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BMW and Toyota To Build Super Sports Car

BMW and Toyota have bought a whole new meaning into the world of supercar; with the first pro production scheme this supercar could actually be set on to our roads. The supercar which is set for release first in Munich sometime next year, the two companies have signed a contract which would allow them both to come together and make the deal happen now depending on how quick the development of the car, it is all down to the BMW and Toyota to allow the deal to happen. BMW have been very open to the deal claiming it would be a massive success for them allow a thing to happen and will take pleasure from working with Toyota. The group are now set to allow their diesel engines from 2014 starting from next year.

The car which is set to be named the GT86 and BRZ, Toyota are now set up in a joint project which will see them in similar cars and with the car set to be something like the Subaru however will be quicker. The car will be allowed on road and will not just be a concept car for people to look at and never see again. Think I Robot when the Audi R8 first came out people didn’t know what to expect thinking the car would never hit the road as it looked to futuristic for any car on the market at the time well BMW and Toyota are now striving to try and succeed by doing the same thing and taking car manufacturing to the next level.



Simon Cowell Steps Out Limo to X-Scooter

Multi millionaire mogul Simon Cowell arrived in his fancy Rolls Royce Phantom for his chauffeur to step into the boot and hand him an X-Scooter, the scooter which have crazed all over America in the past year has now caught the attention of the multi millionaire and apparently the star has even had his Phantom boot cut to size to fit his Scooter in. Many people see the scooter as lazy and he doesn’t walk anywhere as you are allowed to take them into the arena with him and even around shopping malls.

However the local authorities are said to be cutting down on the scooters as many people have been injured falling off the scooters and even damaging them when falling off of the back of the scooters. Simon managed to have a joke with the paparazzi and said ‘No car showed up for me today’ leading the photographers laughing and Simon to be having a fun likes a little kid in his child hood. Simon is currently leading the X-Factor in America with the show starting again shortly in the United Kingdom.



James Bonds new Aston Martin Vanquish

With Aston Martin not bringing a new Vanquish out in a few year it was probally time something stepped up and bought some new life into the Aston models. The new Vanquish does all that and much more, the Vanquish model which is set for release in the UK later this year will be the official new Bond car and with a top speed of 183mph James will be gasping for air in the Aston beast. The price tag comes in at a steady £190,000 for the people who can afford the wonderful car and with the model being built and designed in the UK it will be a certain must for Aston collectors and British supercar fans.

The Aston features a V12 6.0 litre engine bringing it up with the big boys such as the Lamborghini Aventador and the new Ferrari’s. Aston will have the official launch party for the vehicle later this week and with the new Bond film set to hit the big screen in the later summer it will give it all the press it will need, just remember the Aston Martin does not come with a rocket launcher but will certainly have enough to blow you away from the word go.



Australian celebrity Geoffrey Edelstein supercar theft

His massive staggering £20 million pounds worth of supercars have recently just been stole he has filed a report to the police of theft of his cars for a massive £1.3 million meaning he has reported nearly two supercars and a BMW which has been stolen from the property. He is set to be devastated as two of the cars were bought from auctions and are thought to be collector’s models from the past.

One of the reported cars which has been stolen is a £500,000 Lamborghini which is one of the most expensive among the market the other being a £500,000 Mercedes Gull wing. The Lamborghini which has been stolen has been reported that only 25 of the cars are actually available to buy in the world.

The extent of these cars is now that they are probably with underground gangs and have either been painted and changed paints, with none of the cars having secret trackers on the vehicles it has made it hard for the police to get any existence of the supercar. Among all of this he still has a Rolls Royce Phantom and a new Ferrari not bad to boast about, and who said he is missing his other cars.



Mercedes AMG Unveil Gold Wrapped Mercedes Cars

Mercedes Benz and AMG have come together and made the fleet of the gold wrapped Mercedes chauffeur cars to transport their clients around at this year’s Cannes film festival. The eye catching gold cars are similar to the rapper Tyga who had his Audi R8 supercar gold wrapped not too long ago when we bought you the news. The film festival is known throughout Europe every year and always has a surprise or two.

This year it belonged to Mercedes who shocked the world with their superb gold cars and Cannes was set a light by the Gold wrapped Mercedes. It is said in the future these Mercedes will be made available for some of the public to buy and celebrities who loved the vehicles will get a chance to buy the beautiful looking cars. The Hollywood actors were treated to the finest of chauffeur driven cars and really stood out from other people.

A selection of the latest Mercedes AMG luxury cars were also on display which will be set for release this year, including one car which will feature in the new Batman film this summer for promotion. The Mercedes Benz supercar is also set to be on the way which will be unveiled shortly.



Check out the Euro 2012 Hummer limo in Ukraine

The H2 hummer wrap chrome is now cruising around the streets in Ukraine and is provided by a local limousine company in the Ukraine area. It has reported to taking more than six different nations within the limo and the Hummer wrap is simply one of a kind.

The euro 2012 has got off to a corker with people regarding it as the best ever tournament to grace the land however with this hummer it really does restyle the limousine and gives it an extra humph inside of it. It has all the usual stuff including the music system and the official alpine stereo kit for fans to listen to on the way to the ground.

The H2 hummer is simply one of a kind and will not be found anywhere in the UK, we wonder will this trend set on within the united Kingdom and somebody build this fabulous h2 hummer limousine. 


Queen Visits Nottingham in custom Bentley

The Queen visited the great town centre of Nottingham just a few days ago and our ours were on the Queens custom Bentley which has been made especially for her including her height and safety.

The Bentley which is believed to be only three in the world all belonging to the Queen has an extended wheelbase of the Mulsanne model. The windows are bullet proof and the chauffeur who is driving with the Queen has direct access to the Police, not to mention all of the policemen which surround the Bentley every time the Queen is in town.

The Bentley which the Queen has used for many years has now been tweaked and has added security features making it nearly as good as the U.S presidents which we reported back in September.

The Queen is said to be the most important figure in the world and with this she has wheels which can withstand bombs and bullets and still run on for another blistering 30 minutes without even noticing the effect.



Kim Kardashian buys Kanye West Lamborghini

When you think of a birthday gift you don’t think of a £300,000 Lamborghini but for Kim Kardashian this was no issue, the Aventador was bought for him for his 35th birthday and the Lamborghini is actually named after a famous bull fighter who reigned in the sport around 20 years ago now in the Sargasso arena the name is now the most famous Lamborghini in the world and consists of some  the most amazing features in the world.

The Rapper who is now currently touring with Jay-z in Ireland is playing for his show watch the throne which has became a platinum selling album, with his new luxury wheels can Kim Kardashian finally settle down and make something with someone, this is something yet to be seen. The rare automobile which can reach up to 200mph is now the most sought supercar on the market.

Unfortunately with him away he has not been able to cruise around in his new Lamborghini however with the LA festival soon arriving Kanye will be meeting up with his new girlfriend and it is reported the pair have both put their house on the market maybe setting something up for the pair to move in together.



Free Limo ride for ex royal marine 100th birthday

Legend Robert McMillan, a former mechanic with the Royal Engineers and the Co-operative Motor Group, has celebrated his 100th birthday. The youngest and sole survivor of seven children of Duncan and Margaret, he celebrated his birthday in pure style by taking a chauffeur driven limo ride around Edinburgh, where he visited the haunts of his youth and other spots that hold a sentimental significance for him, including Granting Harbour. Robert was born on June 6, 1912, on Lower Granting Road, where he lived without hot water and often went to play by the harbour as a child.

He went to school in the area, but by the age of fifteen had already started working as a mechanic for the Co operative Motor Group, where he spent his entire career until he retired at the age of 65.During the Second World War, he served his country for two and a half years, serving as a mechanic for the Royal Engineers Corps in Egypt. He met his wife Agnes in 1933 and they married in 1939, he then moved to Crewe Crescent where they lived for more than 60 years.

Agnes herself was a skilled seamstress who produced school uniforms for Fetes College in Edinburgh for a period, although the two never had any children of their own. Theirs was a happy marriage that lasted 69 years, and Joan Gunn, Robert’s niece, said that the two were inseparable.“He and his wife did everything together, they toured all over Scotland – he was always very keen on his car, he took good care of it and it shone like a beacon,” she said. We think this is well deserved and wish the 100th birthday celebrations to carry on for Robert.



Queens Jubilee Limousine Trend

This weekend saw a rise in limousine hire, as the UK boomed in business for the week the limousine trade also shot up with people hiring vintage cars and sports cars to keep over the weekend which Britain celebrated. A company are now hiring out a Queen look alike with their limousine and are claiming that bookings up a massive 600 percent in the last few week due to the Queens jubilee in the forthcoming weeks.

Grandmother Mary Reynolds who lives in Huddersfield became this act around 2008 but really didn’t take it off however with the Royal Wedding passing and the Jubilee amongst other factors, all the way through June she is expected to rack up a massive 4,000 miles in her blinged up limousine.

However rather than just riding around in the limousine, she has her own chauffer and she steps and even talks like the Queen to convince customers. Mary who has four grandchildren charges up to £400 per day. She has been busy and hopes people will book her out in the future with over 3 bookings on the jubilee day she said I am going to be exhausted. The Queen was seen in her old Rolls Royce Phantom which she has had since her reign all the way back 60 years ago now.