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Bow Wow Ordered To Pay Lawsuit to Limo Company

Bow Wow has been ordered to pay a massive limousine bill which he and his entourage have built up during last summer when hiring the limousines to go out in. Bow Wow who has been in spot light since being 9 years old is now part of the music group YMCMB. Bow Wow has been ordered to pay a limo company more than £2, 500, after failing to show up in court to settle their lawsuit.

The Let Me Hold You hit maker, real name Shad Gregory Moss, was accused of neglecting to cover the cost of a recent bill and he was due in a Georgia court last week which is due to end on the 27th May, to resolve the financial matter.

However, after the 25 year old skipped the appearance he was ordered to pay £2,594.87 in a default judgement, according to sources close on the internet and close to the hit maker.

But the star, who's been struggling with a slew of money problems as of late, didn't let the news get him down on Saturday which has just passed, he performed a sold-out concert with singer Keri Hilson in Ghana as part of their Underrated World Tour.



Win a limousine Ride in Donald Trump’s limo

The business entrepreneur is offering the chance for a lucky limousine ride from prom goers to wedding bookings to have a ride around in his limousine. Donald, who is famous for travelling around with his chauffer drivers and going to his meetings and receptions, is now offering a young person a chance to gain some valuable life experience and some knowledge into his financial background. He is famous for travelling around in his Mercedes limousine which has been custom built for Trump and includes state of the art T.V’s and technology with phone lines which allow him to speak to his clients on a regular basis. Trump like Sir Alan Sugar he started his own version of the Apprentice which has proved a popular hit in the States.

Trump even went a step further and set up the Apprentice celebrity version which has become a massive hit, it is said that the UK are going to look into this matter, where they have the younger version of the programme at the moment where Sir Alan takes them on to an apprentice scheme, to enter the limo competition you must be over 18 years of age.


R8 Limo-659.jpg

American Prom Girl Dream Comes True

An American prom goers dream came true last week when she sent a tweet to an NFL superstar to be her date for the prom, after her date had pulled out from the prom at the last minute. Not expecting anything back he tweeted her and got one of his advisors to contact the teen girl. He then went to the school prom and even picked her up in his white Lamborghini.

When she realised this was coming true she said she thought it was a dream and said she very nearly had a break down. The Cleveland brown star who is now 23 even matched her dress with his purple tie and grey suit, he said I understood her pain and wanted to help her out for her big day.

Joyce even gave the limo ride a miss due to Brown picking her up in the Lamborghini, she said when she pulled up to the prom with him nobody including the teachers could actually believe it, he said I’m happy to make somebody’s day come true and said he could remember his big prom day and how much it meant to him back then and was happy to assist.

The sportsman had a special reason however for accepting this request as it was confirmed due to his duties and career he couldn’t attend his school prom fully and jumped at the occasion. The media have praised the star for his duty claiming he simply did it for nothing and it was a genuine nice gesture towards the teenage lady.



Lincoln Town Limo Smashes into Luxury Car

A limousine driver who was cruising around in a Lincoln limousine smashed into a luxury car shop damaging a Ferrari F430 in the process of it. The Ferrari has been left a write off meaning the Ferrari will now be taken off the road; a Lotus and a TVR Tuscan S were also damaged in the process meaning that the luxury car shop owner will be facing a very high bill at the end of the month. The town car limo has been declared a write off and the limousine driver was said to be very shook up from the very unfortunate events.

According to the authorities the driver of the Lincoln has said to be taken to hospital and has now been giving the all clear and has left the hospital safely. Police however are inspecting the case to make sure no criminal activity was lead to be happening within the area.

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The Lamborghini Aventador Leopard print edition

This crazy guy in Tokyo has sprayed his new Lamborghini with a twist; we can bring you pictures of a group of Lamborghini Murcielago spotted in the Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan. All four are customised to some extent; the most interesting is afacelift Lamborghini Murcielago wearing a leopard print wrap. The Lamborghini is simply one of a kind and the company has only made four of these with the print on, we actually think the Lamborghini is pretty cool and it will no doubt attract a load of female celebrities maybe in the region of Paris Hilton.

Cars gathered and people stopped in disbelief just to have a look at the new Lamborghini’s spray job and it seemed a winner with the general Tokyo public. It seems that the white Lamborghini is an LP640; the two others are standard Murcielago. One wears a Boom craft custom body kit complete with front bumper, side skirts, and rear skirt and rear spoiler. The other red Lamborghini wears an LB Performance wing and what looks like a set of Fugato wheels, which are probably the proud customisers of the Lamborghini car. If you are looking for Lamborghini sports car hire then please contact us for free at Midlands Limos.



Kim Kardashian in trouble with her Ferrari

Kim Kardashian is in further trouble with her ex husband Kris Humphries lawyers over a 200k Ferrari which she failed to declare along with her wedding gifts which was bought to her by Kris. However Kim is saying that a wealthy Malaysian businessman bought her the gift for her wedding. Kris doesn’t apparently want the car back but he wants to know where the presents went from the wedding as he is entitled to half of the earnings and gifts. Kim recently donated over 123k to charity and it described it as an amazing feeling to know you are helping someone in need, however Kris doesn’t see it this way, she has been giving this money which he was entitled too meaning he is becoming very annoyed with the star.

The rumour coming from the presents is that the whole package worked out to be more than £700,000 worth of gifts including the Ferrari which was giving to them, now Kris has denied he bought the vehicle and somebody else bought it, he feels he is entitled to the money he deserves. The marriage lasted just over 72 days and is probably one of the shortest marriages in history never mind in the celebrity world. The Ferrari California which has been customised is still the talk of the relationship and maybe it is time for Kris to just leave the marriage and completely leave it alone. 



Jennifer Lopez Hit With £150,000 Limo Bill

Jennifer Lopez has been sued by her former limousine driver for a massive £150,000 according to sources on the internet, Hakon Manoukian was forced to shut down his own company called La Vie Transportation in 2011 because he had agreed to work exclusively for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, he claimed that he was guaranteed a salary of £50,000 a year for working for the couple and that she would make his production pay which led his income up to £150,000. That matched what he made with his own business and he didn’t have the hassle of a day to day running of a business.

Hakon Manoukian was hired head of J-LO’s security and transportation procedures and was believed to have had several run ins with her manager, however he was eventually dismissed and now he has tried to sue J-LO. According to the J-LO camp he was not presented properly and couldn’t speak enough English to acquire the Lopez job.

Manoukian is now planning to take his procedures to court and it is thought he may be entitled to a lump sum of money due to the wrongful termination and the breach of his contact, he also claims he is owed money for overtime and compensation for skipping sleep time and meals. The jury are scheduled to hear the hearing in short coming future. On the other hand Jennifer is back to old business with new music video featuring her new boyfriend; the song is now available to download on ITunes and is thought that the song will be a success. With Jennifer going back to her old ways with her style of music and featuring on the hit show the X-Factor she has revived her career after a big break from the music industry. Many people now believe she is stronger than ever and has grown up a lot since her last stint in the music game.

Marc Anthony now has declared his divorce from the actress and singer and the pair have seemed to gone their separate ways, there will no doubt be some fancy supercars on the market which the pair may have shared during their marriage.  


Rolls Royce to Recall Back £80million Phantoms & Ghosts

The number one luxury car maker Rolls Royce has had to recall over £80millions worth of cars due to the health and safety factor, the motors have been now contacted and the owners will have to return the vehicles in order to make sure they are ready to drive and up to the Rolls Royce standard.

The renowned manufacturer plans to replace parts 36 in the Rolls Royce Ghost and now with this happening it is said that Rolls Royce could see a little loss due to this massive mistake which was made by the production team. The recall also affects 74 of Phantom models between the years of 2003 and 09 this means every single Phantom which was sold in the Australia area is now going to need fixing and will have to be recalled this is an absolutely massive number for the company.

Rolls Royce issued the recall notices to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Product Safety Recalls department on Tuesday, which they noticed there were problems in both of the motors. The notice says RR had seen the problem that the auxiliary pump had caused, this has become the major problem in both the Phantom model and the Ghost model meaning that they have had to recall so many of the luxury motors it has been over heating with so many complaints the team looked into the mission and noticed that the part was not how it should be meaning a recall for the cars.

The main recall issue with the Rolls Royce Phantom is believed to be because of the oil system which has meant thousands of the luxury cars have had to be returned to the production area.



Kylie Minogue’s Mad Limo Ride

It wasn’t too long ago when we reported that Gwyneth Paltrow hit the headlines for heading inside a limousine when she was chauffeured away just a few metres away. Kylie Minogue was then photographed doing exactly the same thing jumping inside of the limousine and simply heading around 20 minutes. The pop icon has been noticed around London in recent weeks filming for her new video which will showcase on MTV very shortly. However the pop princess has maybe taken her name a little too far when she decided she couldn’t be bothered to walk and got inside a limousine to travel literally a few yards away.

After she hit the tabloids, she said defended her own decision to jump inside the limousine saying her legs were actually killing her and that she couldn’t of walked no more. Kylie has plenty of money to blow and the chauffeur probably received a nice little tip for helping her out. In her new video you will see abit of the old Kylie as she will be seen in hot pants and a new leather jacket, when also jumping in the limo she said the weather was awful. Kylie was full of the excuses for the saga however we are all sure we might of done the same if put in Kylie’s position.

The tabloid newspaper described the total distance for the limousine journey as being 75 meters long probably a nice walk down your street, but the pop queen decided she couldn’t be bothered to walk that.