world”, other faces to make the night out were her long term friend and former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton who is currently pregnant and she was strictly on the soft drinks all night. The other famous faces that made it were ITV 2’s The Only Way Is Essex stars Lauren Goodger and Lauren Pope who announced that they now are also single.



Coleen Rooney Buys New Range Rover Sport

Coleen Rooney has certainly declared her love for the Range Rover models, as the young Wag has now bought another Range Rover 4x4 and has in fact bought over three versions of it in the past 4 years, it seems Coleen knows what she likes and she has now splashed out on the new Range Rover whilst Wayne Rooney was away scoring goals, Coleen was taking her delivery booking for her brand new Range Rover.

Coleen pulled up in her brand new Range Rover yesterday morning to use the cash machine at her local petrol station in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Wayne Rooney has not been shy in buying Coleen cars in the past when he bought his then fiancé a £80,000 silver Range Rover as a Christmas present. Wayne then bought a new Range Rover for £95,000 the black Overfinch Range Rover and he was so impressed with the vehicle he bought Coleen he went and bought himself one.

The pair is now proud owners to a fleet of cars worth more than £1.4 million including Bentley’s, BMW X5, Mercedes CLK, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300C, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes G55 AMG.

We wonder what the pair’s next purchase could be.



Stolen Limo Found at the bottom of a lake

A 20 seater limousine has been found in the bottom of a lake in Canada, the £80,000 limousine was stolen and wasn’t fount until now, the actual limousine was found in a lake and had actually been driven off a cliff side into the water below. The giant limousine which was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning from the Sun Valley limousine company was spotted by an on goer who seen the giant limousine sitting in the lake at 9:30am on a bright Sunday day. The police report states that the actual attempt to destroy the vehicle into the lake was deliberate.

The police searched the shoreline and fount nobody injured, there were no signs of the passengers and a dive team have now been scheduled to scan the waters surrounding the limousine. The 20 seater limousine was a real hit with the customers and was good for proms, hen and stag parties. It is unclear who did the robbery and still how such a big vehicle could end up at the bottom of the lake. The limousine will certainly be missed by its owner and with the hefty price tag which it came along with he certainly will be looking for some justice.

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Midlands Limos winter extravaganza

With the winter fast approaching us and the summer and autumn leaving us behind we have decided to offer a massive 15% off your limousine booking the week from Mon-Thursday. This offer is only available for a certain time due to demand so be sure to get your bookings in quick. With winter proms and staff leaving parties and season to be jolly approaching we thought it would only be right to get in the festive season and offer a fabulous deal to all of our customers to enjoy.

We offer over 30 limousines in this package from our H2 hummers to our Baby Bentley’s thus saying, we are already taking prom bookings for 2012 and filling up very quickly, we had to turn down a lot of enquiries last year due to us fully booking so be sure to book your prom limo in advance with ourselves.

Staff parties in the winter are always the first choice for the office staff and what better way to start of your big work due by hiring one of our beautiful limousines and travelling to your venue or town in real start with 6 bottles of bubbly included in our staff party packages you can really let your hair down and get that party started.

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Katy Perry Stops Off in Limo for Surprise

Superstar singer Katy Perry was taking her limousine to her concert when she made the chauffeur driver come to a halt. However it wasn’t for nothing major just a bag of her favourite crisps spicy Cheetos. The driver didn’t know whether to believe the star at first but she insisted it was no joke and that she did indeed want some Cheetos.

The star who toured the UK earlier this year sold out every arena she went too and said the UK was fabulous. With great reviews coming from the tour Katy is expected to tour the UK again. With songs and collaborations with star such as Kanye West, Katy’s career has taken a massive boost to stardom including her marriage to Russell Brand.

Katy then updated her Twitter declaring her love for the Cheetos and explained that she had made the chauffeur in the limousine pull over at the next service station so that she could get her Cheetos. Everybody took the Tweet with great laughter and we all now know what to do to get on Katy’s good side.

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Mario Balotelli’s Maserati sports car part of prank

Manchester City’s young and talented star that is not shy of trouble is yet again as the centre of attention however not so much his fault this time. The Italian footballer who has been racking up parking fines worth over £10,000. We don’t think any footballers car has made the headlines as much as Mario Balotelli’s Maserati, this time it was to be jokes on Mario as the Manchester City Footballers car had a bag full of kippers planted inside of it for a two week period why the Manchester City stars toured the US.  The white Maserati sports car may have to be written off due to someone leaving a full bag of kippers inside the car before the Italian left the country.

When Balotelli’s returned he was met by a horrible stench of rotting fish inside his car when he opened the door. According to reports rotting fish had also been placed across his back leather seats contributing further to the stench which almost the Italian sick.

The smell now is so bad the insurance company are considering writing the car off as the smell may never leave the vehicle, as yet none of his team mates have owned up to the prank but Balotelli who is known for pulling such jokes has made his plans for revenge on his team mates and may hit back soon rather than later.

The Maserati car has hit the headlines all year around and has been impounded a number of 27 times for different parking offences however we may never see the Maserati seeing another parking offence after the kipper incident.



Chinese man has a Fork Lift Wedding

A bride and groom from China have done the unthinkable and have chosen a basket on the front of a forklift truck to travel to their wedding in style. Rather than travelling in style in a vehicle such as a Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley Flying Spur the couple had a special meaning by travelling in the fork lift. They have always wanted to commemorate in the vehicle and it was the vehicle which bought them both together.

Forklift driver Kong Qing Yang met his wife Shen Likun when going to buy a forklift from the company she actually worked for, Shen Likun was working as a salesperson. After the initial meeting for the forklift at the company, love blossomed between the two and they decided to tie the knot. The couple did not want to forget how they met and why they married in the first place. The couple decorated a forklift truck and travelled to the village throwing lollies at the locals on the way who had lined up in the street to see them pass by.

The wedding used eight forklift trucks in total all of which travelled at a speed of 8mph. The wedding parade took several hours to complete and arrive at their ceremony, the bride and groom eventually married at 11:30am just over 3 hours after the groom set off from his house.



Prime Minister’s Limousine dinted in Riots

The Prime Minister Luxury driven limousine suffered a blow when visiting Salford last week just when the riots were taking place; the visit had been planned and was an official visit by the Prime Minister. The Jaguar XJ limo which was being driven by the official chauffeur to the Prime Minister David Cameron’s official chauffeur was being manoeuvred into position to quickly get the PM off after he visited the Lidl store which had been the target for the looters and attackers last week.

The chauffer however completely misjudged the height of the kerb and Jaguar XJ hit the top of the pavement and the PM jumped into the vehicle causing damage to the Jaguar XJ. A nearby Conservative official tried to warn the driver about hitting the kerb however it was too late and he made contact with the kerb, the Jag which is worth over £200,000 is now left with a big dent and a long scrape along the side of the paintwork on the passenger side of the limousine.

The Prime Minister seemed completely un aware of the incident and the driver quickly sped off to avoid the embarrassment which he had caused. The top of the range Jaguar is believed to have advanced security and bomb proof technology to make sure the Prime Minister Stays safe at all times. It isn’t quite as advanced as the Beast which President Obama is driven around in but it still holds quite a presence for the PM.

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The Pope’s Old limousine expected to fetch over £250,000

The Pope’s 1964 Lincoln Continental Limousine was specifically adapted for the pope back in 1964 to carry him safely through the streets of New York when he visited the US. The limousine had exterior step plates and handrails for security with a raised seat for the Pontiff including a public address system. The limo also had a transparent rear section and removable roof which allowed the Pope to speak and address the thousands of people who came to visit him. The pope now days travel around in a bulletproof hybrid.

Three years later the limo was used to chauffeur Pope Paul IV and later it carried the astronauts from several Apollo missions including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong through the streets of Chicago during ticket tape parades. This limo is certainly going to be a treasured item for collectors. The Pope’s limo is set to make a lot of money with the minimum estimate at £100,000.

The car is expected to sell between £250,000 and £300,000 in the next coming days, the vehicle could even sell for more depending on how bad the bidder wants this vehicle, and one thing is for sure this limousine could cause a bidding war.

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