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Chesterfield Night Out

Make your wedding more memorable for everyone by opting for a good limousine hire service in Chesterfield. Wedding organizers now prefer to get limo as wedding cars for the guests and for the newlyweds as these cars are spacious and more comfortable.  So if it’s your wedding and you want to add a special touch to it then you can also get phantom car hire service or get any other car of your choice.

If you need to get limo hire in Chesterfield then it is no longer difficult now. There are many companies in UK that deal in limousine hire and provide with good cars to people. You can contact the companies that have branch in Chesterfield and check the luxury car fleet that they have. This helps you to get the perfect car for all kinds of occasion. People have now started getting the limo hire services for birthdays, hen/stag night out and for school prom as well.

When you plan to get phantom car hire service for your wedding or are looking for other luxury wedding cars for your guests then make sure that the company you choose has good services and a good reputation. It has become easy for people to get information on any company and its service. You have the ease to simply check the reviews and testimonials online.

 Some of the reputed transport companies that provide with prom limo hire services also maintain their own website that makes it easy for you to check their fleet and the services. You can contact several such websites, check the fleet get the price quote and the services they offer. Comparing it the services offered by the other companies would help you to choose the right company for your limousine hire in Chesterfield.

If you need birthday limousine hire service or wish to book the car for your friend’s hen/stag night out then you should look for a company that has party limo hire service. When you contact such companies then you can probably get limousine with dance floor and champagne bar.  A very few companies maintain such customized fleet and you can book the limo hire in Chesterfield with them to enjoy it. It is also best to get the prom limo hire service or wedding cars through a company that offers tailor made packages. 

 When you get limousine hire in Chesterfield through a good company then you can relax and look forward to a great experience. Such companies have well maintained cars and make sure that the chauffeur they provide are well trained. You can look forward to good services and can also ask for additional services as per your requirement. For instance, you can get the wedding cars decorated with flowers or can order drinks with your birthday limousines. These luxury cars can be booked for corporate events and for airport transfer as well. It helps you to travel comfortably and if you are booking it for corporate events then it helps you to impress the clients. 


Limo Hire Doncaster

Traveling in a limo or any other luxury car has become affordable and possible as people can now easily opt for limo hire services. These services are available in different parts of UK as many of the well known company have their branches in different towns. So if you have always wanted to travel in Limo or a luxury car of your choice then you can simply contact these companies and make use of the limousine hire services.

If you reside in Doncaster and would like to get limousine hire for your birthday or any other special occasion then you can contact the companies that deal in birthday limousines in Doncaster. Many of the good company maintain a good fleet so that the clients can choose and book any car easily. So if you have always wanted to ride in Rolls Royce Phantom then you can look for phantom car hire service and book that. 

 It is important that you get limo hire in Doncaster through a good company as that plays an important role in ensuring that you have a good experience. To know about such a company you can first go through their reviews and client’s testimonials as that can help you to understand what kind of fleet the company maintains and if their services are good or not. Some of the companies have websites also that makes it easy for you to book the wedding cars or apply for prom limo hire service through them.

When getting wedding cars or booking prom limo hire service for the upcoming school prom, then you need to make sure that the company that you choose has well maintained fleet and well trained staff. They play an important role in making the event more memorable for you. Don’t be swayed by cheap limousine hire services that are provided by some companies because they may not be able to provide good cars and services and can ruin the experience for you and your friends. So whether you need the limo hire service for wedding, for school prom or for hen/stag night out, it is important that you choose the company with care.

More and more school leavers now prefer to use prom limo hire service for the school prom. They are preferred for hen/stag night out also as these cars are spacious and luxurious and can accommodate the guests easily. They turn out to be economical in a larger group and are thus preferred for wedding cars as well.

You can get additional services also through the companies that provide with tailor made packages wherein you can get flower decoration or order drinks and arrange for good music for everyone. If you want to party all night then you can also get limousine hire service wherein you can choose a car with a dance floor. You can get these cars for corporate events and for airport transfer also and travel comfortably. The companies that provide limousine hire in Doncaster can help you to get chauffeured cars and enables you to hire cars for self drive as well.

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Chauffeur Services

When going for an important event like prom, then you can choose car hire chauffeur services and make the event more special. Many people hire luxury cars for such events where they make use of all chauffeur services and feel like a celebrity. When you get such services through a good company that has trained staff then they make sure that you have a pleasant experience. The chauffeurs drive you around to your destination and make sure that you reach there on time. They also open the door for you to get down and make you feel special. People around you also notice the luxury car and the uniformed chauffeur and are impressed by it.

If you have always dreamt of riding in a limo but cannot afford to buy one then it is still possible for you to ride in it. You can contact the transport companies that deal in limo chauffeur services and hire the car of your choice. They are available with companies that deal in luxury vehicles and you can easily hire the vehicle of your choice. You can hire Bentley limo, Porsche, Lamborghini, and even hire a Ferrari which is available with a few companies.

Different companies offer different rental charges and services. If you want to get good services at reasonable price then it is best to compare them and then book the company. Make sure that the company you choose offers good services so that you won’t have to face any discomfort. It is advisable that you check the company’s reviews as that would help you to know if they are good or not. Some companies claim to provide all chauffeur services at very low price but then their services are not up to the level. So avoid this by hiring your luxury car through a reputed company.

People often get car hire chauffeur services for airport transfers and for corporate events as it ensures that they are comfortable and relaxed. Hiring a car for airport transfers helps you to avoid unnecessary delays and helps in saving your time as well. When you get limo chauffeur services then you can avoid the taxi queues and get to your destination easily. When you hire the car for corporate events then it helps in creating a good brand image and can impress your clients.

The luxury cars and limousines can be hired for special occasions like weddings and birthdays also as it makes you feel special and pampered. On your special day you want to feel like a celebrity and getting car hire chauffeur services can help you with that. Some of the companies provide complimentary bubbly and also offer tailor made packages wherein you can add more features to the package as per your requirement.

You can get these limo chauffeur services for stag and hen night also and enjoy partying in it. Some of the cars have dance floors also so that you and your guests can have more fun. These cars are available on hourly rental basis and for continuous hire also and you can choose the service that suits your requirement.



H2 Hummer Deceased and Destroyed

Fire fighters put their skills to the test during a training day where they had to safely cut the roof off a stretch limo. The vehicle had been impounded as "unsafe" by VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency), and crews from London Fire Brigade joined their colleagues at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service's Reigate headquarters for the session.

They demonstrated how to remove the top off a stretch limo in order to safely get to anyone trapped inside following an accident. Neil Barlow, VOSA's head of enforcement policy, said "We've impounded this vehicle because it is not licensed. The licensing of the limousines ensures the safety standards, in this case the size of the emergency exit."By demonstrating this incident and how hard it is to get out of the vehicle and how hard it is to cut it open, it shows exactly the problem with some of the unlicensed vehicles.

Lead trainer Paul Monkhouse explained that stretch limousines and Hummers were a lot heavier and harder to get into than standard cars. He said "We are demonstrating the problems we are faced with, namely weight and size, and space within the vehicle. Watch manager Nick Burge, from the London Fire Brigade, said “It’s extremely unusual to have the opportunity to cut up limos and Hummers. This will be a great chance for us to practice our life saving rescue skills as these cars present different challenges than normal sized cars.

A spokesperson for Surrey Fire & Rescue Service said of the training session: They help us to hone and improve our rescue skills and this will hopefully lead to more lives being saved at the scene of car accidents. London Fire Brigade will hold the World Rescue Challenge at the Excel from October 18-20, where fire crews will pit themselves against each other to see who the is the best team in the world at extrication.
The moral of this story is to always book with a legitimate company like us, as you do not want to be pulled up on the road and being asked to step out of the vehicle.



Hyundai Build Armoured limo for rich and famous

A luxurious cabin is all fine and well, but for wealthy individuals in some of the world’s more violent areas, the ultimate luxury is safety. In those markets armoured cars are big business, and now Hyundai is getting into the game with the Equips Limousine Security.

Hyundai is coming to the upcoming Moscow International Automobile Salon with a very cool armoured version of the Equus sedan. The new limo was developed in the collaboration of Armor Tech-Motors, the authorized distributor of Stoof International GmbH in Russia and incorporates an elaborate range of upgraded features specially designed for exclusive stretched limousine with ballistic and blast protection.

The model is equipped with an armoured shell designed to fully protect the interior from ballistic penetration from any angle. Hyundai and Stood paid special attention to those critical areas where the glass is connected to the body components. These areas were designed with special “labyrinth” overlaps protecting the passengers inside from blast projectiles and splinters. The Equus fully complies with VR7 protection level and is ballistic ally certified to the protection level.

The vehicle measures 5.46 meters and tips the scales at 3,840 kg (8465 lbs), The Hyundai Equus Limousine Security is powered by a 5.0-liter Tau V8 engine that produces 430 hp (316 kW / 429 PS) at 6,400 rpm and 375 lb-ft (509 Nm) of torque at 5,000 rpm. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels. 


Actor Arrested For Driving over foot in Ferrari

A rich playboy in a red Ferrari ran over the thin blue line yesterday as his reality star girlfriend looked on. He is now facing a charge and if found guilty of deliberately doing this he may face massive action with intent to hurt a policemen.

Internet entrepreneur Julian Chabot, 28, was arrested after he allegedly used his £160,000 luxury Spider to run over the foot of a cop writing him a ticket outside the tony Mercer hotel in Soho yesterday, police sources said. Chabot’s gal pal, Stephanie Pratt, 26, of MTV’s “The Hills” fame, cached the ruckus. She retrieved some items from the Ferrari once the incident was over, then left.

Maybe it was just his ego or his attitude, but he should have just taken the ticket instead of causing a scene like he did,” said Damian Morys, 17, who filmed the sports-car showdown. Chabbott who started a social media business called “Line Snob” that gives information on wait times was charged with assault, vehicular assault, disorderly conduct and obstruction of governmental administration.

Chabbot had parked outside the tony hotel The Mercer on Saturday at about 6 p.m. when a police officer approached and began to write him summonses for parking in a no-parking zone and failing to have a registration or inspection sticker, police sources said. Chabbott then tried to grab the officer’s memo book and even got into the Ferrari after the cop told him not to.



The biggest punishment for limousine robbery

In the UK for such a crime you would probably not even get a prison sentence for this crime however in the American state of S.t Louis they are looking to set a statement of intent. The three criminals who robbed the hummer were seen. The last of three men accused of robbing the driver of a limousine bus carrying members of a bachelor party is going to prison. A judge in East St. Louis has sentenced 26-year-old Devon Alexander of St. Louis to 12 years in federal prison. He pleaded guilty in April to interfering with commerce by violence.

Prosecutors say the hold up took place in November 2010 at a Washington Park gas station where the driver had gone for fuel while members of the bachelor party were in a nightclub. Authorities allege Kenneth little pointed a gun at the driver, and Alexander robbed the man of $1,000 after Floyd Gamble Jr. hit him. Little already is serving a 12-year prison sentence, and Gamble has been sentenced to more than six years behind bars.


Old couple renew wedding vows inside limousine

The people in the area of Limington put their money together for an old couple who were in the 65th year of their marriage, they was catered around in style by a posh limousine which picked them and drove them around to where they destined to be. They renewed their wedding vows inside of the limousine for life and the people of Limington said they wouldn’t of changed it for the world. The couple deserve every last bit of it as they have been a great help to the community over the past years.

A well-known Limington couple celebrated 65 years of marriage in style when they arrived at their party in a white limousine. Gladys, 86, and Reginald Pettit, 88, of Hereward Close, were treated to a surprise family lunch by their daughter Carole Ray. Reginald said: “I was very surprised to see the limousine pull up and take us all the way to Stevenage.

It was beautiful a really lovely day. Gladys and I get on very well and always have done. It’s still all about give and take. Carole, 57 of Ellison Close, Cambridge, said: Sixty-five years is a great achievement, many couples don’t manage to stay together for half that time these days. They enjoy life for what it is and are very happily married.



The New Audi R8 Facelift

Now have standard LED lighting all over the exterior of the R8 and inside too, to reflect your mood and there have been some subtle tweaks to the front and rear bumpers. Plus lashings of extra carbon fibre sprinkled all over; depending on model and spec. The biggest news for the 2013 Audi R8 is the replacement of the old and sometimes rather slow witted automated manual R tronic gearbox with a faster S tronic dual clutch seven speed shifter. The new gearbox brings small reductions in CO2 emissions and some pretty decent improvements to acceleration. A manual gearbox is still on offer at a lower price than the S tronic, coming as standard on the R8 V8 and as an option on the V10.

So, to the speed of things. The new S tronic ‘box slices a rather juicy three tenths off the V8’s to 60 mph sprint, which now stands at 4.3secs. The manual V8 sits at the same 4.6secs. The much mightier V10 R8 also looses three tenths of a second on its sprint time; from 3.9secs to 3.6secs. That’s a pretty serious improvement. Now to the icing on the new Audi R8 cake the R8 V10 Plus. While the name may not be particularly fiery; the power and styling gains for the most expensive R8 are certainly spicy. Power goes up from 525bhp to 550bhp and there is carbon-fibre all over the feline aluminium bodywork. The R8 Plus will hit 62mph in 3.6secs and power on to 196mph. No 200mph capability for this supercar then.

Audi are yet to confirm the full UK prices and specs for their new flagship supercar, but it will be more expensive across the board coupe and convertible than the current R8.


Limo Treat for School Leavers

PUPILS went out in style during their final days at Kingsway Community Primary School this week. Parents and members of the school’s Parents’ Association arranged for the school’s year six leavers to have a well- deserved treat on Monday, which they will remember for a long time.

The youngsters were collected from the school gates by two white limousines, provided by Avon Limos of Essington, and taken on an hour-long luxurious tour. They later continued the celebration with games of bowling at Tenpin in Leamington. Parent Karen Cross said: “Well done year six - we’re proud of you.”

The children were said to be over the moon with the limousine and that they would be now enjoying their last day at school thanks to some of the kindest people among them. The limousine was a Chrysler limo which was white and took 8 passengers at a time to the venue where they celebrated with soft drinks and food at their leaver’s ball. They are now all set to leave and go on to bigger things including university life next.