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Premiership Footballer Ballotelli hires chauffeur to avoid parking tickets

Mario Balotelli has spent £3,000 a week on a chauffeur as he was fed up with having to keep paying out fines, the 20 year old striker who earns £100,000 a week has reportedly paid out almost £10,000 in parking fines alone in the past year and had to visit the car pound on 27 different occasions this year over the past 12 months to retrieve his luxury cars or limousines. Balotelli who was spotted in the newspapers at the weekend with a cigarette in his mouth at the Man City training camp where the team are to undergo some fitness training.

As well as being hit with several different driving fines, his much loved Maserati sports car has been attacked when parked outside of his home in the Deansgate area of Manchester. The Italian star has had to cash out thousands of pounds after his car has been attacked several times in the area and he decided to build a garage where the vehicle can be kept away and help him keep his bills going out this year down to a minimum.

It is reported that Balotelli is to be paying his chauffeur around £3000 a week and will be chauffeured around in a luxurious Mercedes limousine. Balotelli has expressed his love for his Maseratti and we may not see it now for a few months as the star footballer looks to change his ways.

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The All New Transformers Limousine

With the release of the latest Transformers film being well received throughout the public eye and really ending the trilogy in style, the three movies have grossed in billions of pounds. A limousine company in the Australia only thought it was right by upgrading the little Bumblebee which is a Chevrolet Camaro into a super stretch limousine. The super stretch limousine allows you to drive around the town in pure Transformers style and there are talks that another limo company in America in California will be using the Transformers limousine.

The limousine world is full of amazing and bright new vehicles but this one is up there with the very best, it is thought children will love to ride around in the limousine and also it is perfect for older people as the Camaro still looks magnificent on its own.
Below are some of the details of the Bumble bee Camaro limousine:

• The vehicle holds 6 to 8 passengers
• Has split seating in the limo
• Bar facilities
• Colour wash honeycombe ceiling
• A 1200 Watt surround system
• Flat screen monitors all around the vehicle
• Strobe lights and Quad lasers
• DVD/CD radio

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Fire Blaze Burns Down Limousine Company

A limousine company has been set a light due to a welding job going seriously wrong, a welding mistake had ignited a blaze in the morning which caused them to set the building on fire, the employee was welding a limo at about 10am in the morning during a refurbishment job on a Hummer H2 limousine. A fire then broke out around the Entertainment Express 6986 N. Telegraph.

Fire crews from Dearborn Heights and Redford Township and Garden city in the US were all called to the fire due to the amount of luxury limousines and luxury vehicles which the company had to hire. The fire was then put out and emergency vehicles caused traffic jams and cars were advised to keep clear of the fire due to the petrol or oil leaks from other vehicles.

The Entertainment Express owner Pat Mifsud reported that nobody was injured but the fire did cause damage to three limousines and the building was badly damaged. The company has 50 vehicles in its fleet from H2 Hummers, Baby Bentley’s, Range Rover, Audi Q-7’s and luxury vehicles including Rolls Royce Phantoms and some other American limousines.

It is still unclear how bad the building is damaged from the inside, but he added business has carried on and they have opened a temporary office so that the limousine business can carry on as normal as possible. It has not been said how much damage has been done to the limousines. The vehicle which was damaged has been destroyed and 3 other limousines were completely destroyed however it was not said which limousines were damaged.

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Superstar Prince Demands 25m Limo Journey

Prince the king of pampered pop stars has set a new record for demands. The superstar has demanded for his debut at his festival appearance that he wants an 25 metre limo ride from his own personal built dressing room which had to be purple schemed. The US superstar who presented the event organisers his massive list if he was to perform at the event on the Hop Farm Music Festival in south eastern England this Sunday night.

The star even demanded that his dressing room was built to exact measurements and the crews backstage had to build the dressing room three times in order for them to get it to the closet inch. The workers then were told to paint the room purple and include matching chairs and tables for the star.

The worst of all the demands was a luxury limousine which he has demanded in previous gigs, the limo has to include an oxygen bar and black M and Ms Chocolate and then he his picked up in the limo from his dressing room to the stage.

Prince also banned any stage hands from looking him in the eye as he made his way to play to the crowd in Paddock Wood, around 55 kilometres south east of London; however the Prince of pop said I can get 50,000 people singing the same song at the same time, not many people can achieve this.

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Rolls Royce Phantom built specially for the Masterpiece London 2011

Rolls Royce doesn’t do special edition vehicles but you could imagine if they did they would probably be the most magnificent vehicle to ever be built in the world. This one off Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe has been specially built for the Masterpiece London 2011 fair. This is a fair where you can admire the rare Egyptian pieces of art and 19th century continental furniture and medieval manuscripts.

 The new bespoke Rolls Royce features a new Asprey jewellery case that slots nicely into the glove box and took them a whole two days to finish , it has a detachable ear ring holder which is there to hold clips, rings, and elegant cufflinks.

The Phantom Drop head also comes with a bespoke luggage set that slots into the picnic boot of the convertible Phantom with fine grain structure. The Rolls Royce Phantom hasn’t changed its engine or drive train which does mean its new earring holder or luggage carrier really doesn’t pay any difference in the weight ratio with the Phantom’s 6.75 litre V12 engine.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is surely going to be one of the standouts of the day at the festival, be sure to check out the photos from the festival of the Rolls Royce Phantom Drop head coupe.

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Ferrari Super Learner

Most people tend to learn to drive in a 1.4 litre engine in some sort of three door hatchback, however for this young learner he gets to learn in the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, he will be practicing his 3 point turns with abit more of zoom than a usual car. The £190,000 Ferrari supercar was being driven around by a person without a licence. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of Ferrari’s latest supercars and has a 5.0 litre engine bringing out 562 horse power and one was spotted parked up in a London area which even has the L-Plates on.

When the L-Plates were noticed on the Ferrari 458 a regular YouTube user Shmeel150 said ‘Have you ever seen anybody driving a 458 Italia learning to drive’ He added it is certainly genuine as well as his father/ instructor was there with him helping to drive the Ferrari. It may be something we all would dream about learning to drive in a Ferrari however it takes a lot of bravery to learn in such a powerful vehicle. Its top speed is 202mph and the Ferrari can hit 60mph in just 3.4 seconds. With him probably not being able to go over the 30mph mark on his test he will have to be extra careful to avoid the accelerator pedal.

A video of the Ferrari which was voted Top Gear’s supercar of the year last year has had a lot of views on the YouTube video. One thing is for sure the examiner will be a really lucky guy if he decided to do his test in the Ferrari 458. The Ferrari 458 did have its problems last year however when the adhesive on the wheel arch kept catching fire.



The Invincible Marauder

The marauder is a new vehicle built by a South African company and has been known as unbeatable, the H2 hummer which is now used by the U.S army. However the South African company wasn’t happy enough with the fantastic H2 Hummer Army Edition they went a built something what can be only compared to a monster truck. Vorlchikowitz who is the executive chairman of the Paramount group said “The Marauder is one of the toughest vehicles in the world”, the H2 Hummer is now a celebrity vehicle and is somewhat of a famous car. The Marauder however is a vehicle of real safety and force.

The South African company was so confident of their Marauder that they challenged Top Gear to throw anything he wanted at the vehicle and the Marauder simply took it all without a single bit of damage. Richard Hammond said despite the run we have had with the Marauder, it’s important to remember this vehicle has been built for soldier protection and for armies worldwide to protect them, he said he had no doubt that it could save life’s.

Top Gear always like abit of fun on the show and they really did throw all they could at the vehicle from driving it through brick walls, driving up other cars, the Marauder just simply blew it all off. The vehicle has type of technology which other security protected vehicles simply don’t have. The threat of IED’s is always about and the Marauder can take up too 14kg of TNT underneath the vehicle not to mention the armoured chairs which the soldiers sit in. It can even travel 50km when the vehicle has been shot.

The Marauder is a new armoured vehicle and will be interesting to see whether the Marauder will join the Hummer vehicles on the front line in future times.

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President Obama lets two boys inside his Beast Limousine

President Obama was travelling in his beast limousine when he decided to let a young boy from Fairfax, Virginia come inside his limousine. The president asked the boy if he would like to make a phone call from the limousine phone line, where both of the children got excited to use the phone. President Obama handed the phone to the boy and asked ‘Who would you like to call?’ the boy then called his mother up to see if she would pick up however the mother missed the call. Maybe the mother’s worst missed call.

he mother never did pick up and the phone line said ‘please leave a message’ and handed the phone back to the President, he then handed the phone straight back to the boy and told him to leave a message for his mother. The boy then said very bluntly ‘Hi mum I’m in the President’s car, its sure cool.’ He then handed the phone back to President Obama who said ‘All right. Bye’.

The video which has been uploaded by the username on YouTube as TheObamaDiary has already seen the video shoot up too more than 400,000 views and it has only been posted since June 22. The YouTube video is 34 seconds long, however the mystery surrounding the video has came at abit of a shock as the actual occasion was filmed back in September 2010.

The caption on the video reads: ‘After a backyard discussion with his host family and their neighbours, the president invited the family’s twins to have a look inside the Presidential limousine. People were wondering what number would come up.
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The Salon Prive Luxury Car Event

The most rare and beautiful cars with the most beautiful surroundings then the Salon Prive event is the thing for you, it will certainly be hard to beat. The luxury supercar event is in its sixth year now and organisers say it is the largest and most valuable collection of modern and classic cars the event has ever seen in the past.

The organisers have now shifted the dates to June 22-24 so that visitors can get two full days to experience the supercars, the biggest change this year has been that the event has been switched to the Hurlingham Club in 200 acre grounds of Syon Park, West London which is the home of the Duke of Northumberland.

Car manufactures and limousine manufacturers find it the perfect opportunity to show off their new vehicles for the year displaying the Evoque, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Tesla, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, Lexus, Maserati, Maybach, Mercedes Benz and Morgan that is just to name a few of the luxury car brands.

The event said they have been taken away with the interest and the amount of people wanting to come to the event while the event is now underway it is expected to see a big turn out from car lovers.

If you are looking for a day out then why not take one of our luxury limousines down to the event with great prices starting from £205 for the weekend although this price doesn’t include the champagne, a lobster lunch and the afternoon tea with access to all areas it still is such a fantastic day out for the whole family.



The Route 66 Car Memorial Run

Route 66 in America is one the most famous roads in the US and last weekend saw the Route 66 festival take place at the Old Chain in Rocks Bridge, crowds turned out in thousands to celebrate this American highway and its history that is belonged to the highway.

Route 66 is neither the longest road in the US or the oldest and it is weird to think why the road is so popular however it is the most famous road within the US and it is a 2,400 mile road stretching from Los Angeles to Chicago. It is a fine road and all guide books and even top tourist websites will urge you take this journey.

The Route 66 festival which is now well established is known as the main road in America and event boasted all kinds of live music performances, bike rides and with special cars showing up such as American limousines and classic limousines such as Cadillac. The festival was all in good honour and all the money which was raised went to victims of the Joplin tornado, donations for this were taken on the day of the event and will help people in desperate need.

Route 66 is certainly a historic tourist destination is worth checking out by everyone and if you do want to ride around in a luxury limousine or classic vehicle then please feels free to contact us for a free quotation.