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Wedding Hire Nottingham

Once upon a time in a land not too far distant a young lad was asked to procure a limousine for his September wedding being held in his church in his small town that was 100 miles distant from the nearest city and 400 miles from her home town.

The future groom told the parents of his future bride, there were no such services available that he knew of but maybe he could ask the local funeral director to hire his hearse which was a fancy long Cadillac.

With disbelief in his response the parents had a long questionable conversation with their daughter and quite honestly tried to persuade her to change her mind for her choice of a life partner.

Attract a man at least in an area where limo services are available they begged.  The parents lost their cause and allowed the services to advance, using ordinary family sedans to drive them to the church and later to the reception 12 miles away.  They swear to this day that their daughter’s doomed marriage started on the day they married with out Limo service.

Thankfully that story shall never be allowed to happen in the Nottingham area in East Midlands, UK.  Luxury stretched limousines and wedding cars are not only necessary but expected. 

Nottingham area Limousines are almost unlimited in the type of custom limos available including the Rolls Royce Phantom for unlimited high profile occasions. 

Prom Limousines should be parent mandated everywhere and the number of requests for the safety reason alone should not surprise anyone.  It’s a very special night out and is one that should be remembered by their style of transportation as well as the exciting event.

‘Limo hire Nottingham’ is a simple search term that you can use for finding just the right services for you and your occasion. The occasion is no longer for royalty events but any event from birthday parties to just a night out on the town.

Competitive Nottingham Limousines hire rates are benefiting the consumer but price should not be the deciding factor alone for your choice of Limo Service Providers.

In addition to Limo services, personally driven car hires are becoming very popular.  Show up in style and put the extra zoom in your special occasion.

To complete your decision process in choosing the right Limo provider, you will want to keep in mind their coverage area and their choice of selection as well as their service reputation easily found with a little online research on your part.  Have a happy occasion.



Nottingham Adventure

Nottingham has hundreds of things to do but the Robin Hood Centre is one them days you simply can’t forget from its family fun to its deep history it’s a day to remember in all aspects. You can take a gentle stroll through the deep woods or let the children relax and play on the theme park which has been built. Not only that you get to see the historic housing and deep woodland where Robin once ventured.

If you don’t fancy the Robin Hood experience you can spend your day visiting the white post farm which is fabulous for young children who can see their favourite animals and really interact with the animals. If the children are a little older then do not panic you can visit the Water sports centre where more than 10 water sports are available to try. The go Ape experience is another popular adventure course around the Nottingham area.

If you want too maybe save the pennies and have a relaxing day out then you can have a stroll around Sherwood Forest with many places free to enter and with access for our limousines to enter you can enjoy a great day with the family and enjoy some classic outdoor activities from rounder’s, football, cricket and even take a picnic to keep the family refreshed and well.


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Leicester Experience

Leicester has some special hotels on offer and with a budget what matches its quality. The Hotel Maiyango and the Belmont are two hotels which are very modern but prestige; they are hotels similar to the Holiday Inn in its own respect but with that bit more luxury and style. The Marriot in Leicester is also a lovely hotel to stay in and is in ideal location to visit the rest of the town, you can check your hotel bookings using the internet and can get great offers when booking in advance.

The national space centre is a great place to start in Leicester with the new 3D ride where you experience taking a ride as an astronaut and discovering the world, it’s a great experience and a real eye opener on the world we live in.

Belgrave Road is one of the more vibrant areas of Leicester with some eye pleasers on show; it is very friendly and has a great atmosphere about it. The Aladdin’s cave is scattered in glittering gold jewellery and has some great spices and delicious rare Asian food on offer what everybody will appreciate. Don’t forget Leicester festival which is on where you can experience some local Asian traditions and some great live performances.



Leeds Experience

Leeds is one of the most stylish cities out most of the areas and has some really beautiful dining and contemporary arts with one of the best nightlife’s in the whole of the country. Leeds also boasts one of the best shopping centres in the whole of the country, not only is Leeds perfect for shopping but it is so easy to navigate around and find your way around the city. When you are travelling around the city you will admire some of the great buildings and sites which are on offer for you. Leeds is host to some great grade I and Grade II buildings so it’s a pleasure to walk around the city and shop. We probably bet you will spend a penny or two with shops like Harvey Nichols at your disposal.

There are also some fantastic attractions to visit in Leeds while you are there such as the Royal Armouries museum where you can really get lost for days admiring some of history’s greatest works. The Leeds art museum plays host to some of arts finest workers and really does take your imagination away, you really see a different side to art. The Leeds City Museum is also available and offers free admission to young people so if you want to teach your children a little bit of history then this is the place to visit.

Most places in Leeds are free of charge to visit so you can really spend a full day without spending a penny, one thing for sure is that when you visit Leeds you will come back with some memorable experiences and will certainly want to go back. Don’t forget Leeds Festival where hundreds of today’s top artists perform or if you fancy something different Leeds West Indian Carnival which is a colourful and vibrant carnival for everyone to enjoy.



Birmingham  Experience

Birmingham not only has the main attractions and the obvious things to do but it also has some rather different and fun things to do. The first one is to visit the oldest working cinema in the UK it doesn’t have chairs but it has sofas all across the cinema and is a really cosy atmosphere, it almost feels like you are inside somebody’s front room rather than in a cinema but one thing it does not allow is popcorn, it provides more superior snacks ranging from cooked tortilla chips, pretzels, freshly baked cakes and chocolate raisins with dips. The ice cream is very high end or posh and we promise you will not be disappointed when visiting it will be a whole new experience for you.

The back to backs tour is a type of thing people have to see to admire the sheer class and beauty of it, the houses have been restored from all the way back in the 1840’s and 1970’s to give you a full social experience. The bedrooms are pea sized and you will be shocked to see how people actually slept back in the day, they literally are tiny but you will have to experience it for yourself to believe us. There is even an old fashioned sweet shop around the corner where you can visit, you may even wish you could have experienced and lived like this.



Camo Ferrari Crashes

His grandfather was the driving force behind legendary Italian car giant Fiat but not even that was enough to save Lapo Elkann from the motorist ultimate nightmare – running out of petrol on the motorway. Noted playboy Elkann, 35, was at the wheel of his unmistakeable camouflage-coloured £250,000 Ferrari 458 when it spluttered to a halt on a busy stretch of motorway, forcing him onto the hard shoulder.

Within minutes cars began to slow down as they recognised the driver in distress and police had to be called as traffic built up with onlookers slowing down to take pictures on their mobile telephones.

The Italian motorway website shows several petrol stations on the stretch where he ran out of fuel with one every 20 miles or so.

Within minutes Elkann’s embarrassing dilemma was the talk of Twitter and Facebook with hundreds of users ridiculing him for the mistake pointing out how his family car ancestry through grandfather Gianni Agnelli and the fact he is one of Italy’s richest men. Embarrassment: Italian playboy and Fiat heir Lapo Elkann
One user said: 'I know Italy has expensive petrol but surely even Lapo Elkann can afford to fill up his Ferrari and not be left with his tank dry. It is not the first time that Elkann, who is in charge of marketing Fiat’s offshoot clothing brand, has been in trouble thanks to his green and black painted Ferrari.


camo ferrari crashes-992.jpg

Hollywood Actress Goldie Hawn in Limousine Drunk

A veteran actress of the Hollywood scene Goldie Hawn proved that she can certainly try and keep up the young starlets of the Hollywood world in a London nightspot where she was. She left the nightclub at around 4:30am and was trying to get away from the paparazzi however she didn’t do such a great job at doing that. The 66 year old actress had started the night reasonably well however she didn’t end it in great fashion. The waiting photographers snapped the Academy award winner as she emerged from the London club.

Snapping photographers caught the award winner as she emerged from a London club. Goldie Hawn helped to her waiting limousine by walking out of the club with assistance however she still made a fool of herself. She managed to miss the seat and then somehow end up on the backseat but facing the way round which the paparazzi had a field day with. The limousine was hired out by the star and with an impressive day of book signing she certainly ended it in style.



Rapper Tyga with Gold R8 and Gold Tour Bus

Tyga from the young money camp has bought a brand new Audi R8 Spyder but just not any usual r8, tyga the rapper has had his R8 into gold with the cost unknown he has tweeted on his Twitter a picture of him standing next to his Audi and his tour bus with pure gold on both of them. Tyga is recently living off the new success of his new album called careless world and his latest single Rack City is killing the hip hop charts with over a million downloads on the single chart.

Tyga is part of the young money team which Drake has lived so much off bringing the team to a all time high. His manager Birdman is also fond of his motors with him buying Lil Wayne and fellow cousin Mack Maine a Brand new Bentley free of charge for the both. Mack Maine described it as having a Vauxhall to a Phantom and he couldn’t simply believe that he was giving one as a gift.



New Rolls Royce Phantom Facelift

BMW’s ultra luxury Rolls-Royce brand will launch the new generation of its flagship Phantom model in June and is expecting another sales record this year as it concentrates its efforts on producing the world’s most exclusive limousines.

“We’re a highly profitable business, Rolls Royce Chief Executive Torsten Müller-Ötvös said in an interview at the Geneva motor show this week. The Phantom is expected to sell even better than what it did in previous years, there is no urge to focus on higher sales volume.

Mr. Müeller-Ötvös’s comments come after fierce rival Bentley Monday unveiled a concept car to tap the fast-growing segment of luxury sports utility vehicles, or SUVs, to boost sales volume and balance its business model. Volkswagen AG-owned Bentley last year returned to profit after two years of losses, helped by a 37% rise in sales volume to 7,003 vehicles.

Mr. Müller-Ötvös said Rolls-Royce has no plan to follow Bentley’s move into the SUV segment. Rolls Royce sold 3,538 cars last year, a 31% increase compared with 2010 and a new annual sales record for the 107-year-old car brand, boosted by a 47% rise in the sales from the Asia-Pacific region. China and the U.S. were the brand’s largest markets last year.



The Oscar’s cars & limousines

The 2012 Oscars had seen a big uproar in new limousines this year with the 84th Academy awards starting in its usual fashion with Bentley’s, Phantoms and the usual nice cars on the market. The celebrities were in fashion. The second celebrities who turned up to the event were more glitzy as the A list names normally tend to turn in a little bit later. A limousine company in the Los Angeles area made a lot of journeys forward and back with limousines being high in the pipeline from the 6, 8 to 10 seaters the company provided people from George Clooney to Mila Kunis vehicle.

Jennifer Lopez was another celebrity who showed up to the event in true fashion with her showing off a brand new Bentley which has just been released. We reported the new Bentley a few weeks ago when Birdman bought his son Lil Wayne one.

The rapper who has a great history of rocking the sports and high end cars was one of the to buy the Bentley and with this new motor he has now put his foot in the Bentley foot hold.