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Chelsea and Liverpool Fans Book limo Now to Final

With the success of the both teams coming from the semi finals, with Chelsea seeing off Tottenham 5-1 and Liverpool beating Everton 2-1 thanks to a late Andy Carroll header the final is now set up for arch enemies Liverpool and Chelsea. Midlands’s limos are proud to announce us offering discounts up to 10% for loyal supporters to travel down to the game in true style. Why not travel down in our luxury H2 hummer limousine enough for you and 15 other passengers, we can arrange drink packages and even give you complimentary bubbly for your journey to really get you in football final mode.

Whether you’re looking for a return journey where our executive limousine will wait for you after the game so you can celebrate the victory on the way back to your town, or maybe a one way journey down to the ground to get you in Wembley mode, we cover for your needs so please do not hesitate to ask us for special requests.



Average Prom Spender Prices Rocket Sky High

A recent survey taken out by TEEN PROM and the UK Today have shown the average spend of a child at a school prom has nearly doubled since 2005. The average family now spends between a whopping £500 to £1400 for the day, with special make up sessions, limousine rides and hair duties the prom festive is now nearly on par with kids in the USA who spend £1000 on average per child. TEEN PROM magazine believe the trend is now like a child’s wedding and has became this big due to the fact that everybody wants to look their best and nobody wants to be left out. The survey which was taken out was based upon 800 readers of the magazine which helps kids pick out the best suits and dresses for the big day.

The average household which is bringing in more than £25,000 a year is spending almost £1,200 on their child making it a really expensive day for the parents. The prom season is becoming bigger and bigger each year they described, it is now not only a few schools which take the trend but every school in the UK now has a leavers ball or school prom. Proms are special and therefore deserve special accessories such as limousines and beautiful dresses, with the prom trend setting to grow even more the UK may even take over the USA tradition.



Robert Downey Jr Arrives in Chauffeur Driven Car

Robert Downey Jr arrived in class to the new premier of the Avengers film which is set to be released next month in the UK cinemas. The film which consist of superhuman characters including Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk. The Hollywood star was in his Acura supercar driven by him the car which is only seen in the film has face recognition, palm scan steering wheel and has a notorious system in the car, luckily for the chauffeur Downey he didn’t blast the gas. His wife was accompanied by him and Downey was even allowed to ride along the ride carpet in the super machine. 

Fans absolutely loved seeing the car, especially big fans of the Iron Man saga which sees Downey star as the man behind the mask. Downey jr has always been a big fan of his motors and has been seen in numerous Bentley’s and Rolls Royce Phantom’s in the past during his career. The Avengers film premier saw some of the most prestige vehicles and limousines the world has to offer and with the hype surrounding this film it is set to be a big blockbuster alongside the likes of the new Batman film. Check the picture below to see the futuristic supercar; could we ever see something like this for the general public in near future, who knows?



Recent Prom Limo survey

A recent prom survey has shown that the limousine journey and the party after is in fact the part of the night the children most look forward too. According to a group of sources among the internet, children were asked to place their vote for which part of the night they looked forward to most when attending their school prom. The survey came out with impressive figures with most people clicking for the limousine journey; others shown were for the after party and others for the actual event itself. Many expected these kinds of results as the later two are not what they do every day.

Dressing up in the suits and dresses was also very popular amongst the crowd as the children get to feel like pure luxury, the lads thinking they are James Bond and the girls thinking they are Cinderella it truly is a special day amongst the children all over the country. This year is set to break records and with the BBC school prom programme set to start shortly, they will really get themselves into prom mode. 


Ferrari Smashes into two limousines

A Ferrari California driver is probably feeling the effects of his bank balance after he went straight into the bank of a stretched limousine which was parked in front of it. The generation one limousine is a very rare limo and financially is worth a lot. The driver of the Ferrari will now have to folk out for the whole situation or have an extremely good case to prove it wasn’t his fault.

 The video which has surfaced on the internet is becoming a poplar hit with people. At the moment it is still unclear of exactly what happened but it seems the Ferrari lost control of the car while trying to weave in and out of traffic but ended up straight into the back of the limousine.

The limousine driver in the front would have been shook up and by looking at the images around the internet it looks as though it is a Ferrari limo. The two limousines which were white and black were left severely damaged, with the white limo taking most of the damage and being at the front of the crash. For the latest offers on our limousines or the Ferrari limousine please feel free to contact us and receive a free quotation from one of our friendly members of staff.



Rapper Jay-Z Treat Himself to blue Diamonds for Wedding

Rapper Jay-Z is celebrating his first wedding anniversary by visiting Marc Jacob and Co, the rapper is set to spend a massive million pound in jewellery which is not too shabby for a rapper. Most people don’t get to spend that in a lifetime never mind just for a wedding anniversary. The Rapper and Beyonce celebrated their first child in Blu Ivey and since then they have really sent the world in to frenzy. The pair has even made their own baby range which has been very successful in the U.S and the United Kingdom.

Jay-Z is set to open the Olympic Games performance in the UK later on this year which will make it one of his finest moments in his performing career. Just like their first wedding, the second trip down the aisle is expected to be at their home in Scarsdale, New York with just friends including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey.They want the ceremony to be simple but elegant. They're having Nobu cater it, and Jay put together a special presentation showing him and Bee through the years,' the insider continued. The pair are now going to jet for a holiday and enjoy some of their own time.



Prom Limousines Midlands Limos

With prom season fast approaching and our bookings filling up daily, we are now warning all customers who want to hire a prom limo from ourselves to book asap. We are already fully booked for key dates now and are having to turn away customers. Please do call us now for prom bookings, or check our Facebook or Twitter where we post daily updates on key dates and special offers which are taking place for the children. We also recommend people who have booked for school leaver’s dates which are also filling up rapidly.

We have the H2 Hummer, Baby Bentley, Range Rover sport all available to hire we are the UK’s largest fleet providing limos to the whole of the country for key dates, we also have a team of chauffeurs who specialise in this department and have over 20 skilled drivers to take the bookings out. We are the service specialist and you are not just hiring a limousine you are hiring a service. 



U.S Crackdown on School Prom Dresses

With high schools up and down the country preparing for fever prom season the Us are cracking down on the pupils revealing dresses, the schools blame celebrities for raunchy outfits which they all want to wear and they believe they are taking away the special occasion by doing so. The Power Point presentations have been flying up and down the country to show the children what is deemed to be acceptable and what is not in their eyes. Some schools have gone as far to tell them they will not be allowed inside the prom if they do not meet the requirements.

The US are making strict guidelines which no doubt the UK will follow with, one dress which has been said not acceptable is a dress with a too high slit all the way up the leg. One high school in America has even released a booklet to show what they can wear and cant and another with ideas with what to wear with acceptable dresses inside. Many people believe that they should be allowed to wear what they want but others agree with the dress fixation that they are going to celebrate a massive moment in their lives not trying to do a shoot for a model magazine.

Prom organisers will most probably lose money up and down the country as they would have stocked up in some revealing outfits but with some schools being strict they may see a more traditional look this summer for the school proms in America.



Traveller splashes out on Luxury Cars

A traveller whose daughter featured on the last documentary of gypsy weddings on channel 4 is celebrating winning the lottery after scooping nearly £1million from the National Lottery. Father of four Jason won the 1 million after putting the draw on back in February this year he has spent £200,000 on a Bentley convertible with the money.

The lotto winner daughter Angel appeared on the show last year where the trend has set across the county making it one of the most popular shows on television for the night it is scheduled on. The 13 year old is not following the usual trend as she is still going to school and learning and trying to make a different career path for her. Many other gypsies tend to leave school behind and learn the traditional way but she has opted out of that.

With the big lottery win Alfie was given a white Mercedes car worth £50,000 which she has now used and she also received a lot of luxury clothes to wear on the Appleby Horse Fair which is one of the big traveller events of the year. That being said she still can’t believe her dads win and was said to be over the moon with the winnings which they have earned.

The second car which he bought totalled to £50,000 taking the grand total to over £250,000 for the year so far out of the million pounds.



New Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse

You have heard of travelling in style, well how about finishing in style the new Rolls Royce phantom hearse is designed just for that to give you that added bit of extra style on your way out. This is now the world’s most luxurious hearse in the world. It has been designed especially with dealing with the kind of event and is made in typical Rolls Royce fashion with interior being immaculate and the materials used to make the car being of the finest quality.

 The 23 foot Rolls Royce Phantom hearse was showcased recently in the Tan Expo at Bologna and has been received very well with critics around the world. It provides people who enjoy class with luxury the final time before they go out in style. Not only that but the car has been looked at by hearse makers and companies who may use the vehicle with them complimenting the Phantom saying it was exquisite.

The customised Rolls Royce obviously has a few changes to it; the start is the new shape which allows coffins to be passed in and out of the vehicle. The Phantom Hearse measures around 7 meters in length and is 3 meters longer than the normal phantom model. The Rolls Royce has the standard 6.75 litre engine and is customised to carry the weight and coffins; it also comes with a very dare asking price. In fact the Phantom hearse will cost you more than the original phantom costing almost £418,000. The funeral companies will probably be choking when they hear the price of the vehicle but we believe this Phantom hearse may catch on for premium funeral services used by the rich and famous, it is to be seen in the near future.

The Phantom hearse will arrive in the United Kingdom in around 2 months time and is expected to be sold only at selected dealerships and special custom auto shops.