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Eid Limo Hire Oldham

Our limo service in Oldham has been around for around 10 years now and we have built such a reputation in the area that we now treat our loyal customers to some of the greatest offers in the country. From our super stretched H2 hummer limousines which can hold 16 passengers to our Baby Bentley which can hold 8 passengers all of our limousines are fully equipped including champagne style bars, fully air con and also some of the best sound systems in the UK. Oldham is also home to some fantastic bars clubs and restaurants which are perfect for Oldham Stag nights, Oldham Hen Nights and also Oldham wedding days.

For your wedding in Oldham take a look at some of our beautiful wedding cars such as the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Bentley Flying Spur both cars which are in a league of their own, not to mention the Mercedes E350AMG which is another outstanding wedding car. Midlands Limos are now Oldham’s first choice limousine company with over 20 of the most outstanding limos on our fleet available for the customers of Oldham, you simply shouldn’t look anywhere else.

Oldham is a great town for some nice restaurants and has some great nightlife as well as not being far from other big cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, if you are looking for a night out then it is perfect for one of our superb limousines. The Range Rover Sport limousine is perfect for nights out and standing out from the crowd in the Oldham region with many professional footballers hiring this vehicle from ourselves for nights out and special occasions. The Baby Bentley is also another limousine which comes in a host of colours from our special two toned Baby Bentley to our full white Bentley which is perfect for weddings and all occasions.

If you are looking for limousine hire in the Oldham area then please feel free to contact us or furthermore receive our free online quotation.



David Beckham’s New Customised Ferrari

The black Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is officially the newest supercar to be put on the Beckham’s driveway. The LA Galaxy star has just celebrated the birth of his newest child Harper Seven and has bought this car just after the birth. The sportsman has had the number 7 on the back of the Ferrari which is Beckham’s trademark. He said it is a reference to his daughter Harper and Manchester United football number. I think it’s very clear Beckham still has a burning desire for football and still has a lot of love for the club which made him into the superstar he is today.

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti which Beckham has bought was launched in early 2004 and has satellite navigation system, sound, MP3 player, Bluetooth, memory card reader and Compact Flash which allows the Ferrari owners to store more than 4GB of their own music on to.

Beckham was recently spotted in a full black motorcycle so the Ferrari certainly will not be looking a miss parked next to his custom motorbike that’s for sure. His collection is growing rapidly and we wonder what David’s next car to the collection could be.

For luxury limousine hire for any occasion, Midlands Limos is the number one company with over 20 limousines and luxury cars to boast on our fleet you do not need to look anywhere else.



Midlands Limos Christmas Parties

With the summer nearly over and the autumn season fast approaching it’s nearly time to start arranging them last parties of the year, the staff Christmas party. With over 10 years of experience in helping staff put together VIP packages for their due, we are the number one limousine company to help you achieve one of the greatest nights of the year.

We have now started taking on these bookings for December time and we recommend to book clearly in advance as we only have a limited number of spots to fill. Whether your staff party is in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield, Coventry, Stoke- on -Trent, Mansfield we cover all areas over the UK and are dedicated to make it an experience you will not forget in coming years.

So why not finish the year of 2011 in style and hire one our superb limousines with such great range we know it can be hard to choose some time from our massive H2 Hummer limousines perfect for catering around 16 passengers and getting the whole office involved in the fun or the Baby Bentley which is an 8 seater coming with 4 complimentary bottles of bubbly with every booking.

There are thousands of venues to choose from around the country so if you are looking for just a drop off or even a return at night after that long night of celebrating we cover for all occasions and situations to please our customers. With prices starting from as low as £175 for our VIP service be sure to check us out, in the oncoming months we will be showing our latest offers via our Facebook and Twitter so be sure to follow us people and pick up your bargain VIP limousine.



Bugatti Limo to Go On Sale Late 2012

The Bugatti Veyron Sport is the quickest road car on planet earth, and now rumours are surfacing that a Bugatti limousine is to hit the earth come late 2012. The Bugatti limo has been under development for quite a while now and it is going to be completely different from its sporty brother.

The limo is going to be a four door, four seater luxury limousine however it can still match the speed of the Veyron. Bugatti have not yet set a name on the limousine as yet but the Volkswagen owned supercars are going to be naming it very shortly.

Another report from the internet suggests the car may be called the Bugatti Royale and will feature a similar power outcome as the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron comes with a massive price tag of 1.2 million and the Galibier/Royale is expected to be a similar price. It comes with a engine which is a 16 cylinder that the original Bugatti Veyron also has.

The W16 engine will be placed at the front of the vehicle rather than at the back and its 800-1000 horsepower engine will make it the most powerful limousine on planet earth. Very few will be able to afford such a novelty and Bugatti will only be making a few models of this limousine. Rumours are that maybe only 500-1500 units of this limo will be built in the coming year.

If you are looking for first class limousine service then feel free to contact us.



Midlands Limos Autumn Booking

With the summer coming to an end and the Autumn fast approaching and a great prom season falling behind us, the wedding season is starting to come upon us, we are offering a massive 10% discount for our loyal customers to book with us upon the Autumn season. With such great limousines included in this offer including the Super H2 Hummers, the elegant Baby Bentley’s and not forgetting our prestige range with the Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley Flying Spur you would be mad too miss this great opportunity.

Whether you are looking for prom bookings in the winter, staff parties or even a special occasion we can offer fabulous offers at with fantastic service which guarantee can’t be matched anywhere else. We received nothing but amazing feedback from our customers this year and we want to improve upon this, you can see some of our genuine feedback in our testimonial section on the website which we would love you to fill in to help us improve our service.

Our drivers are some of the best in the UK and we have added a couple of new drivers to our already outstanding line up. August and September are two months which are very popular wedding months and what better way than to have a 10% of your booking.

We offer this service in Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent and all main areas in the Staffordshire region. We are offering this fabulous offer just for two months so be sure to keep coming back and checking our latest limousine offers we have on offer. 

 Be sure to follow us on our Midlands Limos Facebook and our Official Twitter fan page where you can pick special offers as and when they are happening, you can also keep up to date with the latest news in the limo world and supercar world.

If you are interested in our limousine offer then please feel free to contact us either by giving us a call or getting our free online quote.



The Electric Mini Hummer

The MEV Hummer HX is for the Hummer fans of the world who want something a little smaller than the original monster H2 Hummers with their 6 litre engines. The mini Hummer is fully electric and can get around 60 miles to a charge which is pretty impressive considering how small the actual car is. The body of the Hummer is actually smaller than a Mini but has the distinct Hummer shell which you can spot from a mile away. People close to the Hummer car say the actual electric Hummer carries the shell better than its larger predecessor.

 A company called MEV acquired rights to the little version of the Hummer line so everything you see is fully legit and 100% Hummer. They have currently signed a contract with Hummer to produce some of these small vehicles.

There are only going to be 3 dealerships so far in Italy, Saudi Arabia and London and an American dealership is reportedly not far away as we think celebrities will go mad for one of these Hummers.

If you’re looking for H2 limousine hire then please send us an online quotation. 


Blonde Girl Causes Supercar Pile Up

A blonde girl picked the worse place on earth to crash her car, and that place was right outside Monaco’s exclusive Place Du Casino where a parade of the most expensive cars on the planet met up. The young lady then caused a demolition derby on some of the most famous cars in the world where they scraped their Bentley against a £65,000 Mercedes S class. After she scraped the Mercedes the driver decided not to brake and rammed straight into a £100,000 black Ferrari F430, a Porsche 911 worth £70,000 and a £105,000 Aston Martin Rapide.

Anybody else who would have done this would have probably fled and ran however it’s not quite an option in Monte Carlo which is the home of the riches. The drivers who she hit couldn’t even get out of their vehicles after the big pile up, the camera men and people around the scenes wasn’t too far away to start snapping.

All in the lady caused nearly £45,000 of damage and she will be paying for it or her insurance company will be forking it out for her.

If you are looking for luxury limousine hire then please feel free to contact us.



Kim Kardashian to have Phantom Fleet at Wedding

Kim Kardashian is set to have an ultra expensive fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms shuttling her VIP guests to and from her wedding, Kim has set her heart on nothing other than the Rolls Royce Phantom and a couple of Maybachs. People are wondering how Kim and her soon to be husband Kris Humphries are going to provide all of these vehicles which is going to be very expensive for the star.

Kim is also planning on matching the Phantoms so every single vehicle will be in a pearl white colour, she has specifically said white only and she will settle for no less, the star who’s family now have their own reality show wants her wedding to be just like the Royal Wedding we seen happen earlier on this year. Each Phantom will come with its own chauffeured driver and the bill for Kim and basketball star Kris Humphries could be very expensive.

Kim has also been eyeing top designer Vera Wang for her wedding dress and the wedding date is set for somewhere near the beginning of August. Kim has already set the bar when it comes to extravagant with her crazy registry evening.

Kim is planning to film the wedding also and to broadcast the wedding on their reality show so people can get a glimpse of the wedding.

If you’re looking for a Rolls Royce Phantom for your wedding then please feel free to call us.



Big Thank You By Midlands Limos 

We would like to say a massive Thank you to all of our customers who have booked with us over the past few months, and appreciate all of the feedback we have received from yourselves so that we can expand and improve our customer service even more in coming years. We have expanded our fleet to your demands so that you as a customer receive what you want.

We would like to ask for a favour from all of our customers now, if you have made a booking with ourselves over the past few months, we are politely asking for you to follow us on our Facebook page which you can do following the link below.!/profile.php?id=100001101592968

Furthermore if you would please tag us in any photos of the limousines from your Proms, Weddings, and Stag or Hen nights it would be greatly appreciated. We plan to expand our fleet even further next year with the help of our loyal customers this will be made possible. We appreciate all of the feedback we receive and all the help you give us.

Many thanks from the Midlands Limos team.



Playboy’s turning London into Race Track at Night

Wealthy residents in London in the most exclusive suburb claim that racing Playboy’s have been blighted by the super rich foreign drivers who have turned the area into a noisy race track. The high market owners in the area of Chelsea and Knightsbridge say that the Middle Eastern playboys keep them awake until at least 4am in the morning with speeding, the loud engines, and booming subwoofers coming from the multimillionaire cars. The Police have stepped up their patrols in the area after a number of incidents last year including a Lamborghini which crashed into four parked cars.

A lady who lives on the Sloane Street in Knightsbridge said the situation is a nightmare and a business consultant said the sports cars are back they’re racing each other at night, turning it into a Formula One circuit.

The supercar influx began apparently last month when the summer season began and the drivers are so wealthy they have little concern for driving tickets or rules of the road. The drivers have even come over with no insurance and are believed not to care about the £1000 fine they can receive due to the wealth.

If you are looking for limousine hire or luxury supercar hire then please feel free to contact us as we have some of the finest vehicles in the UK.